Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the Ramadan race for best performance presenting his series for 2012 called “Bab El Khalk”

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  • 02:13 PM - 20 September 2011
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Actor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz finally agreed to participate in the television series called “Bab El Khalk” that will play in Ramadan 2012 and is directed by Adel Adeeb and written by Mohamed Suliman Abdel Malek and produced by Egypt’s Arts for Media Productions. This is considered the second time Abdel Aziz and director Adeeb work together after their movie “Baby Doll’s Night”Egypt’s Arts for Media Productions is a joint company between Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Ramon Makkar. The company was supposed to produce the series to play last Ramadan but was unable to do so.

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