Tem Berton wants Dawny Junior's help to recreate "Ponocio"

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  • 02:19 PM - 8 January 2012
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The famous director Tem Berton is currently busy working on a couple of movies (Frankenweenie and Dark Shadows) which are expected to launch in 2012.Inspite of his busy schedule, Tem decided to recreate the classic story "Ponocio"."Ponocio" narrates the story of a carpenter who manufactures a wooden doll, which he hopes afterwards to become a living boy. His wish becomes true when a wizard decides to transfer the doll into a human being, with one condition, whenever Ponocio lies, his nose becomes taller!!Tem Berton was moved by Ponocio's story, along the way, especially when he directed "Edward Scissorhands" movie in 1990, which was presented by the star Johny Depp. Similarly, "Edward Scissorhands" reveals the story of a machine that is transformed into a human being.Tem Berton wishes to present "Ponocio" movie using the "Live Action" technology, just like "Alice in Wonderland" which was presented two years ago.For info, Tem Berton nominated the star Robert Dawny Junior to present Ponocio's father (the carpenter).

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