Asser Yassin is Done with a Third "Farsh Wa Ghatta"

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  • 02:48 PM - 5 September 2012
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In his exclusive statement to ; producer Mohamed Hefzi spoke about his upcoming film "Farsh Wa Ghata – Mattress and Cover" and said that lead actor Asser Yassin finished shooting third of his scenes and resumes shooting between Mokattam and Al Nahhas Studios. He added that he didn't choose the release date yet but he started marketing the film to some festivals and satellite channels.Hefzi said that the film director Ahmed Abdallah is using a Red Digital camera to suit the scenes of the film. He added that he has a very cooperative cast and crew. "Farsh Wa Ghata" also stars Amr Abed, Yara Gobran and is written by Ahmed Abdallah.

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