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  • سينما كايرو بالاس

  • Cairo Palace Cinema

* This theater contains Balcony Level seats. * The midnight screening is held with a priority being given to the film(s) in high demand, except during public holidays and feasts.

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Friday 04 December

  • Khan Tiuola

  • 6.8
      • Egypt
      • +18
  • The events take place in the 1940s during WWII inside a hotel in El-Alamein city, which is owned by a man who lives there with his family. But things take a turn, by the arrival of a new guest who...Read more finds himself witnessing bizarre incidents there.

    • Available Experiences:
    • Standard

Friday 04 December

    10:30 am 37 EGP
    12:30 pm 37 EGP
    03:30 pm 37 EGP
    06:30 pm 37 EGP
    09:30 pm 37 EGP


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