Title Content: Movie - I Want My Right - 2003


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By coincidence, Saaber reads the constitution article that states the right of citizens in public ownership. Accordingly, he files a lawsuit to get his share of public ownership and get a flat where he can get married. He gets arrested for public incitement and is found not guilty. He starts to compile power of attorney from all citizens by means of which he can sell their share of the nation. A satellite channel asks Saber to buy the rights of the case and invites him and his wife Wafaa to Sharm al-Sheikh. International establishment compete to buy the Egyptian people’s rights in their country. Wafaa leaves him because she disagrees with the deal. Saaber gets to meet an old man who talks to him about his son who was martyred defending his land and also tells him the story of ‘Awwaad who sold his land and lost it forever. Having all this in mind Saaber decides not to sell, while people become divided between selling and keeping their country.