Title Content: Movie - El Kitkat - 1991


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In El-Kitkat neighborhood, blind man Sheikh Hosny lives with his elderly mother and a frustrated young son who can't find a job after graduating from college, he tries to emigrate abroad, and gets into a relationship with his neighbor Fatima.

In KitKat, a traditional Egyptian neighborhood, Sheikh Hosny is a witness to everything that happens in the neighborhood. He sells his house to a greedy chicken butcher buying the neighborhood for a fixed piece of hash on a daily basis, and spends his night singing with friends and smoking. Living with his mother and his son Youssef, a frustrated unemployed fresh graduate who dreams of traveling. The drama unfolds between ElSheikh Hosny, Youssef and the greedy monopolist until they reach their climax when the sheikh unknowingly airs everyone's dirty secrets on the loudspeaker at a funeral.


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A blind old musician, Sheikh Hosny is living in Kit Kat, a local neighborhood of Cairo. Surviving blindness by hash, music and denial, sheikh Hosny is a witness of the neighborhood's daily life.