Title Content: Movie - Triangle - 2010


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When their yacht hits a storm, Jess and her friends take shelter in an abandoned ship only to discover that they're not alone.

This picture is a horror film directed by Christopher Smith. Jess is a single mother in need of a holiday. She boards a yacht with a group of friends expecting a fun and relaxing getaway. However, the air of pleasure and frivolity is short lived. The yacht is caught in a storm which causes it to capsize. Jess and her friends climb onto a passing ocean liner thinking that they have been saved. Soon after they board the ocean liner the group of friends realize that there is something terribly wrong. The ship is apparently deserted and, to make matters worse, it seems that they are being stalked by a shadowy figure. Jess finally concludes that her and her friends are stuck in a time loop and that she must take drastic measures in order to exit this loop.