Episodes: Series - Zelzal - 2019

  • season 1
  • episode #30

30th Episode

Abdulhalim proposes to Riham, who stalls and tells him she needs time to think. Safia asks Zelzal to marry Amal, so she can bring up his son, but he refuses. The people of al-Ayyat ask Zelzal to run in the Council. Zelzal buys all of Khalil's possessions and leave him the house to live in. Zelzal buys Ghobrial's house from Lotfi. Zelzal finally owns his father's land.

  • season 1
  • episode #29

29th Episode

Zelzal's business and wealth expands, and Safia tells her mother that she is pregnant, which angers her mother because of her health condition. Khalil tries to settle his loans any way he could, and has a fight with his son-in-law. He gets into an argument with his wife, which causes him to have a stroke. Safia gives birth to a child, and dies.

  • season 1
  • episode #28

28th Episode

Salam visits Zelzal and offers to help him in providing the fruits. Abdulhalim advises Khalil to get a loan from the bank and start exporting fruits. Safiya gets sick and the doctor informs Zelzal that she has a heart defect that will prevent her from getting pregnant. Abdulhalim creates a crisis for Khalil that may cost him all his possessions and money.

  • season 1
  • episode #27

27th Episode

Zelzal marries Safia, and Mansour and Khalil have a business agreement. Khalil decides to buy all the fruit from Zelzal's traders to cause him a problem in the market. Riham forces her husband to divorce Walaa, and kicks him out of the house. Zelzal finds a way to cut his losses after Khalil's blow.

  • season 1
  • episode #26

26th Episode

Khalil marries his partner in secret. Zelzal grows in the market, and competes with Mansour and Ghaniyya. Amal gives birth to a child from Abdulhalim, and Zelzal marries Safia. Riham discovers her husband's marriage to the maid, and tells her father who kicks him out of the house.

  • season 1
  • episode #25

25th Episode

Zelzal gets into a confrontation with Mansour and the traders of the marketplace to get the store. Zelzal helps Zahid and Um Hassan who give him money to buy the store. Zelzal finds out that Mansour told all the traders not to work with him. Karawia returns the money to Zelzal and asks the traders to supply Zelzal with the fruit.

  • season 1
  • episode #24

24th Episode

Qasim asks to marry Walaa. Zelzal has a fight with Mansour because of the situation with Safia. Zelzal meets Tawfik, his father's friend, who tells him about his father and a sum of money that he has for Zelzal. Safia convinces her to bid for a store in the market. Qasem marries Walaa in secret right before Reham and her father come home.

  • season 1
  • episode #23

23rd Episode

Zelzal decides to propose to Safia, and Mansour harasses her at the store. Khalil pressures Zoghdi to give up his share in the coffee shop. Amal returns to Abdulhalim's house, and Mansour asks Safia to marry him. Zelzal finds out about Mansour harassing Safia.

  • season 1
  • episode #22

22nd Episode

Khalil decides to take Amal from Ghobrial's funeral. Zelzal gets closer to Mansour, and gains his trust. Rabei tells Abdulhalim that his wife, Amal, is pregnant. Abdulhalim suspects that Amal is pregnant with Zelzal's child. Safia and her mother work near Zelzal and Wadida asks him to treat Safia badly to make her hate him.

  • season 1
  • episode #21

21st Episode

Zelzal goes to Ghobrial's house to see him but Ghobrial passes away. Lotfi and Khalil involve the police and use false documents to get rights to Ghobrial's house. Amal learns about Ghobrial's death and goes to pay her respects in Zohdi's house resulting in an argument with Safiyya.

  • season 1
  • episode #20

20th Episode

When Riham learns that her uterus has been removed, she fights with Qasim. Zelzal finds out that Mansour's accountant is cheating him. The doctor informs Zohdi that Ghobrial's medical condition will not improve and that he will pass away soon. Ghobrial asks Karawia to change the documents of the coffeeshop and apartment to be in Zelzal's name. Khalil and his lawyer, Saeed try to prevent this.

  • season 1
  • episode #19

19th Episode

Mansour asks Zelzal to work with him in the market. Saad tries to attack Zelzal during the night. Rabee finds Zelzal and Zelzal asks him not to tell anyone about his whereabouts. Ghobrial gets sick and Safiyya knocks on Zohdi's door for help, but his wife tells her to leave.

  • season 1
  • episode #18

18th Episode

When people start to gossip about Safiyya and Zelzal, Wadida asks him to either marry Safiyya or leave the apartment, and he decides to leave. Safiyya looks for him everywhere. Abdulhalim argues with Amal because he suspects that she is still in a relationship with Zelzal. Rabee tells Qasim that Riham's uterus had to be removed after severe health complications.

  • season 1
  • episode #17

17th Episode

Zelzal gets into a fight with Warda, and they end up at the police station. Rabee puts something in Riham's food after learning that she is pregnant. The people of the area decide to protect Zelzal and they want him as their leader.

  • season 1
  • episode #16

16th Episode

Osama tells Zelzal that Amal is getting married on Thursday and asks him to take a day off on that day. Zelzal goes to the wedding to congratulate the bride and groom, and makes a speech directed to Khalil and Zelzal's right to the piece of land. Khalil decides to sell the land due to the hassle. Zelzal works with Safiyya and her mother at the food cart.

  • season 1
  • episode #15

15th Episode

Ghobrial forces Lotfi to sell his share of the coffeeshop. Amal passes her exams and she and Abdulhalim set the date of the wedding. Osama tells Zelzal that he found him a job at the hotel he works at. Khalil and Saeed plan for Amal and Abdulhalim's wedding.

  • season 1
  • episode #14

14th Episode

Zelzal decides to leave al-Ayyat after the conflict between Ghobrial and Lotfi. Zelzal then goes to Safiya and her mother and tells them about Muharram's will. Khalil's daughter, Amal, gets engaged to Abdulhalim. Zelzal returns the food cart to Safiyya and her mother, and Safiyya finds him a place to stay.

  • season 1
  • episode #13

13th Episode

Safiya dreams about her father and finds out about what has happened to him. Ghobrial asks Khalil to get Zelzal out of prison. Zelzal is released, and informs Khalil that he is not letting go of his rights, and gets into a conflict with Qasim's guards. Zelzal discovers that Hassib sold his possessions.

  • season 1
  • episode #12

12th Episode

Zelzal's visit to Khalil gets unpleasant and aggressive, quickly. As a result, Zelzal is taken to jail, and Amal tells her father that she will marry Abdelhalim if he drops charges against Zelzal. Safiya's father experiences a tragic ending in prison.

  • season 1
  • episode #11

11th Episode

Amal tells Zelzal about Abdelhalim's marriage proposal, and Zelzal is hesitant to respond. Then, Zelzal, with Zuhdi's help, decides to go to Khalil to ask for Amal's hand in marriage.

  • season 1
  • episode #10

10th Episode

Zelzal is angry when he sees Amal with Abdelhalim. Zelzal decides to give Um Samir her money back. Um Samir wants them all out of her apartment. Khalil tells his daughter, Amal, that Abdelhalim will propose to her soon and that he agrees to the marriage. Zelzal thanks Safia for her help.

  • season 1
  • episode #9

9th Episode

A teaching assistant at the university offers Zilzal money to help him by writing notes for other students. Zilzal reunites with Amal at the university. Samir's mother discovers that Hassib has conned her. Safia blames her parents' for never receiving an education.

  • season 1
  • episode #8

8th Episode

Hassib succeeds in getting his friend Usama, to divorce his wife, the dancer Kawakib. Zilzal loses the case against Khalil, and Khalil's wife confronts him about his problem with Zilzal.

  • season 1
  • episode #7

7th Episode

Zelzal and Amal get into an argument about her father and the piece of land. Amal decides to separate from Zelzal. Safia talks to Zelzal about the girl in the car. Zelzal's lawyer asks for the testimonies of Abdelbasir, Lotfi and Khalil's wife, Lamia.

  • season 1
  • episode #6

6th Episode

Zilzal decides to file charges against Khalil to get his property rights back. Shaalan asks to marry Safia. Lamia and her daughter Amal start that Khalil does not own the property.

  • season 1
  • episode #5

5th Episode

Amal informs Zilzal that her father plans to marry her off to a wealthy man. Zilzal finds out the Khalil is withholding his right to the property, and confronts him.

  • season 1
  • episode #4

4th Episode

Zilzal decides to sell his mother's necklace to rent a storage space. He meets with Amal, and when Khalil finds out, he makes them both pay the price.

  • season 1
  • episode #3

3rd Episode

Khalil's daughter gets engaged. Zelzal meets with Khalil for the first time, and when Khalil learns that Zelzal is Harbi's son, his face expression changes. Khalil's sister leaves her son in her brother's home to eavesdrop and keep her up to date. Safia (Hala Shiha) appears for the first time.

  • season 1
  • episode #2

2nd Episode

Mohamed Harbi survives the earthquake and is given the nickname "Zelzal". He grows up under the care of Gabriel and works with him in his local business, and falls in love with the daughter of a businessman.

  • season 1
  • episode #1

1st Episode

Harbi returns from abroad and surprises his family. He then finishes paying the last installment for the purchase of his house, but the seller seems to have a different motive. An earthquake causes the house to collapse.