Grudge الحقد

  • Movie
  • US
  • 93 minutes
  • Released

Karen studies Sociology in Japan, and due to her noble nature, agrees to go take care of an elderly woman named Emma, in place of a nurse. She discovers that Emma's house is haunted, due to a gruesome murder that has happened inside the house in the past.

As the spirits of the Saeki family continues to haunt Karen, her sister Aubrey gets drawn into the same horror after Karen falls victim to Kayako.

The story revolves around a young Japanese woman who holds the key to stop the evil spirit Kayako, as she travels to a haunted apartment in Chicago to stop Kayako's curse once and for all and to protect the family that now live in its spirit.

After a mother kills her family in her house, and a single mother and a detective try to solve the case, only to discover that the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that leads anyone who enters it into a violent death.