Biographies: Sherif Arafa - Director


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Sherif is an Egyptian director, screenwriter and producer. He graduated from the Higher Institute for Cinema in 1982 and he is the son of director Sa’ad ‘Arafa in addition to being an elder brother to director ‘Amr ‘Arafa. Sherif began his cinema career in 1987 when he directed the film The Dwarfs are Coming. He then directed the film The Second Degree starring Soa’ad Hosny and Ahmed Zakky. He was the first to notice the talents of many stars including: Mohamed Sa’ad, Ahmed Helmy, Mohamed Heneidy, Kareem ‘Abd Al ‘Azeez, Ahmed Makky. The director has worked with major stars from the outset of his career, like of Soa’ad Hosny, Ahmed Zakky and Adel Imam. Sherif has also produced several films and television productions such as the film “Halim” and the TV series Tamer and Shawqqiyah, Critical Moments, and the program The People and Myself through his private production company Partner Pro. Moreover Sherif has also directed several TV commercials for well known products such as Pepsi and Chipsy. Sherif Arafa has directed several films that were milestones in the history of Egyptian cinema, like The Birds of Darkness, The Principal and Mafia.