Biographies: Ahmed El Sakka - Actor


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Ahmed Mohamed Salah El Din El Sekka graduated from the Institute of Theatrical Arts in the year 1993. He is the son of the director Salah El Sakka. Ahmed started his acting career in television where he took part in the series: (Al Nawa), (Ali Baba wa Al Arbain Harami), (Nisf Rabie Al Akhir), (Min Al Lazi La Yohib Fatma), (Hilm Al Janoob) and (Al Zawag Ala Waraq Solifan). He also took part in the plays (Afrooto) and (Kidah Okay) and won the award for the “Best Actor” category in the (Cairo Films Festival) for his role in "Africano." Since then, Ahmed has been successful in expanding his role beyond comedy into the action and drama categories, playing roles like the body guard and the local thug in "Ibrahim El Abyad", and also adding a touch of comedy to some action/drama roles like in "Ibn Al Qunsul" (Son of the Council).