Sayyid Khitab, Head of the Regulatory Authority, has Unexpectedly Decided to Postpone the screening of the American Title “Fair Game” in Egypt

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  • 01:29 PM - 11 January 2011
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Egyptian film distributor Van Gogh has announced the postponement of special and commercial screenings of the American title “Fair Game” in Egypt for a period of at least one week. This follows a decision by the Regulatory Authority which was announced Monday evening despite the fact that it was expected that screening would commence Thursday evening.The title was directed by Doug Leiman and features the talents of Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. “Fair Game” looks at claims that the former American administration fabricated evidence with regards to the previous Iraqi regime’s possession of weapons of mass destruction as a justification for invading Iraq. Egyptian performer Khaled al-Nabawy takes part in the film wherein he portrays an Iraqi nuclear scientist. Israeli actress Liraz Charhi also takes part in the film. Her participation has caused some to levy accusations that working with her would constitute normalization of ties with Israel. The work has led to much controversy in the midst of Egyptian media over the past week due to the fact that the regulatory go-ahead was delayed despite the fact that the premier date was announced. Head of the Regulatory Authority Sayyid Khitab has stated that he likes the film but is nonetheless concerned about the participation of the Israeli actress.The film handles the issue of the American invasion of Iraq and is adapted from the memoirs of former American agent Valerie Plame, “Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal By the White House” which was published in 2007. The screenplay for the work was authored by Jez and John Butterworth. “Fair Game” recounts the details of a political scandal that shocked public opinion in 2005 when then deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage blew Plame’s cover through an article in the Washington Post. The article is alleged to have been a retaliation against her husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had published an article in the New York Times titled “What I did not Find in Africa”. Wilson’s article was critical of former president George W. Bush for allegedly altering intelligence concerning Suddam Hussein’s nuclear program.

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