Hanan Turk is following the writing of “Rasayel”.

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  • 01:03 AM - 10 July 2012
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After she finished shooting all her scenes in the new series “El Okht Therese”; actress Hanan Turk is observing the writing of her new film “Rasaye – Letters” which was supposed to be filmed two years ago.Script writer Mohamed Suleiman stated to that the scrip is almost finished and assured that Hanan is the lead actress. Suleiman added that the film was delayed as Hanan was preoccupied with shooting “Nouna Al Maazouna” last year and “El Okht Therese” this year. Also, Suleiman himself was busy in his new series “Bab El Khalq” which will be released this Ramadan and once he is confident that the show is complete he will start his workshops for the film which depends mainly on outdoor scenes and requires full attention.

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