"Raqm Maghool" Writer: Not Upset over "El Kebir Awi" Parody

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  • 12:59 AM - 5 August 2013
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Screenwriter Amr Samir Atef, writer of one of last Ramadan's popular shows "Raqm Maghool" starring Amr Samir Atef, has stated that he very much liked the 24th episode of " Amr Samir Atef," which aired this past Friday. The parody of "Raqm Maghool" in one of the scenes was totally acceptable and in his eyes does not constitute any kind of plagiarism. The events was merely taken and treated in a comedic light.

Atef also said he's not against the notion of his ideas being used or appropriated for other shows, as Ahmed Mekky did. It is indicative, he said, of the popularity of his show, and is not angry when the same ideas are used in a comedic, ironic fashion.

The script material in question involves a series of phone calls that the main character receives, ordering him to carry out a number of dangerous tasks maybe involving drugs, which took place on "Raqm Maghool." At the end of the scene in "El Kebir Awi," Mekky asks the unknown caller, "was this call meant for Youssef el Sherif?"

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