Ethan Hawke Stirs Controversy Over Infidelity Views

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  • 12:26 PM - 18 December 2013
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Actor, writer and director Ethan Hawke has roused controversy over his recent statements about infidelity. Before Sunset star pointed out that extramarital affairs are really not that bad in his opinion, naming breaking up because of infidelity as “childish” behavior.

Hawk added that relationships are based on understanding and letting your partner grow, without defining how they do. About his marriage with ex-wife Uma Thurman, with which he had two kids, he said "We tried to be as optimistic as we could be: We all want to believe in love and the possibility of love. The older you get, the more you realize how powerful love is."

Hawke's statements have disappointed a lot of his fans, specially females, some of them considering indifelity as the reason behind his break up with Thurman. Hawke's latest appearance was in Getaway, joined by young star Selena Gomez.

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