Ramadan 2023 Series Schedule

Dof'at London

  • 5.4
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Al Forsan Al Thalatha

  • 6.1

A comedy that tackles the troubles of people in society through a group of Syrian families, suffering from the economic crisis after what Syria has been through, and trying to make a living legitimately or illegitimately.


  • 4.6
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Jamila, a lawyer and head of the administrative prosecution, lives a quiet family life with her doctor husband Ziad, and her family. However, her life turns upside down when her father dies, leaving all his possessions to her alone, and then events follow.

1000 Hamdela Al Salama

  • 7.1
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Al Maddah 3: Ostorat Al Eshq

  • 6.5
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Hours after the birth of his child, Saber Al Maddah finds himself on the verge of a new war with the jinn, as his son poses a great danger to the life of Saber and those around him.


  • 4.6
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    • مصري
    • +16

After her husband is killed, Settohom gets into several conflicts with her family and tries to raise her children away from problems; however, she is forced to disguise herself as a man to face the difficulties she encounters in life.

Sero El Batea

  • 6.7
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Ramadan Kareem 2

  • 7.4

Al Nukran

  • 5.8

Hadret El Omda

  • 4.2
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Jaafar El Omda

  • 4.4
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El Aghar

  • 6.4
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Muzakirat Zoug

  • 6.8
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Al-Kabir Awy 7

  • 7.5
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  • 6.3
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Darb Naar

  • 7
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El Soffara

  • 8.3
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