Ramadan 2023 Series Schedule


  • 3.9

The events depict the living and social conditions in the city of Aden and the day-to-day details experienced by the citizens in a satirical comic way.


  • 5.6

Zahraa's infant daughter becomes seriously ill, and in order to bear the exorbitant medical expenses, she breaks into a bank with her father, then the police surround them, and things take a dangerous turn.

Siraj: Men Kisas Al Anbeyaa

  • 4.3

In each episode, the two children Rashid and Noura embark on a new adventure, accompanied by Siraj, who tells them the stories of the prophets in an interesting, educational way.

Entiqam Rooh

  • 4.7

The events revolve around a group of people who have intertwined relationships that vary between love, jealousy, hatred, revenge, and greed.

Aafak Ababa

  • 4.3

The events revolve around a man working in the field of education. On his retirement day, he thinks of relaxing and traveling to a tourist resort to fulfill his wife's dream, and many events follow.


  • 5.2

A drama/romance which takes place in separate episodes that contain different stories about relationships that try to break the barriers that prevent them from continuing.

Mishawih Wa Mulawih

  • 4.3

The events of the series revolve around Mshawah and Mlawah, who embark on a new adventure in each episode, involving them in exciting events and comical situations.

Hidden Love

  • 5.8

The series follows a group of people who work in a restaurant called Sky Stars, and there are different human relationships and strange comical situations between them.

Al Forsan Al Thalatha

  • 5.7

The revolutionary man Shaaban Al Mashlouch (known as Abu Imad) lives with his wife and three children, Imad, Zina and Saeed, and is exposed to many comical situations with his friends Abu Aziz and Murhaf, when he finds himself getting into a series of problems with people of power and influence.

Dayf Ealaa Ghafla

  • 5.7

The events revolve around the cook Haniyeh, who works in catering, while many funny situations take place between the tenants who live in the building.


  • 4.4

The events revolve around a member of an extremist terrorist group called Al Zafer, who is trying to carry out a number of terrorist operations in Egypt, but he gets pursued by the security services.

Nour and the Message of Light

  • 4

Nour and his friends decide to make a collective project through which they can provide sufficient awareness and correct misconceptions about Islam, so they create an application entitled Risalat Al Nour that provides the required and correct information about Islam.

Hdach Hdach 11.11

  • 4.3

A mystery where a murder takes place and is investigated, and all the characters become accused, and with the passage of time the case becomes more and more complicated.

Two Floors Family

  • 4.6

The story follows two siblings who inherit a large house, and then they move to live in it with their families. However, they discover that they must convert the house into a hotel in order to receive the inheritance.

Dof'at London

  • 2.4

The story of a group of Arab students who move to London to study during the eighties, bringing with them their different ideas, traditions and dreams, to begin stories of love, jealousy and conspiracies.

Homestead S2

  • 3.9

In separate episodes, the events of the series deal with different issues and events about Yemeni society in a satirical comic form.

Captain Maged

  • 4.2

The series follows a man who retires from his work in the military, and tries to reunite the family after losing the bonds that brought them together.


  • 4.6

The series follows Omar, who owns a taxi, but after suffering a broken foot, he can no longer drive, so he decides to assign his children to drive the car for him, but the two young men, due to their lack of experience, fall into many funny and embarrassing situations for 30 days of driving.