Ramadan 2023 Series Schedule

Hammed Helw 4

  • 4.2

In the fourth season, the series depicts different characters, including Mr. Drama, The Ignoramus, and Abbou, through various comic scenes related to Iraqi societal problems.

Mogama' Al Sa'adah

  • 5.5

Uncle Ghafel works as a security guard at a residential complex, but he gets involved and goes through strange and funny situations with his friend, grocery store owner Abu Ahmed.


  • 4.7

The series follows the family of Hajj Al Tuhamy, who decides to marry years after the death of his wife, and then conflicts begin over the authority to run the house between his daughter, his three daughters-in-law, and his new wife.

Ghader Al Zaman

  • 3.5

Anis wants to establish a tourist complex and wins a large bid that makes him achieve his dream. However, his mother dies and his life turns upside down. He is also forced to confront his rival, Roshdy, who wants to destroy him as he wanted to win the bid.

Laylat Al Soqout

  • 6.9
The story takes place between 2014 and 2017 and deals with the events of Mosul during the years of its occupation by ISIS. It shows the tragic conditions that the people of Mosul experienced during that era and how the Iraqi Armed Forces, in partnership with the Peshmerga forces and the Popular...Read more Mobilization Forces, were able to defeat terrorism.

Shaabiat Al Cartoon 17

  • 5

The series follows life in Emirati society through the characters of a popular neighborhood of different nationalities and dialects, such as Shambeeh, Hanafi, Bou Soliman, Umm Soliman, Dahim, Kuti, and Umm Sayed, where funny situations and pranks revolve between them in a satirical comic form.

Khan El Zahb

  • 5.2
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The events of the series revolve around two well-known families in the field of commerce, and several problems and family disputes occur between them, and the events follow.

Akbad Al Mohajera

  • 5.1

Set among peasants and Bedouins in Jordan, where Mansour, the Bedouin knight, son of Sheikh Dhafi, rebels against the clan's rule because of his love for Shams.

Ain Kebrit

  • 4.3

The events depict the story of Yacoub bin Al Ashqar Al Bahlouli, the romantic relationship he had with Ghaitha, and the results of his discovery of the sulfur spring that he called Ain Kibrit, whose healing waters people seek blessings from.

Flash 2

  • 4.4

In the second season, we go on adventures with Flash characters, the stupid sailor, the crushed citizen, Mido, the miser Khalil, and others.

Serr El Ghorab

  • 4.3

A family suffers from their son's academic failure, and after a while, their life turns into hell after the father reveals a secret he has been hiding for years.

Minna w Fina

  • 4.6
A husband travels with his wife outside the country to have her treated for her illness while the children remain alone in the house. However, their problems increase due to their lack of discipline, which raises the concern of the parents, and here begins a conflict between the two generations...Read more after the arrival of the grandparents.

Gultat 5: Kebrat Al Eila

  • 4.6

In separate connected episodes, the series resumes the story of a middle-class family and the difficulties they go through to face the challenges of life.

Ham wa Shaha

  • 5.1
Ham suffers from a mental problem that makes his mental capabilities be as those of a kid at the age of ten, and he meets Shaha, who is considered by everyone to be the cause of the bad omen in the place. Comic paradoxes take place between them in an attempt from them to get married in a mysterious...Read more way.

Eashrat Eumr

  • 6

Perla is a loving and kind young woman who is close to her family, but things take a turn when she discovers that there is a secret hidden from her.

Ebtasem Ayoha El General

  • 6.2
    • مصري
    • +16
The events revolve around a tyrannical ruling family that has seized the reins of power in the country, and a conflict arises between two brothers, one of whom inherited the presidency from his father, while the axis of the conflict centers around power and influence in the country without taking...Read more into account what's good for it or the citizens.

Al Rahaliyate

  • 3.9

Set during the French protectorate in Morocco, before the Moroccan people gained independence; the central story follows Khaitana, who falls in love with someone from outside her tribe. The events also highlight nomadic customs, heritage, and culture.

Al Aliya

  • 3.9

Set in Al Aliya, a rural village in Yemen; the plot reviews social relations, power struggles, and love relationships that are subject to strict customs and traditions and conflicting interests that threaten their continuity.