Miami Cinema

  • سينما ميامي

  • Miami Cinema

This theater contains Balcony Level seats and a 5-seat Loge (booth). The tickets for the balcony and loge seats are higher in price than the main floor seats.

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Sunday 03 July

  • Wahed Tany

  • 5.9
      • مصري
      • +12
  • A social worker in the Prison Service writes reports on the prisoners' psychological condition. In prison, an old classmate of his, who has become a successful businessman, invites him to a party,...Read more where he meets his old pals, realizes he's a failure, and rethinks his life again.

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    • Standard

Sunday 03 July

    11:00 am 40 EGP
    01:30 pm 40 EGP
    03:30 pm 40 EGP
    06:30 pm 40 EGP
    09:30 pm 40 EGP


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