Premiere Point 90 MX4D Cinema

  • سينما بريمير بوينت 90 MX4D

  • Premiere Point 90 MX4D Cinema

MX4D® is the newest evolution in the cinema experience, placing you in a totally immersive environment, where built-in motion simulators in your seat and special effects all around you in the theatre will trigger in sync with the movie action on the screen, allowing you to “feel” the movie and not only watch it!

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Thursday 13 June

  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die

  • 7.6
      • مصري
      • +16
  • After the events that took place in the third part, when a new threat appears in the city of Miami from some bad boys, the police must confront them forcefully and firmly while imposing control.

    • Available Experiences:
    • 4DX

Thursday 13 June

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