Title Content: Movie - Fi Beitna Ragol - 1961


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Ibrahim succeeds in assassinating the prime minister who cooperates with colonialism, he escapes after being arrested and takes refuge in the house of his university colleague, Mohi, who has no political activity, and the family reluctantly accepts having him.

Ibrahim Hamdy, a patriot, succeeds in killing the prime minister, who's co-operating with the British occupation, and he manages to escape after being caught by the police. He resides in his friend Mohy's house, who doesn't have any political activity. Mohy's family refuse to host Ibrahim in the beginning, but then they start accepting him. Samia's (Mohy's sister) fiance' Abdel Hamid finds out about Mohy's stay in their house, so he manipulates the situation and makes an early proposal to Samia, who refuses to marry him. Nawal, the youngest of the family, accepts being the link between Ibrahim and his friends outside, so that they can manage to make him escape the country. Abdel Hamid tries to call the police to inform them about Ibrahim, but Samia prevents him in the right time. Commander of the political police doubts the situation, so he brings in Mohy and Abdel Hamid and tortures them to make them confess of Ibrahim's hiding place. Ibrahim refuses to leave the country and he returns to participate in the resistance against the British occuation forces, but he eventually gets killed in one of the operations.