Title Content: Movie - El Gezira 2 - 2014


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Mansour Al-Hefni (Ahmad al-Saqqa) escapes from prison and reunites with his brother Fadl and his son Ali, and return to the island to recover what they have lost. Mansour must stand against his old love Karima (Hind Sabri) while the leader of the travelers Sheikh Jaafar (Khalid Saleh) enters the conflict.

Following the events of the first part, which were based on the true events from drug dealer Ezzat Hefny's life that occurred in Al Nekheila village, the sequel follows Mansour Hefny's escape from prison during the January revolution, accompanied by a Muslim Brotherhood member, and his return to the drug business, and his attempt to take revenge from his enemies, taking advantage of the security unrest that has struck the country.