Episodes: Series - El-Seham El-Mariqa - 2018

  • season 1
  • episode #30

30th Episode

Um Abyie helps Misty out, so she flees with Nadia & Mariam, who escape to Egypt. Talha kills himself out of guilt and impotence. In his trial, Ammar tells his brother to go back to Egypt, and asks people to join the resistance which will never surrender or stop he reminisces his wife, Habiba, and Abu Anas butchers him when the resistance’s music plays.

  • season 1
  • episode #29

29th Episode

Talha captures Badr from the resistance who confesses under torture that Ammar’s the resistance’s leader; Ammar decides to flee with his daughter to Egypt after making a video confessing he’s the leader of the resistance. Abu Anas plots with the Emir to execute Salih publicly to make Ammar turn himself in; he does and Abu Anas tortures him.

  • season 1
  • episode #28

28th Episode

Um Abyie’s enraged at her son’s capturing, and calls Huzaifa, who decides to go back to rescue the boy; he confesses to Abu Anas & Ammar that he made the drawings. Ammar offers to help him, but he doesn’t want him to be compromised. Huzaifa’s sentenced to death, and asks Talha to execute it instead of Abu Anas. Um Abyie tells her son his real name.

  • season 1
  • episode #27

27th Episode

Um Abyie fails her suicide mission, and returns to her son. The resistance raids the group, and loot their arsenal. Talha bids Huzaifa farewell to the boarders, after he divorced Um Abyie; he meets the guy who’d smuggle him and his family. Abu Anas goes to capture Abyie for his drawings, after being reported by his friend.

  • season 1
  • episode #26

26th Episode

Ammar finds out his wife’s spying on him, to have him caught, but he stops her, and decides the resistance must continue. Abu Anas wants Talha to spy on Huzaifa in return for his old job and better salary. Um Abiye volunteers in a suicide mission, and Huzaifa who didn’t know, tries to stop her; she later goes to bid her son goodbye to carry on with the mission.

  • season 1
  • episode #25

25th Episode

Abu Anas questions Ammar about Bilal, then starts torturing Bilal for information about the resistance, but Bilal won’t speak; he later asks Ammar to kill him for mercy, and Ammar does it after being reluctant, and starts thinking that resistance must stop to save lives. Huzaifa’s on his way out of Al-khilafa’s land, and Um Abiye refuses to join him and his wife & daughter.

  • season 1
  • episode #24

24th Episode

Salih refuses to be moved to boarders, as he wants to be among the soldiers, Even Abu Anas wants him with him against Ammar’s wishes. Abu anas finds the hideout of the injured man from the resistance, but Ammar reaches him first, and help him escape. Abu Anas’s searching for Bilal, and he summons Ammar when he’s with Huzaifa and Bilal.

  • season 1
  • episode #23

23rd Episode

Ammar finds his brother, Salih, coming to join the group; her tries to talk him out of it with no avail. Ammar wriggles through what Huzaifa informed Abu Anas cunningly. Talha tells Mariam he knows her secret. Ammar convinces Huzaifa to film the resistance’s new mission in return of letting him reach the boarders, and fleeing.

  • season 1
  • episode #22

22nd Episode

Um Abyie goes to tell about Huzaifa to Ammar, but stops in the last minute. Amamr calls Huzaifa to join the resistance against Al-Khilafa, but he declines; Um Abyie kicks him out of the house, and asks for a divorce, when he told her to run away with him. Talha finds out Mariam didn’t convert to Islam. Huzaifa tells Abu Anas that Ammar’s the head of the resistance, and asks for permission to reach the borders.

  • season 1
  • episode #21

21st Episode

Huzaifa tells Ola about Um Abyie and that they’ll live together. Talha’s saddened that Mariam married him out of pity. Ammar starts recruiting for the new resistance with Bilal. The commander chooses a new young wife for Ammar. Um Abiye finds drawings with her son, which Huzaifa knows about, so she kicks him out of the house.

  • season 1
  • episode #20

20th Episode

Ammar promises the therapist to tell his story to his family. Huzaifa surprises the odalisque and bring her mother, and grants her her freedom. Um Abiye manages to keep away the soldiers from Ola so Huzaifa can marry her. Mariam wants to escape with Misty. Ammar decides to go rogue, and follow through his wife’s plan of resistance, and starts darwing Anti-group graffiti.

  • season 1
  • episode #19

19th Episode

Ammar tries some drugs to help him sleep as he suffers from nightmares, but it doesn’t work, so he goes to a therapist who tells him that this is his subconscious telling him his wife was right in what she did. Huzaifa’s grateful for Um Abiye for helping Ola escape. Talha marries Mariam, and asks her why she accepted now.

  • season 1
  • episode #18

18th Episode

Mariam asks Talh if he still wants to marry her. Um Abiye succeeds in her plan to get Ola out of Abu Anas’ house, when he was trying to nail her, and Ola’s moved out of the house. Ammar wakes up to his daughter holding a gun to his face.

  • season 1
  • episode #17

17th Episode

Huzaifa tries mending things with his wife Um Abiye after she learned about his wife and daughter. Ammar’s considering leaving The Land of Khilafa, after his wife’s murder. Huzaifa’s trying to escape ola from Abu Anas’ home. Um Abiye’s pressuring Mariam to get married, so she doesn’t have to give her money, and Mariam can’t find a way out of it.

  • season 1
  • episode #16

16th Episode

Ammar coincidentally buys Huzaifa’s wife, Ola, when he’s advised to get after his wife was executed; Huzaifa fails in buying her back from him. Later, Abu Anas makes Ammar buy another one, and takes Ola to himself, and Huzaifa fails to issue a Fatwa to have her back, so he tells Abu Anas the whole story asking him to give her back. Mariam appears to still follow Christianity.

  • season 1
  • episode #15

15th Episode

Talha asks his wives if they want to stay married to him after what happened; he divorces them all when he’s received with complete silence. Huzaifa’s working on the movie, but he’s surprised to find his wife and daughter become slaves; he tries buying them before anyone else. The commander promotes Ammar to head of the military operation, after capturing the resistance members

  • season 1
  • episode #14

14th Episode

Talha’s injured during a bombing; the doctor tells Huzaifa that they had to amputate his legs, and he’s also become sterile. Ammar sees Habiba in prison, and tries to get any info that could help her escape, showing her great affection. Abu Anas commands all caught resistance members be executed including Habiba.

  • season 1
  • episode #13

13th Episode

Talha disapproves what Misty did, buying his wives clothes form her salary. The group’s torturing Feras after catching him, and he spills all about the resistance, including telling about Habiba’s cooperation with them. She then tells Ammar to give her in to the group, so he can raise their son, but he tells her he’ll help her escape through the resistance; they get caught while escaping.

  • season 1
  • episode #12

12th Episode

Abu Anas asks Huzaifa to make a movie about the fighters, and broadcast it online. Ammar finds out Habiba’s working for the resistance, and he follows her until he reaches one of the heads, and captures him; he later confronts Habiba, but she denies, so he locks her up at home. Talha proposes to Mariam but she rejects him.

  • season 1
  • episode #11

11th Episode

Mariam works at Um Abyie’s workshop, who scolded her for not wearing Hijab after converting. Ammar succeeds in catching one of the resistance, and when they meet him, they ask him to be a spy for their account, thinking he’d help them.

  • season 1
  • episode #10

10th Episode

Habiba tries to stop Ammar from thinking of Al-Khilafa, but he insists on the idea. Mariam decides to convert to Islam so she wouldn’t be an odalisque and be free, for her son’e sake. Ammar tries getting closer to one person at the resistance, so he can catch the whole resistance group.

  • season 1
  • episode #9

9th Episode

Ammar requests the number Huzaifa knows, and he contacts the guy to set up a meeting for the three of them. Huzaifa beets him to the meeting to warn the guy, and he takes off. Abu Anas decides to revamp the group’s image to the world by videos shot by Huzaifa with the help of his wife. He later forces him to buy an odalisque before his wife.

  • season 1
  • episode #8

8th Episode

Ammar plays with Huzaifa’s head, telling him he knows about the number he learned from the prisoner. Habiba’s saved by a fellow resistant when he takes responsbility of a graffiti Ammar was questioning her about; he then gets killed by Ammar’s assistant. Huzaifa’s forced to be the spy over prisoners.

  • season 1
  • episode #7

7th Episode

Talha finds Mariam and beats her up badly when they get home. Ammar considers planting a spy among the resistance’s prisoners; he informs Abu Anas of his plan, and picks Huzaifa to be the spy. Ammar’s wife, Habiba, has a new plan with the resistance, but she suspects the new guy who joined them.

  • season 1
  • episode #6

6th Episode

Huzaifa asks Ammar to photograph the troops at the border, as he’s trying to find an escape; Ammar asks him to tape an execution. Later, Huzaifa manages to contact his family, and Ammar warns him. Mariam decides to run away with her son, and one of Talha’s wives helps her out. Talha threatens his wives when he finds out, and goes to search for her.

  • season 1
  • episode #5

5th Episode

Ammar and Abu Anas threaten the people they captured and torture them severely. Talha goes with his four wives and Mariam to watch a movie by the organization under the supervision of Abu Anas and Ammar. New people from the resistance draw graffiti that provokes the group and Ammar.

  • season 1
  • episode #4

4th Episode

Abu Ammar and Huzaifa try to find those who write and paint graffiti against the group. All of Talhas’s wives refuse to sleep with him, so he goes to the market to buy an odalisque who also refuses to sleep with him.

  • season 1
  • episode #3

3rd Episode

Abu Anas asks Ammar to find the people who write and paint graffiti against the group. Abu Huzaifa tries to get closer to his wife’s son but the child refuses. Talha al-Assiuty introduces his new wife Misty to his other three wives.

  • season 1
  • episode #2

2nd Episode

Abu Huzaifa meets Talha during the training period. The commander, Sheikh Abu Anas, decides that men should marry women from the group. He chose a foreign woman for Talha, and chooses Um Abiye, who is trying to escape the situation, for Abu Huzaifa.

  • season 1
  • episode #1

1st Episode

Sherif, a news correspondent, and his family are captured by ISIS. Abu Ammar, an assistant commander in the group, tells them that their only chance to survive is to join ISIS. Sherif agrees so that he can look for his wife and Son. His father-in-law was killed after he refused to join the group.