Add/Update Information: Series - Kalabsh 3 - 2019

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    Title كلبش 3
    Title in English Cuffs S3
    Title's Translation Kalabsh 3
    Original Title
    Release Year 2019
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Trailer (Cuffs 3) Trailer #1
    Release Date
    6 May 2019 Egypt true
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Amir Karara 1
    2) Ahmed Abdelaziz 2
    3) Hesham Selim 3
    4) Youssra Al Lozy 4
    5) Hala Fakher 5
    6) Ahmad Al Awady 6
    7) Omar El Shenawy 7
    8) Sarah Adel 8
    9) Hidy Karam 9
    10) Amira El Aidy 10
    11) Mahmoud Hafez 11
    12) Islam Jamal 12
    13) Mohamed Ali Rezk 13
    14) Ashraf Meslehi 14
    15) Amany Kamal 15
    16) Ahmed Imam 16
    17) Nour Ehab 17
    18) Youssef Wael Nour 18
    19) Esam Al Saqqa 19
    20) Mohamed Radwan 20
    21) Ahmed Al Numrusi 21
    22) Huda El Etreby 22
    23) Adam Wahdan Malik Al Ansari- child 23
    24) Nabil Nour El Din 24
    25) Laila Ezz El Arab 25
    26) Nasser Seif 26
    27) Fatma Al Kashef 27
    28) Bakri Khaled 28
    29) Fayroz Al Awady 29
    30) Osama El Hady 31
    31) Mohamed Anwar 33
    32) Ghinwa Mahmoud 34
    33) Ouday Raad 35
    34) Mohammad Al Haddad 36
    35) Bassam Ktaifan 37
    36) El Muntasir Najam El Din 38
    37) أحمد محمود حسن 39
    38) رشا عبدالمجيد 40
    39) Ahmed El Rasheedy 41
    40) Ahmed Mahmoud 42
    41) عمرو عيد 43
    42) أحمد سامي فكري 44
    43) حسام خفاش 45
    44) Wael Khalil 46
    45) حسام الدين عبداللطيف 47
    46) كريم الدين سرور 48
    47) Noura Habib 49
    48) رمزي زيدان 50
    49) عبدالمجيد محمد 51
    50) آدم كريم 52
    51) Peter Ashraf 53
    52) محمود عبدالخالق 54
    53) Nour Badr El Din 55
    54) جمال هاشم 56
    55) زياد أحمد 57
    56) Zainab Abdel Wahhab 58
    57) Mekki Sami 70
    58) Sherif Rawash Omar 71
    59) Mohammad Bakri 72
    60) Eyad Nassar Guest Actor 73
    61) Mostafa Khater Guest Actor 74
    62) Bassem Qahar 75
    63) Passant Shawky 76
    64) Yahia Ahmed 77
    65) Suzan Najm Al Deen 78
    66) Mohsen Sabri 79
    67) Rowida Qassem 80
    68) هبة محمد 81
    69) Ahmed Besho 82

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ahmed Fayez 1
    2) آلاء بدر 2
    3) Mahmoud Gharib 3
    4) دينا الحسيني 4
    5) أحمد موزة 5
    6) حسين موزة 6
    7) shady abbas saber 7
    8) Abbas Saber 8

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Peter Mimi Director 1
    2) Khairy Salem Executive Director 2
    3) Abdel Rahman Abu Ghazala 3
    4) Eslam Abbas 4
    5) Madonna Adly 5
    6) Walid Salem 6
    7) Ibrahim Farag 7

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Synergy Art Production Producer 1
    2) Tamer Morsi Producer 2
    3) Fathy Ismail 3
    4) إبراهيم شعبان 4
    5) Islam Nabawy 5
    6) Ahmad Maher 6

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) سيد نجيب 1
    2) مصطفى نجيب 2
    3) وائل مهران 3
    4) محمد عبدالوهاب 4
    5) محمود عبدالمنعم 5
    6) هيثم أمين 6

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ahmed Hamdy Editor 1
    2) nehad samy 2
    3) عصام شعبان 3
    4) شريف فتحي 4
    5) Wael Farag 5

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hussien Asar Director of Photography 1
    2) Mohamed Samir 2
    3) Karim Meselhy 3
    4) Haitham nasser 4

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Amr AKef 1
    2) Eslam Akef 2
    3) Alaa basit 4
    4) Abdallah Sabry 4

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Medhat 1
    2) Saif Oraiby Music 2
    3) Tarek Aloush 3

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Al-Daly Sound Engineer 1
    2) Tarek Aloush 2
    3) Omar Aloush 3

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hossam Shawky 1
    2) Hany Al Maghraby 2
    3) Mahmoud El-Moghrabi 3

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Rami Eid 1
    2) Yasser El Naggar 2

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Aber Al-badrawy Stylist 1
    2) Refaat Abdel Hakeem 2

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) سيد راشد 3
    2) Reda El Gamal 4

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Baher Dewidar Writer 1

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Synergy Art Production 2

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Roaa Kashef Selim Al-Ansary (Amir Karaara) submits his resignation from his work at the Ministry of Interior Affairs and decides to co-find a security services company with Akram Safwan (Hesham Selim). Their minor management differences gradually intensify, threatening their personal and business relationship. 299


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    5 1 37 1st Episode It turns out that Selim Al-Ansary didn't really die, he was...Read more actually undercover in a terrorist group. The group's commander tries to kill him, when his cover is blown 167
    5 2 38 2nd Episode Selim appears one more time and meets up with his family. He...Read more is hired as a bodyguard with Hossam. They stop a terrorist attack targeting a businessmen conference. Selim’s son goes to the hospital in a critical condition. 222
    5 3 35 3rd Episode Akram Safwan says that he is the only one capable of saving...Read more Malik as he has his treatment. He tells Selim to resign from the Ministry of Interior and become his partner in a security company and he does. The episode ends with guest stars applying to work for the security company. 280
    5 4 33 4th Episode Akram Safwan tells Selim that he arranged both the terrorist...Read more attack and the conference incident. Selim selects his team in his new company. Akram assigns Selim with watching the businessman Mahmoud Ulwan, and knowing all information about him. Al-Ansary secretly meets Major General Galal. 289
    5 5 34 5th Episode In a flashback, we learn that Selim had a deal with Galal....Read more Mahmoud Ulwan makes a deal with Selim to guard his only daughter when she comes back. Selim discovers that Akram arranged Ulwan’s daughter addiction to penetrate his own private world. 243
    5 6 32 6th Episode Akram Safwan scolds his brother, and asks Jimmy to take care...Read more of him. Mahmoud surprises Selim with a change in his daughter's arrival time and asks him to guard her. Selim fires Bruce-Lee because he lied to him. Selim discovers that Bruce-Lee, Samih and Reem secretly work with Galal. 283
    5 7 34 7th Episode Galal tells Selim that Bruce-Lee, Samih and Reem have been...Read more working for him for a while. Akram agrees with Ghassan on a plan to cause a disruption in the country. Galal tells his friend that he has cancer but he is postponing the chemotherapy till after the mission. Mahmoud secretly meets Galal. 295
    5 8 33 8th Episode Galal reveals to Selim his deep connections with Ulwan, as...Read more they’ve been working together for long. The three of them agree on a plan to stop Akram’s plans for mayhem in the country. Akram agrees with his brother, Amgad, to spy on Selim by working at the security company. 272
    5 9 35 9th Episode Akram threatens Jumana before her father. Selim works a plan...Read more with Ulwan to pretend that Bruce-Lee secretly copied important documents, without Akram suspecting they’re working together. Selim’s son wakes up from coma. It's revealed that Awni was spying for Akram. 263
    5 10 33 10th Episode Galal works up a plan with Selim on how to confront Reyad...Read more when he arrives to Egypt, and how to arrange for Ulwan to meet him. Ulwan goes to meet Reyad, who suspects him, then he contacts Akram to tell him his plan for Ulwan’s killing by Saddam. 244
    5 11 35 11th Episode Selim & Galal find out that Saddam murdered Ulwan; So Selim...Read more seeks vengeance, but Galal stops him. Akram suspects Selim, and orders his men to keep an eye on him. Samih tells Selim that he fixed Ulwan’s phone and found something very peculiar. 242
    5 12 33 12th Episode Selim listens to a recording by Ulwan and his men, and finds...Read more out what happened between him and Reyad before his death. Selim beats up Saddam. Jumana fails to access Akram’s safe. Malik calls his father, looking all healthy. 224
    5 13 33 13th Episode Selim takes time off from work to stay with his son. Jumana...Read more asks Samih to access Akram’s control room. Akram asks Selim to get him info from a secret meeting for Arab oil secretaries, about a new natural gas line, and colliding with Galal, he gives him false info. 264
    5 14 35 14th Episode Selim learns the prime minister’s to be assassinated in a...Read more hotel and sends Samih after the terrorists; he manages to kill 4, but 2 escape him to the room where the ministers are waiting. The terrorists force them to shoot a video stating falsified facts. Selim and Abdullah kill the rest of them. 295
    5 15 33 15th Episode Saddam assassinates the only witness in the ministers’ case....Read more Akram threatens Selim he’ll prevent him from getting his son’s medicine, for participating in the hotel case; he later informs his wife that someone’s after killing him. Amgad meets Selim for the first time. Akram gets attacked in his car. 300
    5 16 34 16th Episode A group of gunmen attack Akram, and his assistant dies, so...Read more he holds a press conference and accuses many of his attempted assassination; he later appoints his brother Amgad to be his assistant, and Saddam as his bodyguard. Shahira blames the Ministry of Interior for Akram’s attack. 283
    5 17 34 17th Episode Selim learns that his son’s nurse works for Galal. Jumana’s...Read more father dies, and Akram threatens her with the checks. Selim’s son worsens, and he asks Akram for medicine, but Akram eludes him. Samih hacks into Saddam’s phone and informs Selim of his meetings’ locations with Akram. 277
    5 18 34 18th Episode Selim and his team manage to break into Akram’s villa and...Read more his safe, and he finds his son’s medicine. Amgad harasses Reem, but she leaves his office, which makes Selim ask Akram to move his brother away from the company or else he leaves. Akram learns that his friend Ghassan Al-Holw died in Britain. 299
    5 19 34 19th Episode Sara Haroun tells Akram the details of Ghassan’s killing. He...Read more dismisses Amgad from the company. Akram assigns Selim to sneak a mysterious case from authorities, that include his son’s treatment. Samih learns the Awni’s a double agent, so he informs Selim, who informs Galal. Awni shoots himself. 295
    5 20 35 20th Episode Awni leaves a note behind, telling Galal about his deal with...Read more Akram, and asking for forgiveness. Selim brings in the case, and Hussam fails to keep track of the man who received it from Saddam. Akram holds a press conference where he’s planning a bombing, and Hussam dies at the scene. 284
    5 21 33 21st Episode Selim learns that Akram was behind the bombing that killed...Read more Hussam, and holds a gun to Akram’s face as he’s enraged for Hussam’s death, but he calms down after recalling what Hussam told him. Galal tells Selim that he has an insider in Sinai who will help him, and he enters the room. 283
    5 22 34 22nd Episode Galal lays a plan with Selim & Hasan Al-Sinawy. Amgad kicks...Read more Haidy out, and she thinks to make him pay for it. Selim meets General Naser for the first time. Akram finds out that his son has bugged his room to hack into his network, and that he’s doing this for Jumana. 267
    5 23 31 23rd Episode Akram realizes Jumana’s played his son into spying on him....Read more Selim travels to Sinai to figure out what’s going to happen; he finds out there’s a bus driver working with the enemy, and puts Bruce-Lee on to him. Shahira turns against Akram after she met people at Al-Arish. 270
    5 24 32 24th Episode Selim saves a bus full of tourists from a terrorist attack,...Read more which Akram was behind. Amgad plans to get back at Mariam by kidnapping her mom & sister, and leaves her a note to meet him alone. Akram tells Selim to locate Jumana and bring her to him. Mariam finds Amgad’s note. 274
    5 25 34 25th Episode Reem calls Galal to tell him what happened to her, and he...Read more asks her to meet him and Selim, where he tells them he can’t locate Amgad. Reem uses Haidy’s grudge to make her tell them about Amgad’s location, which she does; Selim finds Amgad and puts a gun to his face, and fires at him. 284
    5 26 33 26th Episode Haidy kills Amgad; Akram finds out and sees him and promises...Read more to make Selim pay for it. Shahira attacks the government after Amgad’s death. Galal tells Selim the doctors are so close to finding a cure for his son. It's revealed that Shahira’s working with Galal. 261
    5 27 33 27th Episode Akram wants Selim to get him the detailed itinerary of an...Read more African delegate visiting Egypt. Galal gives Selim the antidote to his son’s condition. Haitham finds Jumana, and tells Akram, who sends Saddam to kill her. Akram goes to tell Aser that Jumana’s dead, only to find him dead. 282
    5 28 33 28th Episode Engy collapses when she sees her son hanging, and blames it...Read more on Akram. Selim tells Bruce-Lee and Samih to sneak into Akram’s villa during the funeral. Galal thwarts the attack against the African delegate. Engy wants a divorce. Selim finds Galal half dead when he visits him at home. 283
    5 29 34 29th Episode Selim saves Galal seconds away from death, and the doctor...Read more tells him about Galal’s condition. The both lay a plan to entrap Akram & Sara through recording their plans, and it works out. While interrogating Akram, Selim receives a call that his son’s life is in danger for arresting Akram. 287
    5 30 31 30th Episode Akram bargains his escape and Sara’s when they’re sent for...Read more trial with Selim for his son’s life. Selim manages to kill the terrorist who’s been threatening his family with explosives. Galal delegates all his work to Selim. While Selim’s rescuing a hostage, a new terrorist appears, and threatens him. 299