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    Title فلانتينو
    Title in English Valentino
    Title's Translation Valentino
    Original Title
    Release Year 2020
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Trailer الزعيم عادل إمام يعود إلى الشاشة الرمضانية مع نخبة من النجوم في #فلانتينو على شاشة MBC1
    Release Date
    24 April 2020 Egypt true
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Adel Imam 1
    2) Dalal Abdelaziz Afaf 2
    3) Hamdy Al-Merghany 3
    4) Mohamed al-Kilani 4
    5) Tarek El Ebiary 5
    6) Huda El Mufti 6
    7) Soliman Eid 7
    8) Badria Tolba 8
    9) Reda Idrees 9
    10) Enaam Al-Gritly 10
    11) Wafaa Sadeq 11
    12) Rania Mahmoud Yassin 12
    13) Ramy Al-Tumbary 13
    14) Alaa amr 14
    15) زينة هاشم 15
    16) يوسف الأسدي 16
    17) Reem Elmasry 17
    18) عبدالحكيم الصيني 18
    19) Marwa Nosir 19
    20) Muhannad Hani Yousri 20
    21) Ibrahim Farah 21
    22) Nadia Negm 22
    23) Noura Habib 23
    24) Samir Sabri 24
    25) Hadi Al Jayyar 25
    26) Gamil Barsoum 26
    27) Amr Wahba 27
    28) Ahmed Farid 28
    29) Adel Anwar 29
    30) Nohir Amin 30
    31) Moustafa Haridy 31
    32) Elham Abdulbadei 32
    33) عبدالرحمن القليوبي 33
    34) Mmoustafa gharieb 34
    35) طه خليفة 35
    36) Amr Gamal 36
    37) Mohamed Al-Desouqy 37
    38) علياء عثمان 38
    39) Mohamed Al-Tagy 39
    40) Hassan El Adl 40
    41) Abdulraheem Hassan 41
    42) Mohsen Mansour 42
    43) Magdy Badr 43
    44) Safaa Jalal 44
    45) Dalia Al Beheri 45
    46) مروة حزين
    47) Mohammed Farag
    48) Amr Othman
    49) Abdulhameed Sanad
    50) Tarek Wally
    51) ياسمين الجندي
    52) أحمد الحمصاني
    53) أحمد الخواجة
    54) ابراهيم هندي
    55) كريم الصفتي
    56) محمود الشوكي
    57) محمود فهمي
    58) ميشيل مساك
    59) رجب حامد
    60) محمد هشام
    61) أماني محمد
    62) سلمى البحيري
    63) Diaa soliman
    64) حمادة الخطيري
    65) Elham Azb
    66) رجب أبو رحاب
    67) احمد كريم
    68) محمد عيد شلش
    69) Boutros Ghaly
    70) Marwan Mohammad
    71) Mamdouh Salem
    72) Ehab Malek
    73) Mostafa Khater
    74) Mohamed Abdul Rahman
    75) إنجي محمد
    76) Ali Rabie
    77) Ahmad Ali
    78) أشجى خالد
    79) Randa Ibrahim
    80) Muhammad Al Massri
    81) Mahmoud Emam
    82) احمد هادي
    83) احمد العسكري
    84) Sara Naguib
    85) Faraj Yousuf
    86) Ahmed Sanad
    87) بريهان باهر
    88) ناردين عبدالسلام
    89) Yousra El Masoudy
    90) إبراهيم المصري
    91) Souad Al Hawwari

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Magnum Productions 1
    2) Hesham Tahssin 2
    3) Ramy Imam 3
    4) شريف الأشقر 4
    5) Mohamed Shiha
    6) هاني صلاح
    7) سمير عمران
    8) mohamed magdy sif
    9) تامر سيد أنور

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) يوسف بارود 1
    2) Ahmed Ragab
    3) Ahmed abd elmoniem كاميرا مان
    4) رامز بارود فوكس بولر
    5) احمد عطية
    6) زيزو

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ramy Imam Director 1
    2) Ahmed Jamal 2
    3) Hani Youssri
    4) مايا أشرف زكي
    5) Haitham el Tamimi

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ahmed Hoshy 1
    2) أسماء المليجي
    3) Ahmad Younis
    4) عمرو حسن
    5) هاني جمال

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Maged Magdy 1
    2) بسمة المشنب
    3) محمد نوفل

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hitham Dahab
    2) Talaat Ahmed
    3) Ali Taha

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) احمد عبدالخالق 1
    2) Samir Sabri

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Khaled Hammad 1
    2) Khaled Al Kammar

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) عبدالرحمن سليمان عيد
    2) Andrew McKenzie

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ayman Bahgat Amar Writer 1

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Malak Zulfaqar

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Muhammad Hajjaj

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Doaa AbdelHameed Nour Abdel Mejid, AKA Valentino, owns a number of international schools, "Valentino Schools", run by him and his domineering wife with whom he's not in agreement. Their disagreements, however, get them on several adventures and reveals many surprises along the way. 267


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    1 1 45 1st Episode Every morning, Nour Valentino does his daily routine by...Read more following the instructions of his domineering wife Afaf, who imposes control over him and their three children Archimedes, Refa'a, and Nabawia. Valentino hits Assem for harassing Ghada. A fire breaks out at the new school. 278
    1 2 45 2nd Episode Afaf believes that Bahaa is behind the school fire, and she...Read more encourages Valentino to take out a loan for the necessary reparations. The Japanese teacher complains to Jailan about Mizo. Samira fears being exposed. When Assem returns home wasted, Valentino beats him for skipping school. 287
    1 3 45 3rd Episode Afaf accuses Bahaa of plotting the armed robbery of the...Read more vehicle transporting the school money. Sherif gives his mother the money necessary to save his brother from prison. As the money transfer company refuses to pay Valentino because Assem forgot to renew their contract, Valentino fires him. 293
    1 4 45 4th Episode Valentino congratulates Gamil on his marriage. He suspects...Read more that someone is impersonating him and got him involved in many cases and signing promissory notes, leading to the bank's refusal to give him a loan. 207
    1 5 45 5th Episode Through Assem, Valentino confirms he has cases against him...Read more regarding promissory notes, and Assem gets 3 different addresses with his uncle's,Valentino, name. 157
    1 6 45 6th Episode Jailan tells Afaf that Archimedes loves and pursues her....Read more Assem and Valentino learn that Noura Valentino is a woman residing in Tanta. 133
    1 7 45 7th Episode Noura tells Nour that when Al-Agamawy learned they have...Read more similar names, he forced her to write him promissory notes to divorce her. 131
    1 8 45 8th Episode Afaf grows worried about Valentino for his two-days absence....Read more Archimedes gets closer to Mizo. Sherif gets sick and is taken to the hospital. 139
    1 9 45 9th Episode Archimedes suggests to Afaf to search his father's...Read more office to find a clue leading to him. Gamil uses his show to broadcast the news of Valentino's disappearance, but the latter returns home. Noura goes with Valentino. 216
    1 10 45 10th Episode Shaker tells Valentino that Noura has to turn herself in. ...Read more Ghada conducts a work interview with Medhat. Afaf dismisses both Mo'atez and Dina. Sherif is discharged from the hospital. 181
    1 11 45 11th Episode The hotel guests complain about the noise caused by the...Read more drunk Noura, and Assem tells Valentino she was admitted into the hospital. Afaf finds that her clothes and her checkered pajamas are missing, and Valentino acts nonchalant. Eid blackmails Samira and her husband when he discovers their secret. 298
    1 12 45 12th Episode On their first day at Al-Bahaa School, Mo'atez gets...Read more stabbed by bullies while defending Dina. Assem agrees with Al-Agamawy to return the remaining merchandise to the dealers to relieve the trust receipts. Afaf is upset that Bahaa opened a new school. Sherif has a terminal disease. 281
    1 13 45 13th Episode Valentino learns that Noura makes money from doing coffee...Read more readings for hotel guests. He tells her that Assem has reconciled with the dealers after he gave them their goods. Assem reports Batman and Vandame to the police. Afaf files a report against her neighbors' construction workers. 285
    1 14 45 14th Episode Fearing Atef, Hany doesn't give Nabawia (Nana) the...Read more flowers. Afaf visits Mo'atez at the hospital. She tells Jailan that she will enroll Mo'atez and Dina back at Valentino's school. When Noura offers a coffee reading for the officer's fiancée, the officer lets her go. 266
    1 15 45 15th Episode Valentino asks Assem to buy him a villa and proposes to...Read more Noura. Jailan asks Archimedes to stay away from her and Mizo. In the aftermath of his mother's disagreement with Safy, Sherif has a health problem. Samira exacts revenge on Atef. Heba buys her wedding jewelry. 266
    1 16 45 16th Episode Assem buys Valentino a villa. Valentino marries Noura, and ...Read more lies to her about traveling to sign a contract with a Gulf businessman to finance the new school. Safy threatens Sherif's mother. Ghada promises Medhat to write down the children's expenses. 250
    1 17 45 17th Episode Sameh tells Jailan that he only divorced her to protect her...Read more and Mizo. Jailan refuses to return to him. When Afaf sees the contract of the villa, she and Valentino head there. 174
    1 18 45 18th Episode Valentino convinces Afaf to buy the villa next to Noura....Read more Afaf learns Salem and Medhat's secret and fires them both. 116
    1 19 45 19th Episode Hany proposes to Nana, and Valentino throws him out. Nana...Read more reads a letter from Abdel Aziz confessing his love for her, and she wavers between the two suitors. 157
    1 20 45 20th Episode Mo'atez throws Archimedes out when he sees Jailan...Read more patting him on the back. Refa'a's wedding is delayed when the marriage officiant turns out to be the same one that married Valentino to Noura. As the officiant intends to inform Afaf, Assem gives him a hypnotic. 261
    1 21 45 21st Episode Medhat tells Safy that her husband hasn't gone to...Read more France. Upon her request, Archimedes teaches Jailan how to drive a car, which makes Mo'atez reprimands him once more. Hashem kicks out Noura and Assem from the funfair. 219
    1 22 45 22nd Episode Medhat consults his children about having Ghada as his...Read more partner in the new project. Safy apologizes to Medhat, and Mazhar tells her that Sherif is in a coma. Valentino tries to persuade Nana to marry Hany, after Hany finds out that he has a second wife. 252
    1 23 45 23rd Episode Valentino tells Gamil about the messages that he, Assem, and...Read more Noura have received. Gharib tells Valentino that a thug came and asked for him and Noura. At the homeowners meeting, Noura defends Afaf. Dina tells Archimedes about what happened at Jailan's apartment. 262
    1 24 45 24th Episode Al-Agamawy sends Assem a picture of him with the...Read more latter's mother. Noura tells Al-Agamawy that she only married Valentino to swindle him. She sneaks him into the villa as a laundry worker. When Sherif passes away, Safy and his mother learn that he was married with a child. 272
    1 25 45 25th Episode As Noura gives Al-Agamawy a bag with weapons in it, it's...Read more revealed that it's an ambush plotted by Assem and Valentino to have Al-Agamawy arrested. Valentino asks Medhat to monitor Hany. 185
    1 26 45 26th Episode Jailan refuses to wed Archimedes after Sameh comes to the...Read more school. Abdel Aziz dies brokenhearted when he learns that Nana is engaged to Hany. Afaf asks Hashem to set a date for his and Heba's wedding. 199
    1 27 45 27th Episode Nana's psychological state worsens as she believes she...Read more has caused Abdel Aziz's death. Valentino tries to stir discord between Noura and Afaf during their meal. Safy learns that Sherif has divorced her in absentia 4 months ago. 227
    1 28 45 28th Episode Afaf fires both Atef and Samira when they expose one...Read more another. Refa'a sees a psychiatrist along with Nana. Sherif's mother asks Safy to forgive her. Valentino breaks off Nana's engagement to Hany after he confronts him with scandalous videos and pictures. 254
    1 29 45 29th Episode To secure that her marriage to Refa'a won't get...Read more delayed, Heba hires men to beat up the psychiatrist. Afaf accepts Jailan's resignation, after she gets a job offer in Saudi Arabia. Safy gets on Gamil's TV show to recount her story with her husband. Afaf learns that Valentino is married to Noura. 297
    1 30 45 30th Episode Archimedes drives Jailan and Mo'ataz to the airport. Afa...Read moref files an interdiction case against Valentino. At court, Valentino confesses that he married more than once, and he has three sons: Hossam, Hesham, and Osama. The judge dismisses the lawsuit. 248