Add/Update Information: Series - The Clan's Girl - 2020

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    Title بت القبايل
    Title in English The Clan's Girl
    Title's Translation
    Original Title
    Release Year 2020
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Release Date
    18 January 2020 Egypt true قنوات الحياة
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Amr Abdul Gelil 1
    2) Hanan Motawee 2
    3) Muhammad Riyad 3
    4) Mahmoud Abdelmoghni 4
    5) Menna Fadaly 5
    6) Medhat Tekha 6
    7) Samira Abdelaziz 7
    8) Ashraf Abdelghafour 8
    9) Mohamed Abdel Hafez 9
    10) Bahaa Tharwat 10
    11) Mahmoud Al Jabri 11
    12) Yasmin Ali 12
    13) Dina 13
    14) Omar Zahran 14
    15) Mofid Ashour 15
    16) Youssef Ismail 16
    17) Enaam Al-Gritly 17
    18) Hassan El Adl 18
    19) Muhammad Raihan 19
    20) Yassmin Jamal 20
    21) عبدالخالق أحمد 21
    22) Mohamed Abd El-Gawad 22
    23) Rasha Elkhateeb 23
    24) Fatma Mohamed Ali 24
    25) Mazen EL Gharabawy 25
    26) Mohamed Al-Daqqaq 26
    27) Ashraf Tulba 27
    28) عمرو درويش 28
    29) Radwa Sherif 29
    30) Sally Abdullaziz 30
    31) Najah Hassan 31
    32) أحمد عتريس 32
    33) محمود سليمان 33
    34) Ahmed Yousef 34
    35) Emad Al Arousi 35
    36) هشام فهمي 36
    37) مروة يحيى 37
    38) باسم شكري 38
    39) Galal Al-Ashry 39
    40) Umaima Talaat Zakaria 40
    41) Nejar Muhammad 41
    42) Azmy Dawoud 42
    43) Hager Al-Sharnouby 43
    44) Hamdi Abbas 44
    45) Hamdy Hikal 45
    46) مريم حليم 46
    47) هيثم نجم 47
    48) آسر مصطفى 48
    49) Mohamed Al Shakankeery 49
    50) محمود محمد 50
    51) Janna AbdelMoneim 51
    52) احمد الجعفري 52
    53) ندى محمد 53
    54) حسن محمد 54
    55) شهد عثمان 55
    56) حور صفوت 56
    57) سوزي 57
    58) رضا الصعيدي 58
    59) سالي عمر 59
    60) احمد شبل 60
    61) Eman youssef
    62) Asma Esam
    63) Mahmoud Elsharkawy
    64) يوسف الأسدي
    65) Yasser Sadeq
    66) Reda Al Jammal

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hosny Saleh 1
    2) الحسيني كمال 2
    3) زاهر البحيري 3
    4) نور عزت 4
    5) نيرمين أشرف عراقي 5
    6) محمد الشافعي 6
    7) Shady Abu Shady

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Abdelrahman El Abnoudy 1
    2) Amr Ismail 2
    3) Yasmin Ali 3
    4) رضا رجب 4

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Moustafa Ezz Al-Dein 1
    2) Khairy Al Mahelawi 2
    3) محمود عطا 3
    4) حسام العدل 4

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Shazly Farah 1
    2) Mohamed Al-Baglati 2

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Abdel Wahab El Basha 1
    2) ميمي المغربي 2

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) سامح حنفي 1
    2) مصطفى دهب 2

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) فوزي عصمت

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) جيهان صبحي خليل

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hossam Shawky

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Synergy Art Production

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) باسم يوحنا

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) منى الزرقاني

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Bakr

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) مصطفى علي

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Shaimaa Saied The series takes place in Upper Egypt, about a conflict between a number of parties, including a woman called Rahil, whose daughter gets kidnapped. 147


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    1 1 40 1st Episode As Rahil and her men look for her kidnapped daughter, she...Read more threatens Hemdan whom she suspects of kidnapping the daughter. Hagag and his men take Tabara, the man who kidnapped the girl. The ghost of Rahil's father assures his daughter who fears that her daughter is dead. 269
    1 2 40 2nd Episode Fearing Rahil and Hagag's revenge, Hemdan sends his son...Read more Ahmed to his grandfather's house. When Ahmed is kidnapped, Hemdan asks Rahil about him but she encounters with asking about her daughter. Zahra is shot. 208
    1 3 40 3rd Episode Sheikh Musa agrees with Hemdan and Rahil to reconcile. Rahil...Read more takes Ahmed from Hagag so that she could kill him. She throws him in the well then saves him and returns him to Hagag. 179
    1 4 40 4th Episode Mariam asks Shams to untie his siblings and urges Shaker to...Read more find Zahra's shooter. Bakry takes the deed of his father's land from Al-Deeb. Shaker goes to check on Zahra who reflects on her son Marwan's disappearance. 215
    1 5 40 5th Episode When Hagag confesses his feelings for Rahil and proposes to...Read more her, she refuses due to the age difference between them. Shams threatens Sayed. Hemdan and his father talk with a government official about who deserves to become mayor. 229
    1 6 40 6th Episode Hemdan asks Amoush to kill Farrag. Nawa'em refuses to...Read more sit with Hemdan. Hagag finds Marwan and takes him to Zahra. Shams gets his men to torture Maher. Eissa tells Zahra that Shams is going to kill Maher. 203
    1 7 40 7th Episode Suleiman dies of grief as Shams continues to torture Maher....Read more Zahra reprimands Shams for causing Suleiman's death. 112
    1 8 40 8th Episode As the outlaws try to steal Farrag's livestock, Hagag...Read more tries to stop them and gets hit over the head. Rahil asks Hagag to come with her to the mountain to retrieve the livestock and restore her father's standing. 211
    1 9 40 9th Episode When Shamma steals the deed of Bakry's land, Hemdan...Read more beats her and tries to burn her but his parents stop him. Rahil shortens the well's rope in order to entrap the outlaws. 172
    1 10 40 10th Episode Rahil brings her father's livestock back. Shams enlists...Read more Sayed's help to smuggle a silver shipment across the border. The border guards arrest Sayed. Hemdan orders his men to find Bakry. 185
    1 11 40 11th Episode When Bakry asks Hemdan for Shamma's hand in marriage,...Read more the latter refuses and beats him to get the land's deed. Rahil gets everyone to agree to Anany's appointment as mayor. Farrag asks Rahil to consider getting married. 219
    1 12 40 12th Episode Hagag asks Farrag for Rahil's hand in marriage. Zahra...Read more tells Shaker that his father wants him to come back. Monaz'e advises Bakry to wed Shamma. When Anany tries to protect Nawa'em from Hemdan, the latter raises his gun to him. 226
    1 13 40 13th Episode Hemdan gets shot in the arm after his fight with Anany....Read more Shams gets shot, which leaves him paralyzed. Shamma runs away with Bakry. Musa asks Farrag for Rahil's hand in marriage after Rahil agrees to marry Hagag. 210
    1 14 40 14th Episode Bakry and Shamma wed as Shamma's mother discovers that...Read more she ran away. Zahra hears the comatose Shams asking for her forgiveness. The mayor asks Nawar to get the prostitutes to leave the town. 190
    1 15 40 15th Episode The Hamaida and the Araysa families clash after Hemdan and...Read more the mayor attack Farrag for protecting Bakry and marrying him off to Shamma. As Musa rules that Bakry's land be rented to the Hamaida, Shams wakes up. 209
    1 16 40 16th Episode Shams forgives Shaker and asks him to forgive the person who...Read more tried to kill him. When Shams discovers that he is paralyzed, he gathers his siblings and tells them that he will get the lawyer to restore their rights. 215
    1 17 40 17th Episode Zahra uses the procuration that Shams gave her to sell...Read more everything to herself. Musa learns of a possible conflict between the Hamaida and the Araysa. 149
    1 18 40 18th Episode The fight between the Hamaida and the Araysa stops when...Read more Sheikh Musa arrives. Samiha takes Marwan to Zahra and warns her against getting close to Maher. Shams discovers that Zahra seized his property. 199
    1 19 40 19th Episode Zahra survives a car accident and tells Shams of her...Read more suspicions that her uncles are the ones who set it up. Nawar approves Hemdan's request to kill Farrag. Hagag marries Rahil. 176
    1 20 40 20th Episode Rahil gets pregnant. Shams reprimands Zahra for being in...Read more contact with Amoush, but she tells him that Amoush is going to protect her. Nawar kills Farrad, and Rahil vows revenge. 176
    1 21 40 21st Episode The mayor reprimands his son Hemdan for killing Farrad. When...Read more Shams and Shaker tell Zahra not to allow outlaws into the house, she tells them it's her house. Shamma wants to give birth in Esna. 192
    1 22 40 22nd Episode Musa asks Rahil and the Hamaida not to pursue the blood feud...Read more and vows to make the mayor pay them the bloodwit. Zahra's men prevent her uncles from entering the palace. Tabary and his men beat Hagag and take his lamb. 216
    1 23 40 23rd Episode Rahil gives birth to a girl. Shamma dies in childbirth after...Read more having a girl. Hagag kills two men to avenge what Tabary did to him, then discovers that they are engineers from Cairo and not members of the Araysa family. Hagag flees into the mountain. 248
    1 24 40 24th Episode Zahra tries to identify the person who reported the presence...Read more of outlaws in the palace. Hagag joins the outlaws. Bakry gives his daughter to Shamma's mother. Shams catches Zahra as she searches his office. 204
    1 25 40 25th Episode Maher asks Shams to convince Zahra to take him back. Hagag...Read more and the outlaws plot to rob the convoy of camels from Sudan. Zahra learns that Riad is the one who reported her men to the police. Hagag warns Zahra against Amoush. 223
    1 26 40 26th Episode Zahra understands the reason Hagag warned her against...Read more Amoush. Shams's cars and crops are stolen. Zahra tells Maher to divorce Samiha if he wants her back. Amoush is offered amnesty if he turns the outlaws and Hagag in. 218
    1 27 40 27th Episode Anany finds antiquities in a hole in Mubaraka's house...Read more and they agree to sell them and split the money. Rahil kills the mayor. Musa and his men stand between the Araysa family and the Hamaida family. 198
    1 28 40 28th Episode The police officer cannot prove that Rahil killed the mayor....Read more Rahil tells Hagag that she saw Amoush at the police station. Taha asks Rahil to let Hemdan take his father's robes. Zahra refuses to give Shaker money. 212
    1 29 40 29th Episode Shams loses the ability to talk. Hagag saves Ge'edy...Read more after Amoush shoots him. Mekdad disguises himself as a woman and kidnaps Rahil's daughter for Hemdan. 153
    1 30 40 30th Episode Tabary takes Zahra's daughter. When he feels like he is...Read more being watched, he leaves the girl at a place filled with scorpions. As Tabary falls down and hits the rocks, Bakry takes the girl. Rahil thinks that her daughter is dead. Zahra is kidnapped after she learns that Amoush was killed. 286
    1 31 40 31st Episode Hagag saves Zahra and tells her his story with Rahil. Shams...Read more burns some important documents. Maher tells Zahra that her father is an outsider. Rahil agrees to reconcile with the Araysa family if Anany doesn't attend their meeting. 229
    1 32 40 32nd Episode It's revealed that Shams is not paralyzed as he ties...Read more Maher and Sayed up and leaves them for the scorpions. Maher tells Shams that Zahra is dead. Musa brokers peace between the Hamaida family and the Araysa family. 213
    1 33 40 33rd Episode Mawaheb leaves Hemdan. Rahil thinks about ousting Anany from...Read more the mayorship. Mariam and her siblings are thrilled when Shams recovers. Hagag visits Rahil through a secret tunnel that Anany finds out about. 204
    1 34 40 34th Episode Mariam confronts Shams about the fact that he canceled the...Read more procuration that he gave Zahra. Hemdan is shocked when his son Ahmed arrives. Rahil asks Bakry to give Monaz'e's money back. 183
    1 35 40 35th Episode Ahmed tells Hemdan about the guy who raised him. Hemdan...Read more takes Ahmed to see his mother, Mawaheb. Taha asks Rahil to forgive Hemdan and refuses to sell his house to Shams. 169
    1 36 40 36th Episode Bakry tries to get Tayer Al-Bar to like Rahil and see her as...Read more her mother. Rahil asks Bakry for his house. Hemdan sends to recall Bakry back. 139
    1 37 40 37th Episode Ahmed refuses to listen to Hemdan when the latter tries to...Read more stop him from working with Rahil. Shazly confesses his love for Tayer Al-Bar. Rahil reprimands Hagag for leaving. 173
    1 38 40 38th Episode Mariam and Shaker reprimand Shams for trying to seize the...Read more villagers' houses. Helbawy refuses to let Shazly marry Tayer Al-Bar and threatens to divorce Shazly's mother if Shazly doesn't marry the bride that Helbawy chooses for him. 231
    1 39 40 39th Episode Sa'eid tells Rahim that Bakry intends to go back to the...Read more village. Rahil and Shams sign a carpet deal. Helbawy asks Bakry for Tayer Al-Bar's hand for Shazly. 155
    1 40 40 40th Episode Rahil discovers that the carpets have been stolen. When...Read more Shams refuses her request for more time due to the penalty clause, Rahil decides to break their contract. 161
    1 41 40 41st Episode Rahil opposes Shazly and Tayer Al-Bar's marriage despite...Read more Hagag's attempts to change her mind. Hagag kidnaps Noshy and they make a deal to sell Anany some statues for a cheap price. 180
    1 42 40 42nd Episode Hagag has Ga'lous forge some statues. Hemdan learns that...Read more Tabary sold his land to Nawar. Taha questions Shams about the reason he is digging under people's houses. Rahid asks Shazly to avenge Ouf. 195
    1 43 40 43rd Episode Rahil tells Anany that they have a blood feud with the...Read more Araysa family. A flashback reveals that Shams knew that Attia had someone kill Zahra so he had his men kidnap Attia. 171
    1 44 40 44th Episode Shaker asks Shams not to kill Attia for his daughter's...Read more sake. Shams learns that Maher is still alive and that Attia is behind what happened to him. 146
    1 45 40 45th Episode Shaker confirms that Hemdan has something to do with what...Read more happened to Ouf. Rahil learns that Hashem Anany is involved with a gypsy. Tayer Al-Bar learns that Shazly hit Hemdan. 175
    1 46 40 46th Episode Shazly and his cohorts are released due to a lack of...Read more evidence. Anany marries Nawa'em and weds his son to Fawakeh to keep him out of prison. Rahil gathers the villagers to expose the truth about Anany. 200
    1 47 40 47th Episode Rahil learns that Anany got paralyzed. As Rahil tells Hagag...Read more to kill Tayer Al-Bar or she will kill herself, Bakry tells her that Tayer Al-Bar is her own daughter. Rahil tries to find Hagag before he kills Tayer Al-Bar. 217