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    Title سوتس
    Title in English Suits
    Title's Translation Suits
    Original Title
    Release Year 2022
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Release Date
    2 April 2022 Egypt true قناة cbc ومنصة watch it الرقمية
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    imdb tt19495202


    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Asser Yassine Zein Thabet 1
    2) Ahmed Dawood Adam Mansour 2
    3) Saba Mubarak Farida El Messiri 3
    4) Reem Mustafa Kamilia Ashraf 4
    5) Mohamed Shahin Kadry El Zayat 5
    6) Tara Emad Laila Radwan 6
    7) Moustafa Darwish 7
    8) Essam Omar 8
    9) Yara Azmy 9
    10) Lobna Wanas 10
    11) Amr Gamal 11
    12) Ahmed Osama 12
    13) Huda El Mufti 13
    14) Ahmed Hossam 14
    15) Mohamed Younis 15
    16) Asmaa Galal 16
    17) Bella Tharwat 17
    18) Ahmed El Azaar 17
    19) Yara Goubran 18
    20) Ismail Sharaf 19
    21) Gihan El Shamashergy 20
    22) Khaled Kamal 21
    23) Fekri Salim 22
    24) Laila Ezz El Arab 23
    25) Ahmed Saad 24
    26) Omar Zahran 25
    27) Sharif Awwad 26
    28) Eman El Sherif 27
    29) Hossam El Shaer 28
    30) Aly Kassem 29
    31) Wafaa Salem 30
    32) Layla Hussain 31
    33) Yaser Ezzat 32
    34) Amr Farid 33
    35) Abdel Fattah Farargalla 34
    36) Bardeis Arafa 35
    37) Emad Rashad 36
    38) Mohamed Soliman 37
    39) Nawal Samir 38
    40) Zeina Mansour 39
    41) Dalia Al Kholi 40
    42) Sharif Lailah 41
    43) Nardin Farag 42
    44) Hisham El Shazly 43
    45) Ahmad Othman 44
    46) Taher El Hakim 45
    47) كريمة مصطفى 46
    48) Sharif Al Bardawili 47
    49) Nadah El Shazly 48
    50) Mayar Soliman 49
    51) Mohamed Al Desouky 50
    52) Mohamed Radwan 51
    53) Murad Makram 52
    54) Kholoud Sarhan 53
    55) Hana Gad 54
    56) Ahmed Talaat 55
    57) Ragia Mahmoud 56
    58) Mohamed Al Bohi 58
    59) El Hussain El Shamandi 59
    60) Mahmoud Mabrook 60
    61) Fouad Mohsen 61

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Essam Abdel Hamid Director 1
    2) Sherif Ashour Assistant Director 3
    3) Tarik Zahran 4
    4) Aya mahmoud yahia 4

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Hefzy Writer 1
    2) Yasser Abdel Mageed Writer 2
    3) Mohamed Galal Writer 3

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mostafa Fahmi 1
    2) Amr Elsherbiny 2
    3) باسم مصطفى 3

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Tarek El Ganainy 1
    2) Mohamed Hussein Aly إدارة الإنتاج 2

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Kareem Saad 1
    2) Muhammed Ibrahim Barakat 2

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ahmed Abu Lailah 1
    2) Ayman Abu Laila 2

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Refaat Abdel Hakeem 1

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Khaled Safwat 1

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hisham Kharma 1

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohammed Fakhri 1

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ahmed Abd Alrazk 1

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Salma El-Sharkawy Adam turns into a lawyer in a large law firm by chance, when he reveals his secret to lawyer Zain, and together they handle many challenging cases. 147


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    1 1 38 1st Episode While Adam is forced to work with Marwan in the drug trade...Read more to pay for his grandmother's treatment, he applies for a lawyer position in Fardia's law firm. During the job interview, Zain learns that Adam impersonated his brother and doesn't have a law degree; Zain agrees to hire him. 282
    1 2 37 2nd Episode As Adam begins his law career, Farida gives Zain one last...Read more chance after causing a crisis with a client. Zain succeeds with Adam's help, in the first pleading of a harassment case involving a woman named Mai. 206
    1 3 34 3rd Episode While Salma changes her statement during Mai's trial, Zain...Read more and Adam succeed in the case after forcing the defendant to compensate Mai financially. 146
    1 4 38 4th Episode As Tayel implicates Adam in one of the cases, Kadri tries to...Read more control Adam at work. Meanwhile, Adam succeeds in getting a client with a new case. 144
    1 5 44 5th Episode As Zain becomes a partner in Farida's company, Sherin blames...Read more Adam for abandoning his friend Marwan. Meanwhile, Zain succeeds in convincing Fouad to buy the yacht company in which the former owns a stake. 203
    1 6 47 6th Episode When Adam wins a quiz competition with his colleagues he...Read more earns his first case against a tenant who evicts residents from their homes. Eventually, he wins the case after going through many obstacles. Rifaat tells Farida that he has cancer. 238
    1 7 43 7th Episode Zain is forced to rely on Adam for an important meeting...Read more after he gets into a car accident. Meanwhile, Marwan tries to quit his addiction. Zain wins the car accident case while he intervenes to help Marwan and Adam from the drug gang. 233
    1 8 44 8th Episode As Laila discovers one of Adam's secrets, Zain gets Farida...Read more to attend a concert with Kadri. Meantime, Adam succeeds in convincing Zain that Mervat, an employee in the stock exchange, is innocent. 196
    1 9 39 9th Episode As Adam participates in an office case simulation model, he...Read more fails in the simulation in exchange for mending his relationship with Laila. Zain faces Mervat, his former law school classmate, in a case. 199
    1 10 45 10th Episode Adam takes over Talia's case, who wants to expose her...Read more father's corruption. As Zain and Kadri take an embezzlement case of a contracting company, they use Tala to hack a bank website and prove the accusation against the company. Talia brings Adam a real certificate proving his graduation from law school. 306
    1 11 36 11th Episode As Zain clashes with lawyer Amgad, who challenges him in a...Read more case, Laila is fired from the office for leaking information, but Adam helps her get her job back. Zain and Adam win the case against Amgad. 199
    1 12 47 12th Episode Adam sympathizes with Jamal, an accountant in El Banna's...Read more office after he was suspended for forging his college degree. As Adam and Sherin's relationship develops, Zain decides to file a case against Rania in favor of Jamal, and Farida ends her partnership with Rania. 267
    1 13 43 13th Episode While the past comes back to haunt Zain years after his...Read more resignation from the prosecution, Laila asks Adam to stay away from her for good. 137
    1 14 45 14th Episode When Marwan discovers the relationship between Sherin and...Read more Adam, he threatens to reveal the latter's impersonation of a lawyer for Farida. Adam helps Zain prove the innocence of a girl who was unjustly imprisoned for several years in a murder. 242
    1 15 49 15th Episode When Farida discovers the truth about Adam, she asks Zain to...Read more fire him. Adam takes over Mona's case of accusing a publishing house of stealing her idea. Zain bargains with Farida that Adam continues his work in exchange for helping her stand up to Sherif Zidan, who just returned back to the office. 298
    1 16 44 16th Episode Farida changes her decision of firing Adam from work. As...Read more Adam confesses his feelings for Laila, Zain forces him to stay away from her for fear of discovering his past and not graduating from Faculty of Law. 207
    1 17 48 17th Episode Zain takes his grandmother to the hospital after she gets...Read more sick. Meanwhile, Zain and Adam take over the case of Al Raafa Hospital, amid interference from Sherif in their work. Adam rejects Tara's attempts to find out what he is hiding from her. 246
    1 18 47 18th Episode Amgad threatens Zain to get huge compensation from him in...Read more the case of Hoda's husband's accident. Meanwhile, Kadri and Adam's attempts to mend their relationship fail. 166
    1 19 47 19th Episode Adam takes on the case of transferring custody of an...Read more emerging football player to his mother. As Camelia tries to hide that she found Hoda's husband's accident's report, Adam tells Zain the truth, and Farida fires her from work. 227
    1 20 41 20th Episode Farida decides to defend Zain in the case of Hoda's husband,...Read more in which he is accused of withholding important evidence from the court. Meanwhile, Zain wins a football match that helps him solve a difficult case. Adam and Zain discover that Kadri planted a listening device for them. 283
    1 21 46 21st Episode Zain assaults Amgad during a friendly session. Meanwhile, ...Read more Adam finds documents that incriminate Amgad and strengthen Zain's position in Hoda's husband's case. 159
    1 22 48 22nd Episode Sherif calls for elections against Farida to choose the...Read more office's director. In a flashback, Zain's father died, and Adam walked away from Sherin after discovering Marwan's feelings for her. In present time, Adam encourages a former employee to file a harassment case against Sherif. 281
    1 23 48 23rd Episode Adam and Zain take on a dispute case between wrestling...Read more champions Ramy and Mahmoud. Meanwhile, Sherif decides to give Kadri a share in the office, and Adam's grandmother dies. 174
    1 24 35 24th Episode After Camelia's return to the office, Sherif defeats Farida...Read more in the vote and takes over the management of the office. Zain gets angry at Adam and fires him from work, while the latter recalls his memories with his old girlfriend Hoda. 233
    1 25 33 25th Episode Sherif calls for a hearing to fire Zain from the office...Read more after the latter confesses to drug use. Meanwhile, Zain proves Sherif's involvement in forging the report of Hoda's husband's case and succeeds in obtaining a vote to dismiss him and bring Farida to the administration. 274
    1 26 48 26th Episode Laila discovers Adam's relationship with Hoda, after which...Read more Adam decides to stay away from Hoda. Adam takes the case of a client accused in a traffic accident, and Farida refuses to hire Mayar in the office for fear of revealing the truth about Adam. 250
    1 27 45 27th Episode Adam and Zain discover Sherihan and Sherif's involvement in...Read more the departure of many lawyers and clients from El-Mesiri's office. Kadri fires Raouf from work, while Zain succeeds in foiling Sherihan's scheme. 205
    1 28 45 28th Episode Laila stands with Adam and Zain in a case against her...Read more father, Radwan. Kadri fights a war against Nahla for the latter's disrespect for his position in the office. Zain discovers Sherif's support for Radwan in the case against the office. 237
    1 29 43 29th Episode As Zain convinces Noha to get a compensation, the former and...Read more Farida cooperate with Noah in the case against Radwan and Sherif. 126
    1 30 50 Finale Farida and Noah win over Sherif. Zain agrees to the merger...Read more decision in exchange for Ghada's return to work. Adam confesses his secret and feelings for Laila, who tells him that they are mutual. Farida's team meets to work on a new case. 237