The Jordanian film project “Enchallah Estafadt” wins two awards at Dubai Film

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  • 06:25 PM - 13 December 2011
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The film project by director Mahmoud Al-Massad won two awards at Dubai Film, which is held annually as part of Dubai International Film Festival activities the eighth that will continue until tomorrow Wednesday evening in Dubai.Producer Rola Nasser received the Producers Network Bestowal that allows five producers to participate in Kan International Film Festival activities with large production entities in the world in order to obtain the necessary support to finance the film.As director Mahmoud AL-Massad received arte French network award worth 6 thousand Euros and the project itself has won a prize of 100 thousand dollars from Abu Dhabi Film.“Enchallah Estafadt” film is produced by the Jordanian Jo Image Company, which was established in 2004, and for the first time in Jordan cinema, this film is presented in black comedy, many of the mysteries of what happened and is happening in the Arab world, which resulted in Arab spring with the end of 2010 when Tunisia revolution first started.It deals with the story of Ahmed, a building contractor involved in a disastrous business deal that led him to prison, he will realize there that it may be safer away from the demands and challenges of the outside world, unlike what other people think, and here begins the great paradox.

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