The Oscar nominees share with us their own favourite films.

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  • 02:03 PM - 26 February 2012
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It's not just us, but also Oscar-nominated artists have a thing or two about films, as viewers. The Academy has recently released a video for the 2012 nominees as they share their favourite movies and some of the closest moments to their hearts. George Clooney shared with Viola Davis the love for the 1976's "Network" directed by Sidney Lumet and they both cannot forget one of the most important lines in cinema "I'm mad as hell!" Swedish actor Max Vaughn Sydow chose an all time favourite: what else than "The Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola. As for childhood memories, Gary Oldman and Octavia Spencer shared unforgettable moments with us. Oldman cannot forget "A Hard Day's night" and how his teenage sister nudged him for singing loudly with The Beatles during the film, and Spencer fell in love with "E.T." from the first sight and cried for days wanting one just like this alien!

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