'Rassael al-Bahr' to be Screened Today in National Egyptian Film Festival

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  • 10:12 AM - 21 November 2013
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In it's 17th edition, the National Egyptian Film Festival will be screening Daoud Abdel Sayed's “ Rassael al-Bahr” (Messages From The Sea) today, which was produced in 2010, and starred Asser Yassin, Basma and Mohamed Lotfy.

The film follows a character with a speech impediment, who is always met with sarcasm, so he decides to leave his job as a doctor and work as a fisherman,and his life changes completely when he finds a message in a bottle in the sea written with a bizarre language.

The film will be screened in the small theater of the Egyptian Opera House tonight at7:00 p.m. Two other films will be screened in the same theater: Mohamed Gamal El-Adl's “ Al Kebar” (The Big Shots) and Ahmed El Gendy's “ La Taragoa Wala Esteslam” (No Retreat and No Surrender).

In the short feature and documentary and animation sction, several movies will be screened today, among which will be “Setto Zad” (Grandma Zad) by the young director Heba Yousry and “ Fil Tariq Le West El Balad” (On the Road to Downtwon) by Sherif El Bendary. Screenings will beheld in the Freedom Creativity Center in Alexandria.

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