Ramadan 2016 Series Schedule

Al Ostora

  • 7.8

Grand Otel

  • 8.7
  • tvguide
Set in the 1950's, Ali starts to investigate the disappearance of his sister, who worked as a maid in one of the largest hotels in Aswan.

Ma'moun wa shorakah

  • 7.8
  • tvguide
In a social and cynical context, the series revolves around Mamon, a very stingy man who has a wife and four kids whom he deprives of everything. After they all leave him, they discover that he's a Billionaire. They then start a journey of finding his hidden wealth and how to get hold of it.

Abu El Banat

  • 7.3
Faris owns a car dealership, and is in constant conflict with another businessman, due to their drug-selling history together. Looking for a new start, Faris takes his girls and goes to live in Cairo, but al-Razi goes after him and kidnaps his three daughters.


  • 7.9


  • 8.5
  • tvguide
Yacut, a father, leaves his wife and kids and disappears for 20 years. The Devil, Wanus, then visits his family, pretending to be their father's friend, and tells them that he and their father have made millions. A conflict between the children and their mother ensues, and they need to choose...Read more between going back to their father and his money, or keeping things the way they are.

El Khanka

  • 6.4
  • tvguide
The series revolves around a teacher called (Amira) working in an international school,who gets harassed by a student, and in her pursuit for her right , she becomes the offender instead of the victim.

Foq Mostawa El Shobohat

  • 7.3
  • tvguide
Rahma Halim (Yousra) is a successful university professor who leads what seems to be a life of social and educational glory. As more details are revealed about her childhood and mental history, a much darker side of monstrosity and evilness will add to the complexity of her life within her society.

ِAfrah El-Qobba

  • 8.2
  • tvguide
Set in the 1970's, a group of actors work on a new play. They discover that the play's events revolves around their true behind-the-scenes characters, with the script presenting their deepest and darkest secrets. The actors try to put a stop to the revealing play, but their manager insists...Read more that the show must go on.

Nelly and Sherihan

  • 8.4
  • tvguide
Nelly is a wealthy girl, and Sherihan is the opposite. They happen to be cousins, with completely different personalities. When they find out that they will be getting an inheritance from their grandfather, they put their differences aside to solve the 'Mickey Mystery' which should get them...Read more to the inheritance.

Al Mizan

  • 7.6
  • tvguide
A suspenseful thriller about what goes on behind the scenes of criminal activities, court and lawyers, with an unexpected twist at the peak.


  • 7
  • tvguide
The story of the Damascene girl (Khatun), who was driven by love to rebel against the prevailing values ​​of the Damascus society at that time, which led her to face great confrontations, while the views of women around her varied between those who supported her, and others forced to implicate her...Read more and kill her.


  • 6.8

Seqout Hor

  • 6.9
  • tvguide
A psychologically troubled woman (Nelly Karim) is accused of murdering her husband and her sister. After her arrest, the court decides to make her enter a psychiatric clinic because she suffers from a severe psychological crisis, but she has many problems inside the clinic which causes her several...Read more setbacks after healing more than once.

Sak El-Bamboo

  • 5.9
  • tvguide
Eissa was born to a Kuwaiti father and a Filipino mother, who were secretly married when she worked as a maid. Eventually, he grows up in poverty in the city of Manila, while struggling within himself between two identities and two cultures that are drastically different. Things get more complicated...Read more when Kuwait is invaded by Iraq, and Eissa's father dies in the war.

Yunis Weld Fdda

  • 8
The sereis follows one of the emperors of Upper Egypt Younis Shehab (Amr Saad), who achieves everything he wants from the arms trade to the sale of antiquities, to have influence and power that no one can stop, while his uncles are trying to uncover his truth and that of his mother Fadda (Sawsan...Read more Badr) after questioning his lineage.

Ras Al-Ghoul

  • 7.7
  • tvguide
When Fadl al-Ghoul finds a stolen tablet belonging to the Minister of Health, he attempts to return the device to her,but gets involved in a series of obstacles because of the secret content on the device, and during his escape attempts,he faces problems of his mysterious past and events follow.

El Ghorog

  • 7.7
A suspense series which begins with a mysterious murder and assigning two officers, Major Nasser Mahmoud (Sherif Salama) and Omar (Zafer Al Abidin), to search for the murderer. As events escalate ,a lot of people become suspects,while another set of murders happen that are linked to the same...Read more unknown killer.