Ramadan 2016 Series Schedule


  • 7.9
Al-Kaiser is a member in an extremist Islamic Takfiri group, in one of their terrorist operations, the police blocks them in one of the tunnels in Rafah and demolishes it. Al-Kaiser is the only survivor and is imprisoned.

Ras Al-Ghoul

  • 7.8
When Fadl Al-Ghoul finds a stolen tablet belonging to the Minister of Health, he attempts to return the device to her, but gets involved in a series of obstacles because of the secret content on the device, and during his escape attempts, he faces problems from his mysterious past and events follow....Read more


  • 7
A series about choice, whether it pertains to a life partner or to social relationships, through various intersecting dramatic stories in a romantic and social context.

Seqout Hor

  • 6.8
A psychologically troubled woman (Nelly Karim) is accused of murdering her husband and her sister. After her arrest, the court decides to make her enter a psychiatric clinic because she suffers from a severe psychological crisis, but she has many problems inside the clinic which causes her several...Read more setbacks after healing more than once.

Foq Mostawa El Shobohat

  • 7.4
Rahma Halim (Yousra) is a successful university professor who leads what seems to be a life of social and educational glory. As more details are revealed about her childhood and mental history, a much darker side of monstrosity and evilness will add to the complexity of her life within her society.

The Imposter

  • 7.6

Biaeat alnakhii

  • 6.1
The series shows the customs and traditions that prevail in ancient Kuwait, and how these customs affect society so far, through the story of a rich lady whose life turns upside down, and loses all her possessions and is forced by bad conditions to sell Alnkhi.

Bayn qalbayn

  • 5.8
A romantic social drama that deals with the love story of the girl Ariam, who defended her love against the tough conditions she's living in at the time. She fell in love with Bashar despite being married to another.

Yawmiyat Zoga Mafrusa Awy 2

  • 7
After the success of her book "Diaries of a Very Angry Wife", the journalist Engy continues to recount the various comic situations with her husband Ali, who works with her in the same newspaper, and the many arguments they get into.


  • 6.9
A historic story about the life of sultans in a kingdom surrounded by mysteries and tales, and the character of Hassan Al-Sabbah, the inventor of the first armed murder squad in history, and his relation with Omar Khayyam, the enlightened man who tries to govern the country under the mechanism of...Read more understanding religion.


  • 6.4
The movie depicts the life story of famous singer Mohamed Mounir, and the milestones of his professional and personal life, as well as the impact of his Nubian origins on his profession.

Bok'et Dao'e 12

  • 6.8
In Season 12 of this Syrian comedy series, the storyline depicts the political events in Syria during the civil war in a number of situations that are collectively injected with comic sarcasm.


  • 7.6
The corrupt businessman, Nouh, is a part of a network involved in illegal activities, one that he frantically tries to protect after his wife uncovers a damaging secret, triggering an escape with incriminating documents and records that not only prove Nouh's guilt, but expose his partners-in-crime.

Nus Yum

  • 6.9
After his father dies, Mayar returns to the country to finalize all the business commitments to travel again, but falls in love with a beautiful girl named Yara, and cancels his travel. Events escalate after the man discovers that his lover is a playful and fraudulent woman.

Ghamazu albarud

  • 5.3
The story revolves around characters who lack love and have a desire for revenge and hatred. They continue living in a series of conflict of raging souls, and as time goes by, this conflict touches the lives of their children, as they discover that they lived a mysterious life full of secrets ,...Read more which makes their dreams fall apart.


  • 6.7
The series tackles the everlasting struggle between good and evil as depicted through the story of a woman who has an important role to play in both the social and political spheres of her society.

Khatoun 1

  • 7.2
The story of the Damascene girl (Khatoun), who was driven by love to rebel against the prevailing values ​​of the Damascus society, which led her to face great confrontations, while the views of women around her varied between those who supported her, and others forced to implicate her and kill her....Read more

Ma'moun wa shorakah

  • 7.8
In a social and cynical context, the series revolves around Maemon, a very stingy man who has a wife and four kids whom he deprives of everything. After they all leave him, they discover that he's a billionaire. They then start a journey of finding his hidden wealth and how to get hold of it.