Ramadan 2020 Series Schedule

Nasibaty Al-Aziza 1

  • 7.6
Hasouna and his wife Hayat live in an ancient house that he inherited from his grandfather. Despite their loving relationship, they haven't had children yet. As his mother-in-law Fatima and her son Al-Mongy arrive to spend some time with them, his female relatives also visit them from Algeria.


  • 6.4
Nour Abdel Mejid, AKA Valentino, owns a number of international schools, "Valentino Schools", run by him and his domineering wife with whom he's not in agreement. Their disagreements, however, get them on several adventures and reveals many surprises along the way.


  • 8.2
In the world of local neighborhoods, a sect of strong people come together to manage the affairs of these neighborhoods. Known as Al-Fetewa, they are ruffians who shoulder the responsibility of the people in their neighborhoods.


  • 8.6
    • Egypt
    • +12
    • elCinema.com
    • Adult Supervision
In 2120 Jerusalem, an engineer tries to find a solution to the energy problem in light of the restrictions that the regime imposes on the population. However, everything changes when he comes across his robotic doppelganger.


  • 7.7
A social drama that chronicles the life of Al-Prince family, especially Radwan Al-Prince who, following the death of his parents, finds himself involved with his family members as he looks after them and tries to guide them through life.

Rijalat Al-Bayt

  • 4.1
As Timon and Bumba move in with their grandfather, they discover that they are expected to bear responsibility and close ranks with the rest of the family to stand up to their grandfather's landlord, who is trying to evict their grandfather from the house to build a residential tower in its place.

Al Ekhteyar

  • 8
    • Egypt
    • All Ages
The series follows the life of Ahmed Saber El-Mansy, the Thunderbolt Forces commander of the battalion 103 who was martyred in the checkpoint of the Burth Square in the Egyptian city of Rafah in 2017 while countering a terrorist attack in Sinai.

Luebat Al-Nesyan

  • 6.6
    • Egypt
    • +12
Rukia wakes up after a 4-month coma, only to discover that she does not remember anything that happened in the last six years of her life, and that her betrayal brought about her husband's murder.

Etneen Fel Sandoq

  • 7.8
The twin brothers Shawqy and Zika wish to change their lives for the better, as Shawqy wants to become an actor and Zika a singer. They pursue their lovers and their dreams, but their job as garbage men stands in the way. All while Mamado, the leader of Zambizy, learns he has twin children in Egypt.

B 100 Wish

  • 8.6
Sokkar is a professional swindler who gets outdone by Omar, another swindler. As she enters into a series of conflicts to get her money back from him, she eventually decides to unite with him to carry out bigger defrauding operations.

Shahid Eian

  • 6.2
A drama that depicts the life of the police officer Omar and his attempts to find his wife, the journalist Nada, whose kidnappers try to delude him into believing she's dead.

Lyalina 80

  • 6.8
The events take place in the 1980s, revolving around the life of Hisham. As he returns from the Gulf where he has been working, his life takes a turn when his daughter Gamila gets in an accident with the driver Rady. Gradually, Hisham begins to uncover secrets about his wife, Mariam

Sultanet Al-Mo'ez

  • 5.6
Set in a local neighborhood, Sultana, a lady who runs the small offal restaurant she inherited from her father, becomes influential in the lives of her siblings and the people of the neighborhood alike, but her life changes drastically when she falls in love.

Lama Kona Soghayareen

  • 7.1
A thriller about five friends who, after their graduation from the AUC, start working for Professor Selim Mansour, who is involved in illegal activities. But in the wake of a murder, everything changes.

W Neheb Tany Leh

  • 7.5
As problems escalate between Ghalia and her director husband Abdullah, it all ends in divorce. Ghalia runs into Mourad at a party, but despite his attempts to get close to her, her fear of going through another unsuccessful relationship holds her back.

Kheyanet Ahd

  • 7.6
Ahd is a wealthy woman who's the head of the family, and she has always depended on coffee readings to predict significant and life-altering events in her personal and family lives, but she gradually learns that her own family is plotting against her.

Umm Harun

  • 3.2
Set in the 1940s, the series chronicles the life of Umm Harun, a doctor residing amongst the townspeople in Kuwait and faces numerous challenges, she and her family as well as the Jewish community at large.

Jame' Salem

  • 4.9
A drama that deals with the issue of adoption and the problems that face the Egyptian family, through the story of the cardiologist Mariam and the various difficulties she faces on both a personal and professional level, leaving her at crossroads.