Ramadan 2021 Series Schedule

Al Ekhteyar 2: Regal El Zel

  • 7.1

The series tackles the heroics of Egyptian policemen in the face of the dangers to which the country was exposed after the fall of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, as it focuses mainly on Rabaa sit-in dispersal and Kerdasa events.

Nasl El Aghrab

  • 5.9
    • مصري
    • +12

In the wake of a fight that left half the members of Ghefran and Assaf's families dead, the latter is released from prison to try and restore the balance of power between him and his archenemy Gherfan, especially as the latter had married Assaf's beloved ex-wife and raised his son.

Hagma Mortadda

  • 6.2

Based on records of the Egyptian intelligence agency, the story follows Saif and Dina who carry out a series of secret operations to expose terrorist plots that seek to divide the Arab region and spread Al-Qaeda’s influence in the world.

Malhamat Mousa

  • 4.3

Set in the village of Masagha, Sohag in 1942 during the British occupation of Egypt and World War II, the story follows the unbridled young man Mousa who bears the responsibility of his brothers and his mother while facing many difficulties and crises in his village.

Harb Ahlia

  • 5.6

The events revolve around Mariam, a woman who is forced by circumstances to abandon her daughter, Tamara, as a child, so the latter grows cold toward her. Mariam is also being deceived by her psychiatrist and her husband, Youssef.

Nagib Zahi Zarkash

  • 6
    • تقييمنا
    • Adult Supervision

The life of the wealthy man Naguib Zahi Zarkash, takes an unexpected turn after he discovers the shocking secret of having a son that he knows nothing about. With the help of his servant, he succeeds in reaching three young men, that his son might be one of them.

El Qahera: Kabul

  • 6.2

Through three intertwining tales, the series sheds light on the terrorist acts taking place in the Arab region, especially Egypt, through the stories of the terrorist Ramzy, the police officer Adel who faces off against him, and the broadcaster Tarek Kassab who reports the events to the audience.


  • 7

An army captain called Sama looks for hard evidence to capture the gangster Safi who who carries out a number of crimes in secret.

Ded El Kasr

  • 5.1

When the social media star Salma is exposed to an attempt on her life, the head detective, Hany, takes over the case to find out the culprit in light of the tension between her and her husband, Karim, as mysterious secrets in her life start to unravel.

Leabet Newton

  • 7.8

The two lovers, Hazem and Hana, decide to have their baby in America to get the nationality. However, they come across many obstacles that threaten their marriage, especially when Hana stays in America and does not come back.

El Nemr

  • 7.8

An Upper Egyptian young man escapes to Cairo and is exposed to an accident that causes his memory loss. The goldsmiths help him, while he tries to disguise and impersonate several identities so that no one finds him.

Bayn El Samaa w El Ard

  • 6.4

In a Cairo building, the elevator breaks down with a number of strangers trapped inside, leading to first-time introductions under severe stress that causes many paradoxes, as the individual stories of each person are revealed.

Ahsan Abb

  • 5.4

When the screw-up thief, Mokhtar, learns about a new contest called 'the Best Father' taking place at a hotel, he devises a plan to steal the contest's monetary prize. To that end, he enlists the help of a child beggar to aid him in his plan.

Del Ragel

  • 6.8

When his daughter Shahd is injured in a violent accident, the life of Galal turns upside down. Dr. Malak sympathizes with his crisis, as she tries to help him seek the justice that his daughter is due and to get out of his ordeal.

Lahm Ghazal

  • 5.1

Alya impersonates the identity of Ghazal with the aim of finding her son who suddenly disappeared. As she disguises herself as a girl living in a working-class neighborhood full of drug dealers, she is forced to use tricks and violence to reach her missing son.

Covid- 25

  • 7.9
    • مصري
    • +18
    • تقييمنا
    • Adults Only (18+)

A sci-fi series that tells the story of Dr. Yassin, who heads a medical team that manufactures vaccines to combat dangerous viruses.

Qasr El Nil

  • 5

The events revolve around Camellia, whose father is killed after a clash with nobleman Fahmi El Seyoufi when she was a child. Years later, Camellia returns to exact vengeance on the children of El Seyoufi family.

W Kol Ma Neftreq

  • 2.5
    • مصري
    • +16
    • تقييمنا
    • Adult Supervision

The tale of Nour, whose husband Hussam's family decides to get rid of her after she learns their secrets. But as Nour returns to life, she begins to look for her kidnapped daughter and plan revenge on Hussam's family.