Bakhit & Adeela بخيت وعديلة

  • Movie
  • Egypt
  • 146 minutes
  • Released

Bakhit works in a small workshop. He meets Adeela by chance in a train, and they both find a suitcase full of money left by an escaping drug dealer. After they fail in finding the suitcase's owner, they both decide to split the money and many comic events follow.

In this part of Lenin El-Ramly's Bekhit and Adila's movies, the couple Bekhit and Adila fall prey to the deceit of a gang of drug dealers who falsely promises to help them make it to the Parliamentary elections, but it turns out that the gang has a secret agenda.

Bakhit receives an invitation from his cousin, Nawfal to visit him in America. Bakhit and Adeela travel in search of wealth. But he's shocked by a very different society He tries to adapt by having a marriage of convenience to obtain residency, and receiving a large compensation following a car...Read more accident.