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    Title جبل الحلال
    Title in English El Halal Mountain
    Title's Translation Gabal Al Halal
    Original Title
    Release Year 2014
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Trailer "Gabal Al Halal" Official Trailer
    Release Date
    29 June 2014 Egypt false
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mahmoud Abdelaziz 1
    2) Wafaa Amer 2
    3) Mai Selim 3
    4) Salwa Khattab 4
    5) Tarek Lotfy 5
    6) Nermin El Feky 6
    7) Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz 7
    8) Ashraf Abdelghafour 8
    9) Nahla Salama Karima 9
    10) Heba Magdy Amina 10
    11) Reem Mustafa 11
    12) Huda 12
    13) Manal Salama 13
    14) Nermin Maher 14
    15) Ali Mansour 15
    16) Khaled Selim Samy 15
    17) Alaa Morsy 16
    18) Yasmine Sabri 17
    19) Lamiaa El Amir 18
    20) Mia Fares 82
    21) Lana Youssef 87
    22) Mazhar Abol Naga Hamed 88
    23) Ehab Fahmy 89
    24) Youssef El Gharib 90
    25) Tarek El Tilmisany 91
    26) Muneer Makram 92
    27) Muhammad Mahmoud Abdulaziz 93
    28) Ibrahim Emam 94
    29) Samar Gaber 95
    30) Mahmoud Hafez 97
    31) Ahmed Fouad Selim Amin 98
    32) Ahmed Rady 99
    33) Mohamed Ali Rezk 100
    34) Samer El Minyawi 101
    35) Essaf 102
    36) Mahmoud Al Shurbaji 103
    37) Mamdouh Sadek 104
    38) Ashraf Tulba Sayed 105
    39) Amany Kamal 106
    40) Adel Tolba 107
    41) Amr Sohsah 108
    42) Lubna Abdel Aziz 109
    43) محمد كريازي 110
    44) Enaam Salosa 111
    45) Karim Adriano 112
    46) Atef Saeed 113
    47) Mohamed Desouqy 114
    48) Fahmi Al Kholi 115
    49) Ashraf Position 116
    50) Mostafa Mansour 117
    51) Aya Ramadan 118
    52) Hajjaj Thabit 120
    53) Amna Jamal 122
    54) Ramy Al Tumbary 123
    55) Osama Tarraf 124
    56) Laila Gamal 125
    57) Sahar Abdulhameed 126
    58) Maged Al Sharqawi 127
    59) Yousu Hafez (Yousuf Ibrahim) Child 129
    60) Moustafa Darwish 131
    61) Yasmine Abdel Aal 132
    62) Abdel Moneim Elmarsfy 133
    63) Othman Mohamed Ali 134
    64) Ahmed Al Mansi 136
    65) Mahmoud Al Koshairi 137
    66) Ali Al Shamel 138
    67) Mohamed Ibrahim 139
    68) Yousri Mostafa 140
    69) Ehab Sobhi 141
    70) Amir Yamani 142
    71) سالي 143
    72) Magdi Tawfik 144
    73) Mohammed El Saeedi 145
    74) Mahmoud Ezzat 146
    75) Mohamed Al Tagy 147
    76) Ahmed Safwat 148
    77) Noha Ellaithy 149
    78) Mina El Naggar Ahmed 150
    79) Reem El Touni 151
    80) Saleh El Aweil 152
    81) Mohamed Ali 153

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Remon Magar Producer 12
    2) Shady Magar 13
    3) Elhamy Magar 14
    4) Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz 15
    5) أحمد جابر Executive Producer 16
    6) Ghazal Al Shaal Executive Producer 17
    7) Ouf Abdel Rahaman Production Director 18
    8) Mohamed El Sisi 19
    9) Muhammad Mahmoud Abdulaziz Producer 20
    10) Mahmoud Abo El Hassan 21
    11) Egyptian Arts Group 22

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Adel Adeeb Director 1
    2) Tamer Hamza Executive Director 2
    3) Eslam Abbas Co-director 3
    4) Sarah Gamal 4
    5) Mahmoud Abdel Tawab 5
    6) Amir Yamani Co-director 6
    7) Bardeis Arafa Co-director 7

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Cameraman Assistant 7
    2) Karim Gawish Cameraman Assistant 8
    3) Abbas Yahya Photographer 9
    4) Mohamed Mokhtar Photographer 10
    5) Mahmoud Abdelmaaboud Cameraman Assistant 11
    6) Tarek El Tilmisany Director of Photography 12

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Amin Bouhafa Music Composer 6
    2) Ahmed Ebrahim 7
    3) Ayman Bahgat Amar 8
    4) Ibrahim El Hakami 9
    5) Walid Saad 10

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ahmed Gaber 5
    2) Juma Abdullatif Sound Engineer 6
    3) Ayman Dawod Sound Engineer 7
    4) bassam elelaimy 8

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) خالد عبدالعزيز Costume Designer 3
    2) Maha Baraka 4

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Fawzy Al Awamry 3
    2) هاني صلاح Art Director 4

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Nasser Abdulrahman Writer 1

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hassan Alqenawy 2

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hassan El Touny Editor 2

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Egyptian Arts Group 2

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Khaled El Telmissany 2

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Emma Alpert Mansour Abo Heiba is a businessman with connections to the European mafia. His illegal activities and his enmity with Kane, whose family was kicked out of their village by Abo Heiba's grandfather, leads to an assassination attempt that forces Abo Heiba to reevaluate his life. 277


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    1 1 45 1st Episode Mansour Abo Heiba is a well-known businessman from Upper...Read more Egypt who has ties to the Eastern European Mafia. He deals in arms, drugs, and antiquities. Kane plots to get rid of Abo Heiba to take his place in his dealings with the Mafia. 233
    1 2 45 2nd Episode With Abo Heiba in critical condition, his brother Hakam...Read more takes over everything as if Abo Heiba has died, despite the fact that Abo Heiba has survived 5 dangerous surgeries. 171
    1 3 45 3rd Episode After another failed assassination attempt, Abo Heiba...Read more recovers gradually until he is back in shape. He returns to Egypt with his wife, his daughter Safaa, and his nephew Maher. 176
    1 4 45 4th Episode As Abo Heiba sits in judgement for his family, he punishes...Read more Hakam for what he did in his absence and for betraying him. Karima is reprimanded for asking for land and money from Hakam. Abo Heiba gives Hakam another chance. 220
    1 5 45 5th Episode Abo Heiba travels abroad to meet Evan, the Mafia boss who...Read more loves and supports him. Evan tells him to forget about Kane and not to interact with the Mafia's associates for his own sake. 183
    1 6 45 6th Episode A meeting between Abo Heiba, Evan, Kane and the rest of the...Read more partners leads to an agreement to distribute the arms trading in Egypt between Abo Heiba and Kane. 158
    1 7 45 7th Episode Abo Heiba announces that he is going to take up arms trading...Read more again and stops dealing drugs. A contract for their arms trade is to be signed in one of Abo Heiba's hotels on the new year. 185
    1 8 45 8th Episode With preparations for the meeting and the new year...Read more celebration underway, Abo Heiba tells one of his men to lure Kane away using his gambling addiction. 151
    1 9 45 9th Episode As the first arms shipment arrives, Maher distributes it on...Read more Abo Heiba's orders. The shipment includes an antique weapon that Abo Heiba gifts to the former minister, Sayed Galal. Sayed warns him about Kane and his assured revenge on Abo Heiba. 242
    1 10 45 10th Episode A terrorist group attacks a transport vehicle that belongs...Read more to Abo Heiba. Led by Taha,Karima's son, they seize all the weapons and disappear into the mountain. Abo Heiba and Maher seek them out to resolve the matter. 215
    1 11 45 11th Episode Abo Heiba says goodbye to Om Hasan before she dies. As...Read more Karima prepares her for burial, she is buried in the village's Cemetary. The entire village mourns her. 158
    1 12 45 12th Episode Taha returns and meets Abo Heiba who orders him to go back...Read more to work. Kane plots to kill Hamza, Abo Heiba's grandson. Hamza is killed while riding Abo Heiba's horse. 163
    1 13 45 13th Episode As the family mourns Hamza, Sayed Galal comes to offer his...Read more condolences. He advises Abo Heiba to take another wife to beget a son to inherit his fortune and look after his daughter. 181
    1 14 45 14th Episode Abo Heiba retires to his cellar for three days before coming...Read more out to sit with his mother. With Maher's help, Abo Heiba declares war on Kane. 139
    1 15 45 15th Episode When Abo Heiba catches the crew that killed Hamza, Maher...Read more kills them all except the sniper whom he buries with only his head visible for the scorpions and snakes to kill. 169
    1 16 45 16th Episode When his mansion is shot at, Abo Heiba gathers his family...Read more and his men, and orders Maher to change the mansion's security team. He gives Hakam a final warning to stop plotting against him. 187
    1 17 45 17th Episode Abo Heiba's wife Ghanima suspects that something is wrong...Read more when he appears preoccupied all the time. His attention is on a beautiful nurse, Nahed, who came to the mansion to seek his help. 187
    1 18 45 18th Episode After a week's absence, Abo Heiba returns to the mansion for...Read more a romantic evening with Ghanima. When he goes to chat about the land and have some tea with Amin, Nahed comes to ask for his help again. 197
    1 19 45 19th Episode Nahed tells Abo Heiba about how she was scammed by one of...Read more his men at his hospital. Amin tells her to return after two days to give Abo Heiba time to investigate. 161
    1 20 45 20th Episode With Evan's help, Abo Heiba and Maher survive an...Read more assassination attempt. A thrilled Kane attends a Mafia meeting, thinking that he got rid of Abo Heiba, but he is shocked to learn that he is still alive. 202
    1 21 45 21st Episode When Abo Heiba goes to visit Nahed's home, she tries to...Read more evade him at first. He manages to make sure she is alright despite her sadness. She is still suffering from Kane's attitude in the meeting with Abo Heiba. 210
    1 22 45 22nd Episode When Abo Heiba and Ghanima arrive at Nahed's house, Nahed...Read more and her daughter are shocked to learn that Ghanima is his wife. Nahed agrees to marry Abo Heiba but only if he agrees to allow her daughter to stay with her. 215
    1 23 45 23rd Episode Abo Heiba shows up at the hospital to show Nahed the jewelry...Read more he bought her and asks her to marry him immediately. She agrees and they pick up her daughter from school to go to Abo Heiba's mansion. 197
    1 24 45 24th Episode Abo Heiba and Nahed go on their honeymoon in Europe. He's...Read more over the moon about it. 82
    1 25 45 25th Episode Abo Heiba returns from his honeymoon and learns that Karim...Read more has been kidnapped. He discovers that he was taken by the gangs of El-Halal Mountain who want weapons in exchange for Karim's release. 193
    1 26 45 26th Episode Abo Heiba and Maher discuss their waning business and agree...Read more to take a step back till things get better. Abo Heiba gathers his gamily and reprimands Hakam for meeting with Kane. 176
    1 27 45 27th Episode When Nahed's daughter ,Hadeer, tells Abo Heiba about the...Read more teacher who is harassing her, Abo Heiba steps in to make things right. He gives the teacher a painful lesson. 166
    1 28 45 28th Episode Abo Heiba is shocked to learn that Kholod and Khalaf have...Read more neglected his tourist villages and hotels so much that he is being sued. He also discovers that the contracting company run by Atia has many violations and is in trouble with the government. 248
    1 29 45 29th Episode Abo Heiba forced Khalaf to divorce Kholod and kicks him out....Read more He tells him to bring him Sami alive if he wants Abo Heiba to let him be. 134
    1 30 45 30th Episode Ghanima and the family are devastated when Amin died. Hakam...Read more takes control of everything and seizes the mansion and Abo Heiba's property when a great tragedy drives Abo Heiba away. 179