64th Berlin International Film Festival Opens Today

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  • 11:11 AM - 6 February 2014
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The 64th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival opens today in the German capital, in the presence of a lot of international film stars.

The festival will open with the screening of “ The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Wes Anderson's new film. The festival will conclude on the 16th of February, and will hold several competitions, spearheaded by the official competition, in which 20 films compete for the Golden bear.

Berlin welcomed filmmakers and stars yesterday, among which was Edward Norton, who stars in the opening film, and will attend today's screening of it, along with co-star Tilda Swinton, who was photographed by reporters the moment she arrived at the airport.

The festival will be featuring Naji Ismail's Egyptian documentary “Om Amira” in the short film competition. The film will be competing with 25 other films from 22 different countries.

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