Ramadan 2019 Series Schedule

Kalabsh 3

  • 7.7
  • tvguide
Selim Al-Ansary (Amir Karaara) submits his resignation from his work at the Ministry of Interior Affairs and decides to co-find a security services company with Akram Safwaan (Hesham Selim). Their minor management differences gradually intensify, threatening their personal and business relationship.

El-Seham El-Mariqa

  • 6
The series examines a number of issues related to the Arab society, especially the Egyptian one, the most important of which is the problem of terrorism and how this issue is handled.


  • 6
Harbi buys a house in installments from Khalil ,when the date of the last payment comes, he asks him to register the house in his name and cede his ownership, but Khalil stalls until the "earthquake of 1992" happens and the house collapses and Harbi dies in the aftermath . Khalil refuses...Read more to hand over the land to the heirs, creating a clash between him and Mohammed , Harbi's son. In spite of the love story between Mohamed and Khalil's daughter.


  • 5.2
The show tells the story of Baraka, a man coming from South Egypt who lives in Cairo with his mother. With time, he starts borrowing lots money and gets into trouble with prominent people. His mother and his neighbour, who is also his lover, are the only ones who help him.

Weld El-Ghalaba

  • 8
An upper-Egyptian who lives on the border of the poverty line decides to earn an honest living by having two jobs: A teacher at a public school during the day, and a taxi driver in the evening. Yet, through his struggle to make ends meet he falls into the pit of drug trade.

Shaqet Faisal

  • 6.2
A dramatic comedy revolving around the lives of four young adults, and the challenges they face in the pursuit of their different dreams.

Lams Aktaf

  • 7.2
Adham (Yasser Galaal) is a former boxer who uses his physical robustness in criminal activities. After he gets out of jail, he decides to quit, but he has to stand up to the pressure of the mobsters who want to keep his illicit services.

B'entezar Al-Yasmeen

  • 6.1
  • tvguide
The series follows a group of refugees who have escape the bloody nightmare that is post-revolution Syria.


  • 8
  • tvguide
Hogan, a young man who lives in a slum, is known for his super strength abilities. He moves cars with his bare hands, twists metal coins with his fingers and he is a popular eater of glass. When he climbs the social ladder, his life changes completely.


  • 6.8
The story of the beginning and the rise of the Memluks reign in Egypt, and how their rise from enslavement to fighting wars to ruling a significant country in the region, had affected the social, political, and military status of the country.

Al Hob Jonoon

  • 4.1
A social thriller, this quintet revolves around love and betrayal through the story of Zeina, left by her fiancé on the night of their wedding, and she has a severe psychological crisis, which Qais tries to help her overcome, until things unfold.

Torjoman El-Ashwak

  • 5.6
The show tells the story of three friends who decide to adopt the left-wing ideology. After each goes their way, one of them starts taking up Sufism and one maintains his leftist principles, which gets him into a lot of trouble. The third one decides to leave Syria, but returns after the civil war...Read more to find his missing daughter.


  • 7.8
Abu-Gabal and his family live a life that puts a lot of stress on him. As a reaction to all the uncomfortable circumstances in which he lives with his family, he starts losing control over himself and this is when life becomes so much tougher for him.

'Alamet Estefham

  • 6.8
Noah El Shawwaf (Mohamed Ragab) appears to be a well-off gentleman from Alexandria, but he is running away from a mysterious past.

Fekra B'million Geneh

  • 6.2
Alaa (Ali Rabee), an engineering student, inherits a million Pounds and pursues his dream of becoming a famous inventor.

El-Brinseesa Bessa

  • 3.8
Pessa, who lives with her grandmother Sekseka (both played by Mai Ezz El Din) works in the local wedding industry. She inherits a school from an uncle, and pursues her dream of opening her own wedding venue named "Princess Pessa".


  • 7.1
  • tvguide
The story of Dalida (Yasmeen Sabri) who comes from a traumatic childhood, as she travels and faces the challenges of life and love.

L'akher Nafas

  • 7.1
A female engineer (played by Yasmine Abdel-Aziz) is married to a police officer and has a daughter and a son. Together they lead a family life that is unique to their different characters and their day-to-day coping with life's events is as interesting as it is dramatic.