Ramadan 2019 Series Schedule

Kalabsh 3

  • 7.8
  • tvguide
Selim Al-Ansary (Amir Karaara) submits his resignation from his work at the Ministry of Interior Affairs and decides to co-find a security services company with Akram Safwaan (Hesham Selim). Their minor management differences gradually intensify, threatening their personal and business relationship.

L'akher Nafas

  • 7.2
A female engineer (played by Yasmine Abdel-Aziz) is married to a police officer and has a daughter and a son. Together they lead a family life that is unique to their different characters and their day-to-day coping with life's events is as interesting as it is dramatic.

Lams Aktaf

  • 7.2
Adham (Yasser Galaal) is a former boxer who uses his physical robustness in criminal activities. After he gets out of jail, he decides to quit, but he has to stand up to the pressure of the mobsters who want to keep his illicit services.

Weld El-Ghalaba

  • 7.9
  • tvguide
An upper-Egyptian who lives on the border of the poverty line decides to earn an honest living by having two jobs: A teacher at a public school during the day, and a taxi driver in the evening. Yet, through his struggle to make ends meet he falls into the pit of drug trade.


  • 6
Harbi buys a house in installments from Khalil who refuses to register the house in Harbi's name after he completes the payment. When the earthquake of 1992 happens, Harbi dies. Khalil refuses to hand over the land to the heirs and clashes with Harbi's son, Mohamed, who loves Khalil's daughter.

El-Brinseesa Beesa

  • 4.1
Beesa, who lives with her grandmother Siksika, works in the local wedding industry. She inherits a school from an uncle, and pursues her dream of opening her own wedding venue named "Princess Beesa".

Qamar Hady

  • 7.1
Hady (Hani Salama) suffers from memory loss due to an accident, and his personality seems to change every time the moon appears.

Super Mero

  • 5.4
  • tvguide
Tamira (Amy Samir Ghanem), a journalist superhero working in a magazine, goes through a series of comedic events.

Fekra B'million Geneh

  • 6.3
  • tvguide
Alaa (Ali Rabee), an engineering student, inherits a million pounds and pursues his dream of becoming a famous inventor.

'Alamet Estefham

  • 6.7
Noah El Shawwaf (Mohamed Ragab) appears to be a well-off gentleman from Alexandria, but he is running away from a mysterious past.


  • 7.2
  • tvguide
The story of Dalida (Yasmeen Sabri) who comes from a traumatic childhood, as she travels and faces the challenges of life and love.

Hodon El-Shook

  • 4.9
Manayer suffers from her parents’ neglect all her life, especially her mother, who favors her sister, Hayfaa, over her. Bit by bit, a deep secret unravels that turns her life upside down.

Moodi Qeta'a Min Zahab

  • 6.5
  • tvguide
The story of a family and their relationships to one another starting from the 1980's until 2018.


  • 5.5
A tragic drama about a group of imprisoned Kuwaiti women and their stories of injustice and revenge.

LA Musiqaa Fi al'ahmadi

  • 6.2
A historical drama exploring the events in the city of Al-Ahmadi, and how it reflects the Kuwaiti lifestyle and traditions through 1940 till 1970's.

Omniat Ba'eda

  • 5.5
Latifa and Sherifa are drastically different despite being twins; one is poor and the other is rich, one is kind and the other is cruel. A life-long secret that only the two of them knows is keeping them apart, but the truth can’t stay hidden forever.

Hdood El-Shar

  • 6.1
  • tvguide
The life of Abu Jassim is turned around after he takes a second wife; his first wife is enraged, and wants to get back at the new wife, especially when she finds out about her evil motives against their life.


  • 7.8
Abu-Gabal and his family live a life that puts a lot of stress on him. As a reaction to all the uncomfortable circumstances in which he lives with his family, he starts losing control over himself and this is when life becomes so much tougher for him.