Add/Update Information: Series - Zezenia 2: Al-Layl W Al-Fanar - 2000

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    Title زيزينيا ج2: الليل والفنار
    Title in English Zezenia S2: The Night and the Lighthouse
    Title's Translation Zezenia 2: Al-Layl W Al-Fanar
    Original Title
    Release Year 2000
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Release Date
    27 November 2000 Egypt true
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Yehia El Fakharany 1
    2) Hala Sedqy 2
    3) Fardous Abdel Hamid 3
    4) Hoda Soltan 4
    5) Gamil Rateb 5
    6) Abu Bakr Ezzat 6
    7) Ashraf Abdelghafour 7
    8) Nabil Al Helfawi 8
    9) Ahmad Bedir 9
    10) Tahani Rashed 10
    11) Rajaa Hussain 11
    12) Sayyed Abdelkareim 12
    13) Hamdy Gheith 13
    14) Sawsan Bader 14
    15) Lucy 15
    16) Mahmoud El Gendy 16
    17) Magda El Khatib 17
    18) Madlyn Tabar 18
    19) Wafaa Sadiq 19
    20) Mohamed Metwally 20
    21) Azza Labieb 21
    22) Shawqi Shamekh 22
    23) Ezzat Abu Ouf 23
    24) Sayed Azmy 24
    25) Mohamed Kamel 25
    26) Nuha Al Amrousy 26
    27) Zizi Mostafa 27
    28) Abdelaziz Makhyoun 28
    29) Sabri Abdulmonem 29
    30) Khalil Morsy 30
    31) Attia Eweiss 31
    32) Samy Maghawry 32
    33) Ismail Mahmoud 33
    34) Sherif Khair Allah 34
    35) Ahdy Sadek 35
    36) Salwa Othman 36
    37) Hala Al Najjar 37
    38) Mahmoud Abdelmoghni 38
    39) Riham Abdulghafour 39
    40) Heba Abdelghany 40
    41) Abdulla Meshref 41
    42) Saeed Al Saleh 42
    43) Galeela Mahmoud 43
    44) Amal Ibrahim 44
    45) Hanem Mohamed 45
    46) Samia Amin 46
    47) Youssef Al Assal 47
    48) Naguib Rushdi 48
    49) Ragaa Amin 49
    50) Raouf Moustafa 50
    51) Mohamed Al Tagy 51
    52) Mona Qattan 52
    53) Mervat Mongy 53
    54) Hassan Hussein 54
    55) Mokhles El Behiry 55
    56) Suha Alaa El Din Karima 56
    57) Mahmoud Ezzat Fathy 57
    58) Shaheira Fouad 58
    59) Lana Yousuf 59
    60) Sally Al Demerdash 60
    61) Mohamed Medhat Saad 61
    62) Solafa Abdel Ghaffar 62
    63) Wael Ali 63
    64) Rasha Suliman 64
    65) Mohamed Al Betar 65
    66) Nawal Samir 66
    67) Ahmad Refaat 67
    68) Mahmoud Gharib Khalil 68
    69) Ahmed El Halwany 69
    70) Hala Tawakkul 70
    71) Sameh Hussein 72
    72) Ahmed Fathy 73
    73) Suliman Hussain 74
    74) Kamel Elsherif 75
    75) Trez Damyan 76
    76) Shaimaa Ahmed 77
    77) Ahmed Adel 78
    78) Mahmoud Abdel Rahman 79
    79) May Mansour 80
    80) Ahmed Shawki Shamikh 81
    81) Nazli Mustafa Karim 82
    82) Laila Gamal 106
    83) Faten Shabbaan 107
    84) Saeed Tarabeek 108
    85) Thuraya Ibrahim 109
    86) Nasser Shahin 110
    87) Gamal Yousuf 111
    88) Mohamed Awad 112
    89) Fathy Al Garhey Saber 113
    90) Abdulhameed Sanad 114
    91) Ali Gamal El Din 115
    92) Nadia Al Iraqiya 116
    93) Maged El Kedwany 117
    94) Jalal Abdulqader 118
    95) Abdel Raziq Al Shemi 119
    96) Mahmoud Elwan 120
    97) Ahmed Al Sharif 121
    98) Magdy Badr 122
    99) Aatef Tantawi 123
    100) Layla Al Eskandarania 124
    101) Muhammad Mandour 125
    102) Emad Al Arousi 126
    103) Raafat Abdel Kader 127
    104) Khaled Badawi 128
    105) Mai Selim 129

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) عرفة زكي Art Director 1
    2) أحمد عجور 2
    3) مريم ميخائيل 3
    4) رضا عبد القادر 4
    5) محمود دبكة 5
    6) طه يوسف 6
    7) سعيد النادي 7
    8) يحيى أحمد 8
    9) Abbas Saber 9
    10) الدسوقي محمود 10

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) أحمد عفيفي Make-up 1
    2) Ahmed El Dosoky Make-up 2
    3) Hamed Ahmed Make-up 3
    4) محمود حمدي Make-up 5
    5) مصطفى محمد Make-up 6
    6) Samir El Hamamy Hair 7
    7) Saber Elhamamy Hair 8

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Gamal Abdel Hamid Director 1
    2) Ahmed Al Badry Assistant Director 2
    3) Mohammed Mahmoud Assistant Director 3
    4) Ashraf Nar Assistant Director 4
    5) Ahmed El Gendy Co-director 5
    6) Khaled El Halafawy Co-director 6
    7) Ayman Zaki Co-director 7

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) سامية عبدالعزيز Costume Design 1
    2) منى الزرقاني 2
    3) هالة الزهوي 3

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) قطاع الإنتاج - إتحاد الإذاعة والتلفزيون (ج.م.ع) Producer 1
    2) Magdy Mahmoud Production Director 2
    3) Khaled Al-Hadary 3

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Asar Director of Photography 1
    2) ممدوح الزهار Photographer 2
    3) Magdi Keshk Photographer 3

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ammar El Sherei 2
    2) Mohamed El Helw Singer 3
    3) منير سعد 4

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Osama Anwar Okasha Writer 1
    2) Ahmed Fouad Negm 2

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Amin Abdel Razek 1
    2) Mamdouh Abu Elftouh 2

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ammar Sound 2

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Moataz El Kateb 2

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Financial and Economic Affairs Sector - R.T.U - A.R.E Distributor 2

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Shaimaa Saied Shedding light on the lives of foreigners, whether Italians, Greeks, or others, in Alexandria in the 1940s, through the story of Bishr Amer Abdel Zaher, an Egyptian man who has an Italian mother, as he is torn between his Egyptian roots and the attempt of his mother and uncle to attract him to the Italian side. 312


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    2 1 35 1st Episode The 1948 war erupts in the Palestinian territories, and...Read more Azzouz tries to deliver his wife and children to the city of Khan Yunis. Salah's father dies. After a long estrangement, Bishr confronts his mother with the issue of her marriage to Naseem. 245
    2 2 35 2nd Episode As Bishr asks Aziza to marry him, she agrees. Bagato meets...Read more Aida and tries to convince her of his plan to divorce her from Abu Laila. Bishr visits his father in the agency. 171
    2 3 35 3rd Episode El Shennawi informs Khamis that there is a German doctor...Read more treating cases of infertility. Abu Laila tells Bishr about the money needed to divorce Aida. Hamido and Sediq organize a demonstration to deceive the people of Zananiri by asking for donations for the freedom fighters in Palestine. 288
    2 4 35 4th Episode After Abu Laila goes to Aida's villa and tries to...Read more threaten her to come with him, the police arrest him. Abdel Fattah and Fathi decide to return from Palestine. Azzouz's Palestinian wife returns again. 200
    2 5 35 5th Episode De Lorenzi offers Bishr to bequeath him a large part of his...Read more property in exchange for getting him married to his daughter Valeria. Silvana tries to intervene to patch things up between Bishr and Aida, to no avail. Morshidi expresses his wish to marry Aziza. 256
    2 6 35 6th Episode Amer informs his sons that he has started distributing his...Read more property among them. Amer asks Bishr to take over the management of the agency so that it doesn't get divided between Morshidi and Khamis. Aida goes crazy when she learns of Bishr's intention to marry Aziza. 266
    2 7 35 7th Episode Bishr starts running the agency on his father's orders....Read more Richard and Hazan are caught trying to embezzle the agency's money. Bassiouni offers to make Rifai his partner in the agency. 181
    2 8 35 8th Episode El Tobji offers Bishr to buy the printing press from...Read more Silvana. After Abu Laila threatens Aida again, he heads to De Lorenzi and begs him to keep Bishr away from Aida. 165
    2 9 35 9th Episode As Bishr is in a difficult situation because of the uproar...Read more that Abu Laila made against him in Zezinia and Karmouz, he asks his sister's husband to issue an arrest warrant for Abu Laila in conjunction with the campaigns against the terrorist Brotherhood, but he refuses. 269
    2 10 35 10th Episode Azzouz and Abdel Fattah succeed in escaping from the...Read more clutches of the Zionist forces, and turning themselves in to the Egyptian forces. Azzouz returns to Altaf and her children, and they exchange reproaches for the long period of absence that affected their marriage. 266
    2 11 35 11th Episode Amer returns home after years of absence since he was...Read more expelled by Amna, whom he asks to forgive him. Emtithal tells Amer about her pregnancy. 141
    2 12 35 12th Episode As Amer feels the end is near, he entrusts Bishr with taking...Read more care of Emtithal and her son, then he dies. Rifai decides to accept condolences with Bishr and his brothers, which angers Khamis. 190
    2 13 35 13th Episode Morshidi and Khamis rage after Bishr announces...Read more Emtithal's pregnancy, so they plan to make her miscarry. It turns out that Khamis lied about his ability to have children. 169
    2 14 35 14th Episode After disappearing for many years, Ikram's mother...Read more returns again after Amer prevented her from approaching his daughter. Abu Laila seeks help from the police to raise suspicions against Bishr and Aida. 200
    2 15 35 15th Episode Silvana asks De Lorenzi to help Aida. Abdel Fattah goes to...Read more Abu Laila's place and threatens him to stay away from Aida and divorce her. De Lorenzi threatens Silvana with death after she discovered his affiliation with the Mafia. 229
    2 16 35 16th Episode As Ramadan’s trial begins for his work in the Suez Canal...Read more with the British, he explains that he went there to form a new cell to stand up to the British. El Tobji informs Qadora and Naima of his request to marry Olfat. 217
    2 17 35 17th Episode Salah frankly tells Olfat that he cannot marry her at the...Read more present time because of studying and taking care of his mother. Rifai suggests that Bishr partners up with him in the agency. Bishr discovers Khamis and Morshidi's plot to abort Emtithal's baby. 252
    2 18 35 18th Episode Bayada continues with her deception of everyone, and agrees...Read more with the midwife to join her in her plot along with the help of a doctor to delude everyone into thinking that she miscarried, whereupon Khamis goes crazy and Amna asks him to divorce Bayada. 251
    2 19 35 19th Episode Bayada and Khamis' crisis flares up among all their...Read more acquaintances. Abu Laila blackmails Aida to divorce her, and she refuses to pay any money. De Lorenzi asks to see Abu Laila. 176
    2 20 35 20th Episode De Lorenzi decides to hatch a plan with Naseem to expel...Read more Bishr from the Karmouz community, and offers Abu Laila an opportunity to work in Italy in exchange for Aida's divorce, and he agrees. Mohamed Badran meets with Mostafa El-Nahas and talks with him about running in the parliamentary elections. 297
    2 21 35 21st Episode Aida decides to celebrate her divorce with Bishr, who...Read more decides on getting engaged to Aziza despite her refusal. As Bishr is confused about the issue of his marriages to Aida, Aziza and Valeria, he consults Shennawi and Rifai on the matter. 238
    2 22 35 22nd Episode Bishr meets Mostafa El-Nahas and tells him that he is...Read more running for MP for the constituency. An American guest comes to De Lorenzi and offers him to transfer his business to America in exchange for calling the shots on the businesses of the mafia bosses in America. 263
    2 23 35 23rd Episode As Bishr decides to travel with Valeria to marry her in...Read more Europe, he leaves a letter to Aida explaining all the circumstances of his marriage to her. Naima speaks of her wish to wed Salah to her daughter Olfat. 208
    2 24 35 24th Episode Mohamed Badran's Jewish friend proposes marriage to him...Read more to protect her from the danger of displacement. El Tobji confesses to Azzouz his marriage to El Minshawi's niece. 169
    2 25 35 25th Episode El Tobji confesses to Azzouz the story of his marriage and...Read more the inheritance he acquired. As Majed, Rifai and Mahrousa's son, disappears in mysterious circumstances, they search for him everywhere. 195
    2 26 35 26th Episode Rifai continues to search for his son. El Shennawi tries to...Read more find Majed through his connection in the world of criminals. Bayada tells Rifai that Khamis kidnapped his son. 170
    2 27 35 27th Episode The American intelligence officer asks De Lorenzi to...Read more introduce him to Bishr to be his partner. Silvana visits Aida after a long estrangement and tells her that she had nothing to do with Bishr's marriage to Valeria. 215
    2 28 35 28th Episode As De Lorenzi disappears without anyone knowing his...Read more whereabouts, he meets his leader, who advises him to go to Sicily after his failed attempt to kill the American intelligence officer. After the police search Naima's house, they find drugs in it. 247
    2 29 35 29th Episode The people of Zananiri are trying to help Naima and find out...Read more who planted the drugs for her. As a dispute rages between Francesca and Silvana, Bishr informs them of the general power of attorney that authorizes him to administer the property of De Lorenzi. 257
    2 30 35 30th Episode Hamido's partner admits to planting the drugs for Naima....Read more Olfat asks Salah to forget about the marriage unless he is able to bear the its costs. Bishr meets Abdel Fattah in his hideout. 184
    2 31 35 31st Episode As rumors spread about Bishr and Aziza after having been...Read more seen together, Aziza denies that something happened between them, whereupon Amna tries to hide the scandal by expediting the marriage. 193
    2 32 35 32nd Episode Silvana complains about what El Tobji is doing and his...Read more intention to buy the printing press. Tofi finds a loophole that enables him to get rid of El Tobji, who is arrested on charges of clandestine activity and inciting workers. 227
    2 33 35 33rd Episode As Bishr and the people of Zananiri are trying to mediate to...Read more find a solution for the imprisoned Tobji, Mohamed Badran refuses to intervene this time because of the nature of the accusation. Bishr and Aziza tie the knot in the attendance of everyone. 249
    2 34 35 34th Episode Aida decides to join the meetings of the communist cell. As...Read more Rifai comes across Bayada on his way, the kidnapper of Rifai's son shoots at them, upon which Bayada's arm is injured, and Asran manages to catch him. Ashour marries Ikram's mother. 241
    2 35 35 35th Episode As Bishr is surprised by the return of his uncle De Lorenzi...Read more after a long absence, he confronts him along with the family about his second marriage, and Valeria informs him of her pregnancy. Bishr confronts De Lorenzi with his knowledge of his affiliation with the Mafia. 270
    2 36 35 36th Episode After Bishr finds out about Aziza's pregnancy, he asks...Read more Aida to think about his marriage proposal to her, but she categorically refuses. Khamis finally acquiesces and divorces Bayada. The people of Zananiri decide to continue the struggle against the British. 258