Add/Update Information: Series - Nasibi Wa Qesmetik 2 - 2017

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    Title نصيبي وقسمتك 2
    Title in English My Destiny, Your Destiny S2
    Title's Translation Nasibi Wa Qesmetik 2
    Original Title
    Release Year 2017
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Release Date
    3 December 2017 Egypt true قنوات osn يا هلا
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    imdb tt12487526


    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Shery Adel 1
    2) Karim Qassem 2
    3) Ahmad Al Awady 3
    4) Mariam Hassan 4
    5) Ahmed Magdy 5
    6) Dorra 6
    7) Mohamed Al Kilani 7
    8) Reem Mustafa 8
    9) Omar El Saeed 9
    10) Basma 10
    11) Sherif Ramzy 11
    12) Ahmad Refaat 12
    13) Hanan Metawea 13
    14) Ehab Fahmy 14
    15) Emad Rashad 15
    16) Farid Al Noqrashi 78
    17) amr Nour 78
    18) Samir Hakim 79
    19) Amira El Sherif 79
    20) Salwa Mohammad Ali 80
    21) Hazem Fouad 80
    22) Nadya Abbas 81
    23) Tayseer Abdulaziz 81
    24) Layal Abdel Khalek 82
    25) Magda Mounir 82
    26) Enaam Salosa 83
    27) Seba El Rafei 84
    28) Ahmed Farid 85
    29) Abeer Monir 86
    30) Mohamed Soliman 87
    31) Mervat El Ghandour 88
    32) Hidy Karam 89
    33) Ahmed Salah Hosny 90
    34) Naglaa Badr 91
    35) Galal El Zaky 92
    36) Nahed Roshdy 93
    37) Sarah Nakhlah 94
    38) Gamil Barsoum 95
    39) Nadia Rashad 96
    40) Fatma Nasser 97
    41) Ahdy Sadek 98
    42) Shadi Gamil 99
    43) Hisham El Shazly 100
    44) Nour Katamish 101
    45) Mamdouh Al Shennawi 102
    46) ماجد عبدالله 103
    47) Rashwan Tawfiq 104
    48) Tamer Samir 105
    49) Hanan Youssef 106
    50) Mohamed Abdel Moaty 107
    51) Rania Mahmoud Yassin 108
    52) Feryal Youssef 109
    53) Karim Al Emary 110
    54) Nada Bahgat 111
    55) Ahlam Al Gritly 112
    56) Li Li Qassem 113
    57) Hala Fakher 114
    58) Ahmad Wahbah 115
    59) Marwa El Azaly 116
    60) Sally Hammad 117
    61) Mohamed Aamer 118
    62) Ibrahim Abu Al Atta 119
    63) Mohamed Al Ammrosi 120
    64) Gilan Alaa 121
    65) Nehal Anbar 122
    66) Tamer Shaltout 123
    67) Ahmed Falawkas 124
    68) Monzer Rayahneh 125
    69) Hana Shiha 126
    70) Eman Sultan 127
    71) Mohamed Atef 128
    72) Heba Abdel Aziz 129
    73) Mahmoud Abdel Moghny 130
    74) Maha Hassan 131
    75) Mohammad Mahran 132
    76) Mai Selim 133
    77) Najah Hassan 134
    78) Khalid Abdel Salam 135
    79) Hamdy Hefny 136
    80) Tatiana 137
    81) Rana Raeis 138
    82) Mohamed Ali 139

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Seif Youssef Director 1
    2) Mostafa Fekry Director 2
    3) Raouf Abdul Aziz Director 3
    4) Ayman Sakr Executive Director 4

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ayman Shawky 4
    2) Ahmed Abdel Atti Producer 5
    3) Art Makers Production 6

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Amr Mahmoud Yassin Writer 1
    2) Ahmed Barea 2

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Abdul Rahman Al Laithy 1

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Elsawy 1

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Shaimaa Saied The series revolves around nine stories on women's issues during the 45 episodes. Where this part is about the relationship of women and their problems in dealing with men, unlike the first part, which focused on the problems faced by men in dealing with women. 264


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    2 1 40 A Look then a Smile 1 Kesmat shares a routine life with her husband Ziad. Ziad's...Read more best friend, Karim, works for a marketing company where Kemsat is the manager and she admires his intelligence. Ziad wants to have kids but Kemsat wants to wait. 220
    2 2 40 A Look then a Smile 2 Kemsat tries to stop herself from liking Karim. Ziad tells...Read more her not to let Karim drive her home again. Sadek invites Karim, Ziad, and Kesmat to his wife's birthday. 164
    2 3 40 A Look then a Smile 3 Kesmat tells Karim that she doesn't love Ziad. Nada tells...Read more Karim that she likes him but he doesn't feel the same. Karim confesses his love for Kesmat. 149
    2 4 40 A Look then a Smile 4 Kesmat feels guilty for falling for Karim when Ziad loves...Read more her so much. Zeinab begins to treat Kesmat and Karim harshly when she discovers that they are in a relationship. Sadek records the meeting between Kesmat and Karim. 223
    2 5 40 A Look then a Smile 5 Kesmat tells Karim that she will get a divorce and marry...Read more him, but he refuses to continue their relationship because of his friendship with Ziad. Ziad finds out about Karim and Kesmat's relationship and dies of grief. Kesmat and Karim can not forgive themselves for what they did to Ziad. 289 1017570
    2 6 40 Multiplication Table 1 Mariam lives a high-level life with her mother and brother...Read more Omar. She meets the poet Adam during a seminar and their relationship progresses. They get married in spite of her family's rejection. Adam refuses to let Mariam work and forces her to wear a veil. 257
    2 7 40 Multiplication Table 2 Mariam has a boy and Adam becomes abusive to her. Adam...Read more writes a song for the singer Karim Shaker. Omar finds out that Adam lied to them about where he works. 157
    2 8 40 Multiplication Table 3 Karim Shaker refuses to release the song that Adam wrote....Read more Sherbiny suggests for Adam to befriend the dancer Bossi so she would produce songs for him, but he refuses. Mariam's friend, Eman, tells her that Adam asked her to be his girlfriend and he denies it. 262
    2 9 40 Multiplication Table 4 Adam agrees to marry the dancer Bossi. He asks her for money...Read more but she refuses. Mariam is shocked when she finds out that Adam got married. 138
    2 10 40 Multiplication Table 5 Mariam files a Khula lawsuit against Adam. Adam's lawyer...Read more tells him he can legally force her to return home. Mariam provokes Adam to hit her and her lawyer requests a medical report of her injuries. She is able to get rid of Adam for good. 243
    2 11 40 Habiba's Mother 1 Habiba tries to raise money to take her sick mother, Saada,...Read more to the hospital. Hazem suffers from his controlling wife Rofida who is his partner in the company. 159
    2 12 40 Habiba's Mother 2 Habiba's mother is admitted to the ICU. Hamdy wants to get...Read more engaged to Habiba, while her sister Fathia likes him. 113
    2 13 40 Habiba's Mother 3 Habiba decides to transfer her mother, who suffers from...Read more liver failure, to a government hospital. Hazem's wife resents that he took the company's money to treat his mother who has a heart condition. 200
    2 14 40 Habiba's Mother 4 Habiba rejoices after Hazem appears in her life to help her...Read more mother despite her deteriorating health. Rofida prevents Hazem from entering the company and Hazem decides to take revenge on her. Hazem's friend, Seif, spies on Hazem for Rofida. 243
    2 15 40 Habiba's Mother 5 Hazem transfers Saada to a private hospital and sells his...Read more share in the company to Adnan. Rofida tells Habiba that Hazem only helped her mother so that Saada can donate her heart to his mother. Hazem's mother passes away and donates her liver to Habiba's mother. 262
    2 16 40 Calm Down Madam 1 Salma had a problem at the beginning of her marriage to...Read more Marwan, which is her fear of intimacy. As she resumes her work as a wedding planner with her friend Nour and her boss Nayer, she treats everyone harshly. 211
    2 17 40 Calm Down Madam 2 Marwan and Salma ask their mothers to stay out of their...Read more lives. Salma resigns after her boss refuses to work with her cousin Tarek. Marwan decides to leave Salma. 161
    2 18 40 Calm Down Madam 3 Marwan's father convinces him to reconsider his decision....Read more Nour convinces Salma to return to work. Marwan finds Tarek at Salma's office. It is revealed that Tarek is Salma's ex-fiancé and that he still loves her. 215
    2 19 40 Calm Down Madam 4 Salma asks for a divorce after Marwan suspects that she is...Read more having an affair with Tarek. Nayer tells Salma that he likes her but she rejects him. 145
    2 20 40 Calm Down Madam 5 Marwan's uncle tells him that his wife suffers from mental...Read more and neurological disorders and he should support her. Salma refuses the divorce and Marwan returns to her. 171
    2 21 40 Ahmed, Ya Omar 1 Sherine suffers from her husband Omar's lack of ambition....Read more Omar is a cartoonist and screenwriter. They have a boy named Ahmed. Ehab tries to help Omar by giving one of his scripts to the journalist Dima. 202
    2 22 40 Ahmed, Ya Omar 2 Omar is glad by Dima's support unlike his wife who...Read more discourages him. The producer that Sherine brought refused to produce the script. Sherine's aunt asked Omar to work with her but he refused. Omar started to get close to Dima. 226
    2 23 40 Ahmed, Ya Omar 3 Dima is shocked to learn that Omar is married. Omar learns...Read more that his script had been stolen and decides to report the theft to the police. Sherine apologizes to Omar for not paying attention to him. 199
    2 24 40 Ahmed, Ya Omar 4 Omar divorces Sherine and becomes successful in his work....Read more Omar and Dima get married. Dima is jealous of her relative Dalia. 124
    2 25 40 Ahmed, Ya Omar 5 Omar tells Sherine that he misses her. Sherine warns her...Read more friend Rania about her husband's repeated cheating. Dima asks Omar for a divorce. Omar returns to his wife Sherine. 178
    2 26 40 Rahma's Tale 1 Yasin meets the very beautiful Rahma at a hotel and tries to...Read more get close to her. Yasin tells her that he is banned from traveling and his money is seized. Rahma tells Yasin that her father wrote over all his fortune to her and her sister, and that her brother is threatening her. 278
    2 27 40 Rahma's Tale 2 Yasin and Rahma start to fall for each other. Rahma offers...Read more to help Yasin but she is afraid he might go to jail. Someone threatens Yasin to stay away from Rahma. It is revealed that Yasin is a conman and is deceiving Rahma. 222
    2 28 40 Rahma's Tale 3 Yasin meets Rahma's sister Maggy and asks her to give him...Read more money. Nader fights with Yasin, whom he addresses as Ahmed Al-Alfy. Nader tells Kassem that he saw Ahmed. It is revealed that Yasin used Kassem's name in a fraud case. 225
    2 29 40 Rahma's Tale 4 Kassem wants to take revenge on Yasin. Nadem, Yasin's boss,...Read more comes to check on his work. Nadem asks Yasin to transfer the money to his personal account. 151
    2 30 40 Rahma's Tale 5 It is revealed that Nadem used Rahma to con Yasin after...Read more Yasin conned Nadem. Yasin confesses his love for Rahma and they get married and decide to quit swindling. Three years later, they decide to work with Nadem again, but they con him. 239
    2 31 40 Love You Always 1 Mohamed is married to Hania and they have two kids, Dina and...Read more Karim. Hisham, Hania's ex-fiancé, tries o contact her again. Hisham tries to incite jealousy between Mohamed and Hania. Mohamed has an accident. 206
    2 32 40 Love You Always 2 Hania is devastated after Mohamed's death. Hisham tells...Read more Hania that Mohamed was cheating on her with a woman named Laila. 120
    2 33 40 Love You Always 3 Hania finds out that Mohamed was planning to marry Laila....Read more Hania decides to leave her sorrows behind and take care of herself. 128
    2 34 40 Love You Always 4 Hania starts spending time with Hisham and neglects her...Read more children. Hania's friends advise her to stay away from Hisham but she refuses. 135
    2 35 40 Love You Always 5 Mohamed's father threatens to take the kids from Hania....Read more Hania saves her daughter as her colleague is about to attack her. Amer, the driver, confesses to Hania that Laila plotted with him to lie to her about Mohamed's cheating. Hania exposes Laila and Hisham. 258
    2 36 40 One Moment Please 1 Ahmed's mother, Samira, is upset that he's neglecting her...Read more and his father because his wife Manal is controlling him. Omnia, Hazem's sister, gets divorced and stays with her cousin Aliaa. Hazem and Aliaa have feelings for each other. Manal and Hazem were in a relationship before she married Ahmed. 297
    2 37 40 One Moment Please 2 Manal incites Ahmed against his parents. Aliaa is fired from...Read more her job and Hazem helps her find another job. 107
    2 38 40 One Moment Please 3 Hazem asks Ahmed to care for his mother. Wagdy wants to get...Read more back with his wife Omnia but she refuses. 102
    2 39 40 One Moment Please 4 Hazem wants to marry Aliaa. Manal tries to drive a wedge...Read more between Hazem and Ahmed. Ahmed refuses to reconcile with his mother. Samira passes away and Ahmed feels guilty. Manal leaves the house. 193
    2 40 40 One Moment Please 5 Manal asks Ahmed to forgive her. Omnia returns to her...Read more husband. Hazem dies while defending his family from thugs. 113
    2 41 40 604 1 Hoda and Aziza are prostitutes, but Hoda decides to repent....Read more Radwan Al-Rahimi gives Hoda his estate, provided that she stays there for 6 months. Hoda moves into the house and meets Gergis, Marlin, and Fatma. 207
    2 42 40 604 2 Hoda is frightened by the house. Gergis tells her that there...Read more are evil spirits who want to harm both believers and penitents. Hoda meets Mayor Jassim who asks her to leave the house. It turns out that Jassim is the devil who took the appearance of the mayor. 260
    2 43 40 604 3 Marlin rescues Hoda from an evil spirit. Aziza tries to get...Read more close to Jassim. Fatma has been sick for a long time and Hoda can help her. 136
    2 44 40 604 4 Jassim incites Sheikh Hassan against Al-Rahimi's family and...Read more tells him that they are practicing witchcraft and sorcery. Sheikh Hassan sends people to kill Gergis. Jassim asks Dahab to kill Hoda. 195
    2 45 40 604 5 Hoda finds out that 604 is a page in the Holy Quran. Dahab...Read more kills Jassim to get rid of his demon. Hoda helps to cure Fatma. Marlin regains her sight. Hoda rescues Aziza from the demon Jassim. 197