Add/Update Information: Series - Sabe' Gaar - 2017

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    Title سابع جار
    Title in English Farthest Neighbor
    Title's Translation Sabe' Gaar
    Original Title
    Release Year 2017
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Release Date
    16 October 2017 Egypt true Cbc
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Dalal Abdel Azziz 1
    2) Sherine Layla 2
    3) Osama Abbas 3
    4) Hani Adel 4
    5) Nicolas Mouawad 5
    6) Hidy Karam 6
    7) Mahmoud Al Bezzawy Magdy 7
    8) Safaa Jalal 8
    9) Mohammed Alaa Ali 9
    10) Sara Abdulrahman 10
    11) Fadwa Abed 11
    12) Ahmad Dash 12
    13) Rahma Hassan Hala 13
    14) Nesrine Talaat Hend 14
    15) Mahmoud Ellisy 15
    16) Hadil Hassan 16
    17) Ahmed El Azaar Ahmed 17
    18) Yasmine Niazy 19
    19) Doaa Hegazy 20
    20) Eva 21
    21) Dalia El Sawi 22
    22) Shahira Fahmy 23
    23) Tahiya Sharif 24
    24) Maysoon El Massry 25
    25) Mahmoud El Seweasy 26
    26) Passant Shawky 27
    27) Atef Youssef 28
    28) Shahera Nasef 29
    29) Ismail El Sayed 32
    30) Asmaa Youssef 33
    31) Ahmed Abou Zeid 35
    32) Ahmed Alaa 36
    33) Amgad Riyad 37
    34) Mohamed Metwally 38
    35) Samy Maghawry Guest Actor 39
    36) Hanaa El Shorbagy 40
    37) Amr Salama 41
    38) Tamer Hashem Guest Actor 42
    39) Ebtehal El Sority Guest Actor 43
    40) Maha El Qady 44
    41) شريف فودة 46
    42) سناء عمر 47
    43) Ahmed Kamal 48
    44) Ahmed Abdel Rahman 50
    45) أحمد طنطا 52
    46) هبة فؤاد 54
    47) Bothaina Maher 56
    48) مجدي قاسم 58
    49) Diaa Suliman 60
    50) Hani Mazloum 62
    51) Ahmed Ezzat 63
    52) دعاء محمد 66
    53) Moataz Hossam 67
    54) حسام طارق 68
    55) Karim Hesham 70
    56) يوسف ممدوح 71
    57) Mohamed Farouk 72
    58) أحمد النمراوي 73
    59) Mohamed Hosny 74
    60) Ali Al Shaal 75
    61) حنان صلاح 76
    62) سكر 78
    63) جمال عزام 80
    64) Michael Nagy 81
    65) مجدي وهبة 84
    66) Noha Fouad 85
    67) Hend Fathy 86
    68) أحمد محيي 87
    69) Mohamed Top 88
    70) Mohamed El Shahawy 89
    71) Youssef Hesham Ali 90
    72) Mohamed Farrag Walid 90
    73) Mahmoud Azzazy 90
    74) Ahmed El Masry 91
    75) Samar Taher 91
    76) Mohammed Farag 92
    77) Mohamed Al Swasy Hassan 92
    78) Sayed Saeed 93
    79) Mohamed Kassem 93
    80) Saif Hano 94
    81) Basma Nabil 94
    82) Seif Hanno 95
    83) Basma Yasser 96
    84) Nancy Alam El Din 96
    85) Karim El Attar 97
    86) رانيا مصطفى 97
    87) Mohamed Ali 98
    88) Fekri Salim 99
    89) Nada Nassar 99
    90) Soma Al Rasy 100

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ayten Amin Director 1
    2) Nadine Khan Director 2
    3) Heba Yousry Director 3
    4) Mohamed Grio Executive Director 4
    5) Diaa Habib 5
    6) Eslam Abdel Moaty 6
    7) Mostafa Ihab 7
    8) Sama El Shami 8
    9) Rafik Makram Executive Director 9

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Heba Yousry Story & Screenplay 1
    2) Ayten Amin 2
    3) Menna Ekram 3
    4) Sama Ahmed 4
    5) Menna Fawzi 5

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ehab Mahrous Make-up 1
    2) محمود حمدي 2
    3) Magdi Khalaf 3
    4) شريف الكومي 4
    5) سلوى أحمد 5

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) mahmoud lotfy Director of Photography 5
    2) Mahmoud Lotfi Director of photography 6
    3) Ahmed Ragab Cameraman Assistant 7
    4) Amgad Riyad 8

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hani Osama Producer 1
    2) Mohamed Hefzy Producer 2
    3) Hazem Shuaib co-producer 4

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) أيمن إلهامي Art Director 2
    2) أسماء المليجي 2

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Amr Mohsen El Melegy 3
    2) Khaled El Masry 4

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Roaa Kashef A group of middle-class neighbors who live in the same building get exposed to situations regarding their way of living. They each face their own struggles, without the knowledge of their neighbors, even when faced with particularly complex problems. 250


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    1 1 45 1st Episode Following his mother's death, Waleed hires a nurse to take...Read more care of his father in his absence, but she turns out to be a hooker. In the same building and on the same day, a suitor comes to meet Doaa. 199
    1 2 30 2nd Episode Lamiaa grows impatient with her daughters since the eldest...Read more is still unmarried and the other is extremely stubborn. Meanwhile, General Esmat is transferred to the hospital, but he returns home with Kareema after he recovers. 223
    1 3 30 3rd Episode The neighbors exchange greetings and visits on Friday. Heba...Read more is worried that she hasn't landed a job yet, and Doaa believes her cousin Hala to be pregnant. 155
    1 4 33 4th Episode As Jailan prepares for her first solo concert at the opera,...Read more she sends invitations to the neighbors which they gladly accept. A new engineer tries to approach Hala at work. 171
    1 5 31 5th Episode Doaa is frustrated and saddened by the fact that society...Read more perceives her as a spinster. Even Heba is frustrated for a different reason: her first day at work was a total mess. 174
    1 6 33 6th Episode When Laila is promoted and becomes the general manager, she...Read more decides to throw a party, but a slight problem occurs at home and she has to find a plumber. Hala immediately clicks with the new workmate. 200
    1 7 27 7th Episode Laila wraps her whole body with cellophane hoping to lose...Read more weight, but she utterly fails. At Lamiaa's apartment, she picks a fight with Heba whose new job requires that she travels a lot. 187
    1 8 25 8th Episode Hala's swindler father reappears, causing her great...Read more distress. She quarrels with her mother to convince her to ask for a divorce. 129
    1 9 30 9th Episode Tarek and Noha don't get on well due to their contradictory...Read more approaches and views on how to raise their children. At Esmat's house, Kareema tries to make him the dishes he likes. 179 1016973
    1 10 35 10th Episode The neighbors live through an unfortunate day as electricity...Read more goes out and water is cut off on a really important day for Doaa. Ali manages to convince Hala to go out on a date with him. 186
    1 11 40 11th Episode Doaa's engagement doesn't go as smoothly as anticipated when...Read more some disagreements surface between her and her sister on one hand and her and her fiancé's family on the other. 173
    1 12 30 12th Episode Heba tries to find a way to relieve her sister's anxiety...Read more when she meets her fiancé. Meanwhile, Esmat tries to figure out how to use his new tablet and try to move on with his life after his wife's departure. 210
    1 13 30 13th Episode When Magdy is arrested for not paying his due checks, the...Read more family joins forces to help him out. Meanwhile, Hala visits Ali at his apartment and they discuss their future together. 179
    1 14 30 14th Episode Following his release from prison, Magdy returns and tries...Read more to sort things out with Laila, which Hala strongly opposes. 119
    1 15 35 15th Episode Doaa's fiancé objects to her work conditions, and he urges...Read more her to quit, but her family has a different opinion. Doaa considers breaking off their engagement. 158
    1 16 35 16th Episode Laila comes up with new herbal medicine mixtures that cause...Read more her more harm than good. Heba signs up for French classes, and her instructor shows interest in her. 161
    1 17 35 17th Episode Heba goes out with Doaa and Ismail as they discuss their...Read more wedding preparations. The residents are worried about what will happen if their building is sold. 154
    1 18 35 18th Episode Esmat calls for a meeting to discuss the building's selling...Read more with the residents who clearly have different opinions. Behind closed doors, Noha and Tarek argue as she learns that he took out a loan. 197
    1 19 35 19th Episode Laila is furious to learn that Magdy defrauded his own...Read more daughter and son-in-law as they sold their apartment and gave him the money. 132
    1 20 35 20th Episode Doaa's engagement with Ismail gets broken up when he informs...Read more Heba that he loves her and not her sister. Meanwhile, Amr grows jealous when his wife posts a picture with a colleague. 183
    1 21 35 21st Episode A number of quarrels arises as Heba learn that her friend...Read more tried to set her up with her instructor. Amr is enraged that some people have been spying on them after his wife posted the photo. 188
    1 22 35 22nd Episode Some people try to exploit the disagreement between Amr and...Read more Jailan as their marital problems pile up. Hala communicates to Ali her wish to marry him to have a baby, and they can have a divorce as soon as that is achieved. 222
    1 23 35 23rd Episode Despite everything, Hala, Abd El-Rahman, and Mai have one...Read more thing in common: they are all broken-hearted at this point. 118
    1 24 35 24th Episode As Abd El-Rahman undergoes surgery, the whole family is...Read more present to comfort him. Meanwhile, Kareema tries to convince Esmat to go out more and meet his friends. Mai is surprised to find her ex-boyfriend at her front door. 220
    1 25 35 25th Episode Ali tells Hala that he hasn't made up his mind regarding her...Read more perplexing proposal yet. Mai and Ahmed start having a secret affair, even though he is married, and Kareema sees him sneaking out of Mai's place. 207
    1 26 40 26th Episode Lamiaa and Laila receive an unexpected visit from their aunt...Read more who immediately starts to tell everyone stories about her past. Meanwhile, Samira, Karam and Amr Darwish collaborate on a song, which makes Jailan jealous. 216
    1 27 35 27th Episode Tarek's job is on the line when a client files a complaint...Read more against him. Meanwhile, differences between Doaa and Heba emerge as the family tries to decide on a movie to watch. 175
    1 28 45 28th Episode Hesham and Mai quarrel after he learns about her...Read more relationship with Ahmed. Another family member visits Lamiaa and Laila. As Tarek's situation at work grows worse, he starts to get close to Heba, but she rejects him. 216
    1 29 35 29th Episode Tarek is disheartened by his wife's reaction when she learns...Read more that he resigned. Desperate, he leaves the house. Meanwhile, Ahmed and Mai decide to spend some time together in Alexandria. 186
    1 30 35 30th Episode A spark of love is ignited between Kareema and their new...Read more neighbor. Meanwhile, a disagreement arises between Amr and Samira. Heba tells Mai that she has feelings for Tarek. 172
    1 31 35 31st Episode Magdy persosts in borrowing money that he wouldn't be able...Read more to repay. Kareema goes out with her crush, and Hala informs her mother that her sole purpose for marrying is to have a baby. 184
    1 32 35 32nd Episode Kareema is heavy-hearted now that Tamer wants to marry her,...Read more but she cannot really come clean about her past. 109
    1 33 35 33rd Episode Tarek opens up to Heba about how much of a disaster his...Read more marriage is. Meanwhile, Hala's family tries to inquire about her marriage, and Kareema is reluctant whether to accept Tamer's proposal or not. 199
    1 34 35 34th Episode Mai ignores numerous messages from Ahmed as she is staying...Read more at her parents' house. Jailan and Amr try to give their marriage a second chance. Tamer and his mother leave the building, and Kareema is overcome with grief. 218
    1 35 35 35th Episode Ali meets Hala's family, and they agree on all details. They...Read more go out to celebrate the engagement. 100
    1 36 35 36th Episode Ali and Hala finally get married, and their families gather...Read more to celebrate them. 79
    1 37 35 37th Episode Heba starts a new job, but things don't go as expected and...Read more she decides to quit. Her brother sees her in a car with Mai's friend and starts questioning her. 156
    1 38 35 38th Episode Heba's relationship with Mai's friend develops that it turns...Read more into mutual attraction. Meanwhile, Amr and Jailan have some disagreements over the whole pregnancy matter. Magdy goes to Alexandria to hide. 202
    1 39 35 39th Episode Doaa meets a guy whom she instantly develops feelings for....Read more Tarek starts dating another woman. Mai learns that she is pregnant, while Jailan leaves her home. 157
    1 40 35 40th Episode After divorce, Lana starts having second thoughts. Amr is...Read more futilely trying to contact his wife. Esmat enjoys playing the X-box that he buys one for himself. Heba finally gets to interview the actor, but she is extremely anxious. 229
    1 41 35 41st Episode Mai has an abortion and refuses to marry Ahmed in secret....Read more Heba meets the actor at Mai's place, and they decide to resume the interview on another day. 150
    1 42 35 42nd Episode Doaa and her colleague get closer and he asks whether she is...Read more in a relationship. Abd El-Rahman is seen flirting with their neighbor's daughter. Jailan demands that Amr divorce her after he bluntly rejects the idea of having children. 233
    1 43 35 43rd Episode Laila and Lamiaa head to Alexandria. Heba is indecisive as...Read more she cannot tell for whom she has genuine feelings. After the abortion, Mai totally ignores Ahmed. Ali and Hala enjoy a blossoming and stable relationship. 214
    1 44 35 44th Episode Tarek and Sherine get more intimate. Magdy's stay at his...Read more sister's place is absolute torture for him. Sherif tells Heba that he sees her only as a friend. 154
    1 45 35 45th Episode Magdy is arrested, and Laila hires a lawyer for him, but she...Read more later learns that he is secretly married to another woman. Tamer proposes to Heba, but she is still as indecisive as ever. 184
    1 46 35 46th Episode Mai breaks up with Ahmed once and for all. Amr and Samira...Read more start working together, and Laila strongly insists that Magdy divorce her. 133
    1 47 35 47th Episode Tarek and Noha throw a birthday party for their children,...Read more but after the party, everything goes wrong that they decide to break up. Magdy eventually divorces Laila, and Tamer and Heba get engaged. 196
    1 48 35 48th Episode Doaa is devastated when Malek breaks up with her and she...Read more laments her lot in life. Esmat is overjoyed that his grandchildren are staying with him. Mai's mother gets extremely sick. 180
    1 49 35 49th Episode Lamiaa is upset that Laila is going to get married and leave...Read more her current apartment. Heba spends more time with Tamer, but she doesn't feel comfortable with him. Kareema's friend is beaten to death. 199
    1 50 35 50th Episode Doaa and her workmate Sherry cultivate the most strange...Read more friendship since they are completely different. Kareema grieves her deceased friend. 141
    1 51 35 51st Episode Noha has one last attempt to save her marriage, but that...Read more attempt is doomed to failure since Tarek informs her that he is already seeing someone else. 150
    1 52 35 52nd Episode When Lamiaa disappears without a trace, her family soon...Read more learns that she is at Alexandria. Hesham tells Mai that he loves her with all his heart, but she rejects him because she doesn't want to hurt him. 202
    1 53 35 53rd Episode Laila informs her family that she is going to marry Ragaey....Read more Kareema returns to Esmat, and apologizes for her sudden departure. 127
    1 54 35 54th Episode Doaa's friendship with Sherry leaves a notable effect on...Read more her. Sherry's aunt gets extremely sick, and Doaa visits her. The whole family gathers to see Heba on TV with Tamer. 173
    1 55 35 55th Episode Lamiaa receives countless calls congratulating her on Heba's...Read more engagement. Laila and Ragaey finally get married after 46 years of one-sided love. 144
    1 56 35 56th Episode Amr and Samira start working on their duet. Tamer and Heba...Read more spend the night at Mai's apartment with Lana and Sherif. 116
    1 57 35 57th Episode Hend asks Fouad to divorce her as their financial situation...Read more becomes intolerably bad. Hala and Ali enjoy a stable relationship. 127
    1 58 35 58th Episode Amr and Samira's song airs to great success. Mai is in...Read more trouble since there was a delay in delivering a project, but Hesham helps her. 134
    1 59 35 59th Episode Sherif admits to Mai that he had feelings for Heba, but he...Read more was so frightened to tell her. Mai goes out on a date with Youssef but tells him that she sill bear the scars of past traumas. 186
    1 60 35 60th Episode Heba struggles with Tamer who is always unapproachable and...Read more busy. Meanwhile, Sherry's cousin joins her and Doaa over coffee, but that enrages Doaa. Fouad promises Hend to find a respectable job and improve their conditions. 226
    1 61 35 61st Episode Tarek visits Noha and his children, but Noha never softens....Read more The differences between Tamer and Heba make their relationship absolutely impossible. 146
    1 62 35 62nd Episode Heba's family is trying to console and comfort her after her...Read more breakup with Tamer. Hala learns that she is pregnant, but she is not entirely happy; she has mixed feelings regarding her pregnancy. 194
    1 63 35 63rd Episode Magdy is released from prison, and the family tries to...Read more figure out the best way to break the news of Laila's marriage to him. A wild scream echoes in the dead of night: Esmat has passed away. 191
    1 64 35 64th Episode Ragaey and Laila's marriage ends in divorce. Waleed is given...Read more a letter that reveals that Esmat left his apartment to Kareema. 124
    1 65 35 65th Episode As Heba struggles after the breakup, everyone tries to...Read more comfort her. Magdy tells Laila that she is the only woman he ever loved. 128
    1 66 35 66th Episode Tarek and Noha return to each other and forget all about the...Read more divorce. Hala is anxious as she is uncertain if she really wants Ali to divorce her. 146
    1 67 50 67th Episode Ali reassures Hala that a divorce is the last thing he...Read more wants, and he actually wants to have another baby. Sherif tells Heba that he loves her. Doaa gets engaged. The family dances to beautiful music and spends a joyous night. 226