Add/Update Information: Series - Aghla min Hayati - 2010

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    Title أغلى من حياتي
    Title in English More Precious Than My Life
    Title's Translation Aghla min Hayati
    Original Title
    Release Year 2010
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Release Date
    11 August 2010 Egypt true
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Fouad 1
    2) Hanan Metawea Fatma 2
    3) Tamer Abdel Monem 3
    4) Saeed Tarabeek Abbas 4
    5) Heba Magdy Hoda 5
    6) Mohamed Dardeery 6
    7) Rashwan Tawfiq 7
    8) Mohamed Lotfy 8
    9) Eman Ragaey 9
    10) Huda Al Saify 10
    11) Ahmed Habashy 11
    12) Hassan Al Araby 12
    13) Enas Mekky 13
    14) Fayeq Azab 14
    15) Abd Allah Meshref 15
    16) Ahmad Rateb Salah 106
    17) Madeiha Hamdy Mounira 107
    18) Abdel Rahman Mohamed Fouad 108
    19) Fifi El Sebaei 109
    20) Donia Abdel Azziz 110
    21) Gamal Ismail 111
    22) Enaam Salosa 112
    23) Mohamed Al Shakankeery 113
    24) Riham Ayman 114
    25) Hamdy El Sakhawy 115
    26) Mohammad Alii El Din 116
    27) Jarir Mansour 117
    28) Osama Abbas 118
    29) Karim Abo Zaid 119
    30) Mariam Ramadan 120
    31) Salma Al Deeb 121
    32) Abeer Monir 122
    33) Youssef Omar Child 124
    34) Nour Omar Girl child 125
    35) Ahmed El Gendy Child 127
    36) Magdy El Nady 129
    37) عنان الحكيم 130
    38) Maher Mourad 131
    39) Youssef Galal 133
    40) Magdy Shokry 134
    41) Faten Shabbaan 135
    42) Heba Al Imam 136
    43) ياسر جمعة 137
    44) Hala Hashim 138
    45) Mustafa Mahmoud 140
    46) Samer El Minyawi 141
    47) Sayed Eid 142
    48) Hassan Noah 143
    49) Hossam Younes 144
    50) إسلام سليم 145
    51) Badawi Fahmy 146
    52) حنفي مبارز 147
    53) Enas Al Tahan 149
    54) Muhammad Farghali 150
    55) Ali Gamal El Din 152
    56) Amina Zaki 153
    57) Adel Al Masry 154
    58) Mohammed Al Ganayni 155
    59) Imad Abdel Nabi 157
    60) Nada Montaser 158
    61) زهرة محمد سعيد 159
    62) Nada Mohsen 161
    63) Tamer Al Gazzar 162
    64) صفاء يس 164
    65) Sherif Kamel 165
    66) Sahar Abdulhameed 166
    67) Hesham Al Sherbini 167
    68) Ahmad Abdulaziz 169
    69) Najlaa Shaeer 170
    70) Salah El Husseiny 171
    71) Rasha Nour El Din 172
    72) Afaf Hamdy 173
    73) كريم تامر Child 174
    74) Dalia Saeed 175
    75) Salma Ghaly 176
    76) عمرو شريف 177
    77) Shaymaa Al Sayyad 178
    78) Mohamed Abdu 179
    79) Emad Zeyadah 180
    80) Emil Shawqy 181
    81) Ehsan Al Turk 183
    82) Basem Sharif 184
    83) Lubna Abdel Aziz 185
    84) Ahmed El Ashry 186
    85) Gamal Haggag 187
    86) Samir Hakim 189
    87) Reda Rabie 190
    88) Ghada Felfel 191
    89) Mohamed Serag 192
    90) Ahmed Abu Taleb 194
    91) Maged Al Sharif Fawzy 195

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mostafa El Shal Director 1
    2) Essam Helmy Executive Director 2
    3) Sara Wafiq Assistant Director 3
    4) Anwar Moamen 4
    5) Mohamed Al Shaal Assistant Director 5
    6) Maysar Mohamed Assistant Director 6
    7) Murad Mustafa Co-director 7
    8) Mohamed Askalani 8
    9) Mina Emad 9
    10) Maged Al Sharif Co-director 10

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mohamed Fouad Writer 1
    2) Tamer Abdel Monem Scriptwriter 2

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Synergy Art Production Producer 3
    2) Tamer Morsi Producer 4

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mostafa Ali Sound Engineer 3
    2) ناقل الشيخ Sound Assistant 4

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Heba Magdy 1

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) شيرين حسام 2

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Shereen Farghal Art Director 2

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Achraf Wassim The story of Abdel Rahman, a poor young man who dropped out of school after his father’s death and moved between different jobs. He later settles as a taxi driver and confronts many difficulties to support his sisters, while holding on to his sweetheart despite the bad financial conditions. 291


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    1 1 40 1st Episode Young Abdel Rahman defends his sisters when another boy...Read more harasses them on their way back home. Abdel Rahman's father is asked by his boss to go to Hurghada late at night to bring tourists to Cairo. 196
    1 2 41 2nd Episode Abdel Rahman's father, Salah, dies in an accident on the way...Read more to Hurghada. Abdel Rahman starts working in a clothes factory to provide for his siblings. The factory's owner asks Abdel Rahman to accompany her daughter, Amira, as she sells her land. 246
    1 3 41 3rd Episode Kadry and his father agree with Amira's mother on selling...Read more their share of the land. Abdel Rahman goes with Amira and manages to convince the buyer to purchase the land for a large sum of money. 192
    1 4 41 4th Episode Kadry's father attacks Amira in her office in the factory...Read more and fights with her for sending Abdel Rahman with her daughter. Abdullah breaks his arm playing football. 163
    1 5 41 5th Episode When Nouh falls ill, Abdel Rahman hears him and takes him to...Read more the hospital where he discovers that Nouh is in critical condition. Abdel Rahman calls Nouh's son to inform him of his father's illness and fights with him when he discovers that he is going to put his father in a nursing home. 288
    1 6 41 6th Episode Abdel Rahman confronts the men sent by Nouh's son as they...Read more try to move the furniture after Nouh's son decided to sell the apartment. Amina starts working as an editor for a known show. 183
    1 7 42 7th Episode Fify's brother, Barhouma, falls ill, and Abdel Rahman takes...Read more him to the hospital. Kadry causes a problem with a client but Abdel Rahman intervenes to solve it. Abdel Rahman is robbed and beaten despite his attempts to resist the thieves. 236
    1 8 41 8th Episode Hoda's college friends bully her. Despite his promise to...Read more Abdel Rahman that he won't play football again, Abdullah agrees with Sosta to play a vital game for money. Mahmoud suspects Fatma after he sees her with a guy. 216
    1 9 40 9th Episode Abdel Rahman uses his mother's sewing machine to alter the...Read more returned clothes that he brought from the factory. Sherif admires Amina and asks for her number, but she refuses to give it to him. 190
    1 10 42 10th Episode Abdel Rahman takes the family to visit their father's grave....Read more Abdel Rahman and his new neighbor Zeinab fall for each other. Abdel Rahman visits Nouh at the hospital. 164
    1 11 41 11th Episode The dean of Hoda's college tells the music professor that...Read more the Minister of Education decided to attend the university concert. When Zeinab goes out with Abdel Rahman, Abdu fights with her after she tells her father that she went with him. 238
    1 12 41 12th Episode When Fify brings Barhouma to work, Abdel Rahman plays with...Read more him which angers Amira. A police officer asks for Amira's hand and her mother tries to pressure her into accepting him, despite knowing of Amira's love for Abdel Rahman. 228
    1 13 41 13th Episode Abdel Rahman tells Mounira that he is going to leave the...Read more factory to stay away from Amira. Mounira agrees to his temporary leave. Abdel Rahman asks to buy the taxi that he is working on from Master Baioumy. 205
    1 14 41 14th Episode Dr. Emad introduces Hoda to his mother. Abdel Rahman takes...Read more his family out to dinner to celebrate the success of Hoda's concert. The police arrest Mahmoud for stalking Fatma. 173
    1 15 41 15th Episode Abdel Rahman is devastated when Nouh dies. Mahmoud's mother...Read more and Abdel Rahman go to the station to get Mahmoud released, and Mahmoud refuses to tell them the reason for his incarceration. 186
    1 16 41 16th Episode When Abdel Rahman learns that one of Hoda's classmates...Read more slapped her, he accompanies her to talk to the dean. He finds her classmate and slaps him in front of everyone in retaliation. 182
    1 17 41 17th Episode Dr. Emad asks Abdel Rahman for Hoda's hand. Ziko tells...Read more Abdullah that Real Madrid C.F has asked him to send them videos of Abdullah playing football. 148
    1 18 41 18th Episode Kadry and Hasouna fight over Fify. Sherif's father, Hossam,...Read more falls ill. Mahmoud decides to follow his brother to Qatar to work with him. 135
    1 19 41 19th Episode As Kadry wed Fify, his father proposes to Mounira, his late...Read more brother's widow, but Mounira refuses. When Abdullah quarrels with Sosta, Abdel Rahman learns that his brother is still playing football. 196
    1 20 42 20th Episode Abdel Rahman buys Hoda a piano. Mounira asks Abdel Rahman to...Read more become the factory overseer in Kadry's place. Fatma is saddened when she learns of Mahmoud's plans to leave the country. 181
    1 21 43 21st Episode Abdel Rahman invites Ra'fat to Hoda's engagement. When Fatma...Read more learns that Mahmoud set a date for his departure, she goes to him and confesses that she works as a hairdresser. 173
    1 22 41 22nd Episode Mahmoud decides to stay, and his mother gets angry with him....Read more Heidi incites Abdel Rahman against Amina and tells him that Amina is in a relationship with Sherif. 160
    1 23 42 23rd Episode Fatma and Abdel Rahman reprimand Amina, but her friend tells...Read more them that Amina is innocent and that Heidi set her up. 115
    1 24 40 24th Episode Kadry forces his father to give up his share in the factory...Read more in exchange for not telling his mother that his father took another wife. Abbas's wife discovers that he has another wife. Ziko tells Abdullah that Real Madrid C.F wants him to join the team in Spain. 260
    1 25 40 25th Episode Abdullah asks Abdel Rahman to let him go to Spain. When...Read more Abdel Rahman refuses, Fatma convinces him to let him go. Hossan divorces Shahy after he discovers that she is cheating on him. 182
    1 26 41 26th Episode Abdel Rahman fights with Kadry after the latter insults...Read more Mounira. Abdel Rahman discovers the truth about Fatma's work after someone tries to assault her before accusing her of being a thief. 189
    1 27 41 27th Episode Abdel Rahman asks to borrow some money from Mounira to give...Read more Abdullah money for his trip to Spain. 97
    1 28 41 28th Episode Abdel Rahman avenges his sister Fatma after he confirms that...Read more she is innocent. Mahmoud proposes to Fatma as Abdel Rahman proposes to Zeinab. 139
    1 29 41 29th Episode When Kadry burns the factory and kills the doorman Khamis,...Read more the police charge Abdel Rahman with the crimes. Abdullah and Ziko discover that the guy who recruited them has left Real Madrid C.F for Arsenal F.C and he takes them to London with him. 244
    1 30 40 30th Episode Abdullah joins Arsenal F.C. Abdel Rahman is sentenced to...Read more death, but Barhouma submits evidence with Kadry's fingerprints to the police. Abdel Rahman is released and goes to see his brother play against FC Barcelona. 214