Add/Update Information: Series - Al-Masraweya 1 :Al-Fagr Fi Bashnin - 2007

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    Title المصراوية ج1: الفجر في بشنين
    Title in English The Egyptians S1 :Dawn in Bashnin
    Title's Translation Al-Masraweya 1 :Al-Fagr Fi Bashnin
    Original Title
    Release Year 2007
    Runtime 45
    Category Series
    Status Released
    Is this a coloured title? Yes
    Egyptian Censorship
    MPAA Censorship
    Movie Budget 0
    Release Date
    12 September 2007 Egypt true
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    Section Actor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hesham Selim 1
    2) Ghada Adel 2
    3) Samiha Ayoub 3
    4) Wael Nour 4
    5) Rogena 5
    6) Nourhan 6
    7) Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra 7
    8) Mahmoud el Heddini 8
    9) Osama Abbas 9
    10) Mohamed Metwally 10
    11) Sayyed Abdelkareim 11
    12) Tahani Rashed 12
    13) Shawqi Shamekh 13
    14) Ahdy Sadek 14
    15) Samy Maghawry 15
    16) Sayed Azmy 16
    17) Hassan Kamy 17
    18) Mohamed Abdel Hafez 18
    19) Marwa Hussien 19
    20) Husam Fares 20
    21) Haitham Mohamed 21
    22) Sabry Fawaz 22
    23) Olfat Emam 23
    24) Karim Kojak 24
    25) Abeer Monir 25
    26) Mohamed Raihan 26
    27) Mohye El Din Abdel Mohsen 27
    28) Adel Amein 28
    29) Raouf Moustafa 29
    30) Samia Amin 30
    31) Nadia Ezzat 31
    32) Ahmed Akl 32
    33) Jalal Abdulqader 33
    34) Majdi Abdulwahhab 35
    35) Hamdy Hikal 36
    36) Saeed Al Saleh 37
    37) Aatef Tantawi 38
    38) Nehad Abu Al Enain 39
    39) May Abdel Wahed 40
    40) Sanaa Suliman 41
    41) Faten Shabbaan 42
    42) Naiem Essa 43
    43) Menha Zaytoon 44
    44) Reda Idrees 45
    45) Madiha Al Bakry 46
    46) Thuraya Ibrahim 47
    47) Samir Al Laithy 48
    48) Huda Al Saify 49
    49) Kamal Soliman 50
    50) Mostafa Ragab 51
    51) Ahmed Atris 52
    52) Mahmoud Al Jabri 53
    53) خالد محيري 54
    54) Rasha Maarouf 56
    55) Maha Al Behairi 57
    56) Mohamed Fathy Abdel Maksoud 58
    57) Abeer Al Dumrani 60
    58) Qassem El Daly 61
    59) Mahmoud El Shazly 62
    60) Mohamed Al Qurashi 63
    61) Hala Hashim 64
    62) Emad Al Arousi 65
    63) Talaat Al Sherif 66
    64) Mohammad Ahmad 67
    65) Mahmoud El Hefnawy 68
    66) Mohamed Salah 69
    67) Mohamed Dardeery 70
    68) Youssef Al Assal 71
    69) Saeed Saleh 72
    70) Nabil Al Helfawi 73
    71) Moustafa Abd Elkhalek 74
    72) Awatef Helmy 75
    73) Ghada Felfel 76
    74) Taghreid El Beshbishy 77
    75) Masstora 78
    76) Ibrahim Ghazal 79
    77) Ibrahim Farah 80
    78) Karem Abaza 81
    79) Kamal El Alfy 82
    80) Mona Attiyah 83
    81) Ata Al Ghamrawi 84
    82) Abdel Raziq Al Shemi 85
    83) Saleh El Aweil 86
    84) مدحت الحداد 87
    85) هاني متولي 88
    86) Magdi Abdel Bari 89
    87) Amr Abu Al Nasr 90
    88) Mohamed Qishta 91
    89) Atef Ammar 94
    90) Amr Shamis 95
    91) زبيدة 96
    92) Hosny Saleh 97
    93) Shady Asaad 98

    Section Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ismail Abdel Hafez Director 1
    2) Wahid Moheb Executive Director 2
    3) Mohammed Saif Al Islam Co-director 3
    4) Ahmed Al Babli Co-director 4
    5) Akram Sayed Mousa Assistant Director 5
    6) Seham Abdel Razek Assistant Director 6
    7) Ahmed Ebada 7

    Section Makeup Artist

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Karam Saeed Make-up 7
    2) Hamdi Raafat Make-up 8
    3) Nour Al Deiqui 9
    4) محمود حمدي 10
    5) Ahmed Hamdy Make-up 11
    6) Magdi Khalaf Hair 12

    Section Producer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Arab Screen Producer 1
    2) Mahmoud Shimes 2
    3) Tarek El Far 3

    Section Cinematographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Mahmoud Ata Director of Photography 1
    2) معتز عبدالعزيز Director of photography 2
    3) علاء جودة Gaffer 3

    Section Music Composer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Ammaar El Sheraiey 2
    2) Ali El Haggar Singer 3
    3) Samah Al Mallah 4

    Section Art Director

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Sayed Anwar Art Director 1
    2) رامي سيد أنور 2

    Section Distributor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) MBA Production Distributor 1
    2) Dubai T.V Distributor 2

    Section Writer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Osama Anwar Okasha Writer 1
    2) Sayed Hejab 2

    Section Sound Engineer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) Hassan Safafa 2

    Section Other

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) سامح خليل 2

    Section Costume Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options
    1) منى الزرقاني Costume Designer 2

    Section Editor

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Stuntman

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Photographer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Public Relations

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Graphic Designer

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Laboratory

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Casting

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options

    Section Dubbing

    Name Role/Job Order of appearance Options


    Name Synopses Official ? Options
    Shaimaa Saied In a dramatic,social context the events of the series take place,as it covers different time periods the Egyptian society went through. It shows the life of Mayor Fathallah and his relation with his cousins who seek to take over him and his suffering with his wives. 266


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    Season Episode Duration Title Summaries Video Options
    1 1 45 1st Episode As the mayor of the village of Bashnin lies near death,...Read more Fathallah El Husseiny takes over the mayorship and his cousin Saber becomes his deputy. Fathallah weds Al-Jazyia and then weds his cousin Khadra to fulfill his vow to his uncle. Khadra falls pregnant. 257
    1 2 45 2nd Episode Saber turns against Fathallah and demands that he gives up...Read more the mayorship in favor of Saber. Fathallah has Saber arrested and imprisoned in the remote Assi island. Fathallah receives a guest who tells him that he has something that belongs to his father. 253
    1 3 45 3rd Episode The mayor decides to wed one of his brothers to his cousin...Read more to end the talk about the exiled Saber. When the mother learns that Radwana is trying to seduce Al-Sakhawy's son, Fathallah decides to send her to Cairo to join her brother Hassan in their uncle's house. 262
    1 4 45 4th Episode Khadra gives birth to a girl. Hammad Al-Sakhawy's mother...Read more asks Set Ekhwatha for Radwana's hand in marriage for her son. Al-Jazyia's father informs Fathallah that Al-Jazyia is pregnant. 183
    1 5 45 5th Episode When Fathallah goes to Cairo to settle the land issue with...Read more El Sakhawy family, Shaher seizes the chance to do whatever he wants which causes conflict with Elwan, the head watchman. Elwan plots to oust Shaher after Shaher assaults the watchmen, something that Elwan takes personally. 281
    1 6 45 6th Episode Shaher is ousted and Sheikh Hamed takes his place as acting...Read more mayor until Fathallah returns. Abdel Khalek tries to take advantage of the situation. Lord Latif offers to wed Shaher to his Turkish relative to settle the land issue, but Fathallah thinks about wedding her himself. 276
    1 7 45 7th Episode Nourai's family initially oppose her marriage to Fathallah...Read more but they soon reconsider. Fathallah and Nourai fall for each other immediately. Younis Al-Sakhaway discovers that his son went to Desouk where Radwana lives. 216
    1 8 45 8th Episode Hammad goes to deliver a message to Radwana in Desouk but...Read more thugs cut him off on the way back. Fathallah tries to find a palace for Nourai. When Fathallah shows up for the wedding wearing a jalabiya, Nourai's father asks him to change but Fathallah refuses and cancels the wedding. 279
    1 9 45 9th Episode Despite her family's objections, Nourai insists on wedding...Read more Fathallah. Abdel Khalek is furious when he discovers that Fathallah took the land deed. Fathallah decides to move Shaher to another village and admonishes the head watchman for what he did to his brother. 264
    1 10 45 10th Episode Fathallah confronts Abdel Khalek about sending one of his...Read more men to the Assi island. When Younish enlists Fathallah's help to find his son, it's revealed that some bandits kidnapped him as they ask Radwana's uncle for ransom. The uncle decides to send Radwana back to her brother. 278
    1 11 45 11th Episode The bandits reach the exiled Saber who starts to devise a...Read more plan to leave his exile. Abdel Khalek thinks about buying lands like Fathallah did. The bandits send their ransom demands to Younis. 190
    1 12 45 12th Episode As the English soldiers interfere in the villagers' lives,...Read more Fathallah, Younis and the Imam of the mosque try to find a solution. When Younis clashes with an officer, he gets fired from his office, and Al-Shestawy takes his place, despite having a reputation as a womanizer and a drunkard. 287
    1 13 45 13th Episode Fathallah learns that Elwan has allied with Saber and the...Read more bandits. Khadra tells Fathallah that he needs to divorce her if he wants to wed Nourai. The watchmen arrest Saber. Fathallah goes to Cairo where he learns that Nourai's family is asking about him. 254
    1 14 45 14th Episode Fathallah and Nourai discuss their upcoming marriage....Read more Fathallah meets with Prince Yalmaz who admonishes him for his behavior. Younis's son, Zain, returns from abroad with his wife and son. 188
    1 15 45 15th Episode When Fathallah learns that Saber and Elwan kidnapped his...Read more brother Hassan, he decides to send the family women away from Bashnin to protect them. Fathallah goes to negotiate with Abdel Khalek and tells him that he has Saber's wife and children. 242
    1 16 45 16th Episode Fathallah allows Saber's mother and children to see Saber. A...Read more watchman tells Saber that Aziza Helal didn't die of the plague and that she is still alive. Saber and his men attack the village as Fathallah rallies his men. 219
    1 17 45 17th Episode As Fathallah and his men fight off the attackers, Saber...Read more flees as the rest are arrested. Fathallah asks Elwan to bring him Saber in exchange for having his old post back. Everyone tries to find out what happened to Hammad who was taken by English soldiers. 255
    1 18 45 18th Episode Radwana breaks down when she learns that Hammad was shipped...Read more off to India by the English forces. Shaher tries to get Hassan to accompany him on one of his outings. Shaher's mother discovers that he lied to her when he claimed to be going to a memorial service. 259
    1 19 45 19th Episode Fathallah takes Radwana to Cairo. Khadra insists on getting...Read more a divorce. Fathallah and his cousin meet up with a secret resistance group. 135
    1 20 45 20th Episode As Fathallah and Nourai set their wedding date, Fathallah is...Read more shocked when he learns that Set Ekhwatha insists on going to piligrimage in the same period of time. Fatahallah informs Khadra's father that he will divorce her. 222
    1 21 45 21st Episode Fathallah promises to give Khadra all her rights. Yalmaz...Read more tries to force Fathallah to give up half his land as a gift for Nourai. Fathallah tries to expedite the wedding of his brother, Abdullah, and Umm Al-Khair. 212
    1 22 45 22nd Episode Fathallah and Nourai wed and spend the night in Yalmaz's...Read more palace before going to Bashnin. Azzam discovers that Hammad went to India willingly. 141
    1 23 45 23rd Episode Al-Jazyia gives birth to a boy and his grandmother names him...Read more Isma'eil. Nourai has trouble adapting to life in the village and Fathallah tries to figure out a way to make her happy. Fathallah's cousin is arrested for being a member of a secret political group. 259
    1 24 45 24th Episode Fathallah has trouble keeping both his wives happy. Set...Read more Ekhwatha and Nourai start to grow close. Hammad sends Radwana a letter to tell her that he won't be returning to Egypt. 175
    1 25 45 25th Episode When Nourai gets pregnant, she asks Fathallah to let her go...Read more to the palace in Cairo till she gives birth. Set Ekhwatha tries to help the devastated Radwana whose cousin brings her a psychiatrist. 194
    1 26 45 26th Episode Latif learns that Yalmaz has killed himself. Abdel Khalek...Read more gets one of the villagers to tell Saber about what is happening in the village. Nourai asks to go to Turkey after she learns of Yalmaz's suicide but Fathallah refuses to let her. 236
    1 27 45 27th Episode Princess Kizmat returns from Istanbul after Yalmaz's death....Read more Fathallah drives Nourai to the palace. Bakry and Fathallah meet up with the members of the secret cell. Fathallah is upset with his mother for performing a religious exorcising ritual (zar) on Radwana. 261
    1 28 45 28th Episode Kizmat reveals that Yalamz lied to Nourai and tells her that...Read more her mother is buried in Egypt. Azzam finds Nourai's father who is thrilled to learn that his daughter is looking for him. Fathallah's comrades prepare for a sweeping demonstration against the British occupation. 272
    1 29 45 29th Episode Saber's men kidnap Fathallah's bodyguard. Set Ekhwatha...Read more visits Nourai at her family's palace. Sheikh Ragab arrives in Bashnin. Jafaar proposes to Radwana but she is hesitant to accept his proposal. 196
    1 30 45 30th Episode As demonstrations break out all over the country, Kizmat...Read more stipulates that Nourai must remain in the palace till she gives birth, but Fathallah won't have it. Fathallah decides to surprise Nourai with her father's arrival but the father flees out of fear of confronting her. 272
    1 31 45 31st Episode Ragab returns and meets his daughter Nourai. Kizmat...Read more apologizes to him and promises to make up for the loss of his trade. Fathallah visits his daughter and learns that Wasfy has dissolved his daughter's engagement to Shaher because Shaher showed up drunk to see her. 265
    1 32 45 32nd Episode Fathallah beats Shaher for what he did with Wasfy and his...Read more daughter. Umm Al-Khair asks Abdullah for a divorce due to their incessant fighting. When Fathallah's daughter is kidnapped, Saber and his men are suspected, but Fathallah also suspects Elwan. Al-Gawly is arrested. 271
    1 33 45 33rd Episode Fathallah looks for his daughter. Set Ekhwatha refuses to...Read more have Radwana's wedding until her granddaughter returns. Fathallah learns that Hammad came back to Egypt. Shaher manages to bring Fathallah's daughter back. 213
    1 34 60 34th Episode The family prepares for Jafaar and Radwana's wedding. Ragab...Read more refuses to let Nourai fund his trade. Saber threatens Fathallah. Jafaar divorces Radwana the day after their wedding because she is still hung up on Hammad. Abdullah kills Jafaar and Hammad. 250